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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Digital Leakage Current Tester

    Educated Design & Development, Inc.

    Fast - All operator controls are located on the front panel to expedite testing. The entire test can be performed in a matter of seconds! Pays for itself in time and stress savings. Versatile - Measures Leakage Current in accordance with UL, CSA, EN, and IEC/ International Standards. Includes ability to perform open neutral, open ground, and line polarity forward/reverse test conditions. Adaptable - Universal rear panel receptacle allows for testing products with any plug configuration. Accurate - True RMS meter accurately measures both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveshapes. This is important when testing products using a switch mode power supply which can generate non-sinusoidal leakage currents. Calibrated, traceable to NIST. Flexible - A front panel switch permits testing either through the power cord of the product under test, from surface/ patient connection-to-ground, or from surface/ patient connection-to-surface/ patient connection. Portable - Lightweight, with integral handle. Other Features - Product Ground Switching (grounding conductor maintained to device under test when not measuring leakage). Automatic front receptacle disconnect when configured in the 240V test mode (prevents inadvertent connection of 120V when configured for 240V operation). Proven - These are the only leakage current testers designed and supported by Product Safety experts. That is part of the reason why they have become the standard in the industry. Full technical support by experienced safety engineers.

  • Outdoor Exposure Tester

    OET - PSE Instruments GmbH

    A comprehensive analysis of PV modules includes many different parameters. Determining the normal module operating temperature (NMOT), incidence angle effects and comparing soiling effects on different modules up to the initial degradation of PV modules are all parameters that can be analyzed with our outdoor exposure tester. The tester comes with up to twelve electronic loads installed in a 19" rack. The loads have two main functions: maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and IV curve tracing. For the advanced analysis, it is possible to change between these two modes within one test. In the normal operation mode, the electronic load keeps the module under MPP and each predefined interval an IV curve is traced. The entire tester comes with all necessary sensors such as temperature sensor, which can be attached to the module to determine the NMOT temperature like defined in IEC 61215 (MQT 05) and IEC 61853-2. The irradiation sensor is also included. In combination with our tracking system P2, it is also possible to determine incident angle effects of the PV module. It is also possible to connect other irradiation sensors for diffuse and direct irradiation, which helps to understand the behavior of the module in different irradiation conditions. An optional albedo meter is a powerful tool for the analysis of bifacial modules. The entire graphical user interface is web based and offers the possibility to access the system from the all computers in the network.

  • ​Gas Filter Correlation Carbon Monoxide Analyzer​

    Model T300 - Teledyne Monitor Labs

    The Model T300 measures low ranges of carbon monoxide by comparing infrared energy absorbed by a sample to that absorbed by a reference gas according to the Beer-Lambert law. Using a Gas Filter Correlation Wheel, a high energy IR light source is alternately passed through a CO filled chamber and a chamber with no CO present. The light path then travels through the sample cell, which has a folded path of 14 meters. The energy loss through the sample cell is compared with the span reference signal provided by the filter wheel to produce a signal proportional to concentration, with little effect from interfering gases within the sample. This design produces excellent zero and span stability and high signal to noise ratio, allowing extreme sensitivity. All T Series instruments offer an advanced color display, capacitive touch screen, intuitive user interface, flexible I/O, and built-in data acquisition capability. All instrument set up, control and access to stored data and diagnostic information, is available through the front panel, or via RS232, Ethernet, or USB com ports, either locally or by remote connection.The Model T300 comes with NumaView™ Software. NumaView™ Remote PC Software allows for a remote connection with virtual interface and data downloading capability to analyzers operating NumaView™ Software​.​​

  • Relay Test Set

    RNT-5A - Neutronics Manufacturing Co.

    This is a portable testing kit in one unit, suitable for testing protective relay, over current relay, earth fault relay, protective device, circuit breaker, tripping coils etc.The set is designed for both laboratory and field use. TECHNICAL FEATURES: INPUT : 230 Volts, single phase, 50Hz. AC. OUTPUTS : : 1) Current Output: a) 0- 1Amp. At 6/60Volts. (Continuous duty). b) 0- 5 Amps. At 6/60 Volts. (Continuous duty). c) 0- 10 Amps. At 6/60 Volts. (Continuous duty). d) 0- 20 Amps. At 6 Volts. (for30 min. duty). e) 0- 50 Amps. At 6Volts. (For 10 min. duty). f) 0-100 Amps. At 6 volts. (For10 min. duty). g) 0-200 Amps at 6Volts. (For 30 sec. duty). Current output is continuously variable and the output is taken out through a multi range C.T. The secondary is connected to an ammeter scaled in 0 to 100%. Output current range 1Amp. To 20Amps. Are selected by current range selector switch with common output terminals and for other three ranges three brass terminals are provided of proper ratting. 2) AC Voltage Output: Continuously variable 0 -230V AC. Capacity- 240VA (Max). OR DC Voltage Output: Continuously Variable 0-240V DC. Capacity-240VA.(max). One change over switch should be provided for selection of Volt. Meter for AC or DC voltage output & either AC or Dc voltage should be available at a time. 3) Time Measurement: 0-9.999Secs. & 0-99.99Secs. in two ranges. Accuracy: 1% CURRENT CIRCUIT: Loading transformer: Double winding loading transformer of suitable burden to provided corresponding current output specified before. One change over switch in current ckt. To be provided for voltage selection i.e. selection of 10volt. Or 50volt. Measuring CT: Multi ratio wound primary current transformer Ratio : 1-5-10-20-50-100-200A/5A. Variable auto transformer: For smooth variation of current output at various ranges selected. Tripping circuit: The current output will be cutoff incase of any overload for the range 200A or even if the relay under test actuated.

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