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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Gasoline Engine Tachometer

    SE-1620 - Ono Sokki

    The SE-1620 is an engine tachometer that performs measurement of the number of revolutions of a gasoline engine by connecting an engine revolution sensor such as an ignition pulse detector. A 100-mm wide-angle meter is used for the display, and both analog output and pulse output functions are provided as standard.Simply attach an ignition pulse detector or one of our other compatible detectors to the engine to enable measurement of the number of revolutions of a gasoline engine. The inputs, outputs and input power supply are all isolated to ensure the output of analog and pulse signals with superior noise resistance and stability characteristics.

  • Advanced Handheld Tachometer

    FT-7200 - Ono Sokki

    The FT-7200 Advanced Tachometer is an easy-to-use handheld digital tachometer offering high functions and performance. The use of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology enables the FT-7200 to perform frequency analysis of rotation speed by using change of signal in sound, vibration or magnetic flux from rotating machines such as a motor or the like. Selection from 5 kinds of measurement modes allows it to calculate and display rotation speed of any complex waveform signals from a sound level meter or an accelerometer accurately by extracting the exact frequency component.

  • Box Rain Test Chamber

    ACE Technology

    Comprehensive box rain test chamber (with swing pipe and right angle tube) is used to test the electric and electronic devices by simulating natural rainfall with spraying water from the water nozzles (holes) on swing pipe or straight tube. To estimate and recognize if the shell or sealing elements of these device could ensure a good condition of working during and after the test. The products are widely used in the industries of light, electrical, electronics, automobile, motorcycle, household electric appliances, electromechanical equipment, instruments and meters, and other industries.

  • RX Family Of 32-bit High Power Efficiency MCUs

    RX200 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

    The RX200 Series offers the best mix of low power consumption and improved performance in the RX Family. It delivers max. of 80MHz CPU operation with 32KB to 1MB of embedded flash memory. RX200 Series offers a wide set of peripherals, including USB, CAN, ADC, advanced security, and IEC60730 appliance safety standard support. The RX200 Series is suitable for industrial equipment, home appliances, office equipment, healthcare products, meters, and so on. Some of the RX200 Series products are tuned for motor control solutions, too.

  • Torque Sensors & Torque Transducers

    Datum Electronics, Ltd.

    Datum Electronics is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of torque sensors, torque transducers & torque meters, bolt-on strain, weight & load sensors, as well as shaft power measurement solutions.With 30 years of expertise in torque and shaft power measurement, we research, design and manufacture our reliable & accurate torque sensors in-house. Besides, our team specialises in providing both industry standard off the shelf solutions, as well as bespoke custom torque sensors, built to your own specifications and requirements.

  • Reference Standards

    GF333V2 - Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    Standard kWh meter is a reference standard with the characteristics of wide-range, multifunction and high-precision. It has accuracy class of 0.02. By adopting techniques of DSP, embedded system and automatic temperature balancing and other compensation, it has not only advantages of light weight, small size, high precision, high performance, powerful function, original interface, ease-to-use, but also work stability.The product can be widely used in fields of electric energy measuring, electric energy laboratories and other relevant industry, not only in laboratories but also at the industrial field.

  • Optical 3D Scanner

    ATOS Core - GOM GmbH

    ATOS Core is the specialist for the three-dimensional measurement of small components up to 500 millimeters in size. The sensor forms the basis for a diverse range of measuring tasks – from simple 3D scanning to fully automated measurement and inspection processes. The ATOS Core is used for the three-dimensional measurement of small and medium-sized objects such as ceramic cores, and cast or plastic parts. To capture also large objects of several meters in optimal workflows, the ATOS Core can be easily combined with digital photogrammetry of GOM's optical 3D coordinate measuring machine TRITOP.

  • CAT-5 Video Receivers

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices high speed, differential CAT-5 video receivers and equalizers compensate for the transmission losses of UTP and coaxial cables up to 300 meters in length. Various gain stages are summed together to best approximate the inverse frequency response of the cable. Logic circuitry controls the gain functions of the individual stages so that the lowest noise can be achieved at short-to-medium cable lengths. Our video receivers provide excellent common-mode rejection that enables the use of low cost, unshielded twisted pair cables in noisy environments.

  • Digital Broadcast Analyzer

    Anritsu Corporation

    Spectrum Analyzer: 9 kHz 4 GHzInterference Analyzer with Interference MappingHigh Accuracy Power Meter, 2-port Transmission MeasurementsCoverage Mapping, Channel Scanner, GPS, AM/FM/PM Analyzer3GPP, 3GPP2, WiMAX, signal analyzersTracking Generator: 500 kHz 4 GHzDigital TV ISDB-T, DVB-T/H analyzersCPRI RF MeasurementsField-proven design: Three-hour battery life, rugged, compact, lightweight, daylight viewable displayIntuitive menu-driven touchscreen user interfacePIM Alert (a downloadable easyTest script)Standard three-year warranty (battery one-year warranty)

  • 3MHz AC Millivoltmeter

    Model 5002 - Aplab Limited

    APLAB’s AC Millivoltmeter Model 5002 is ruggedly built precision instruments for measuring voltages from 1mV to 300V. The Millivoltmeter is simple to operate & is mainly used for measurements in accoustics & ultrasonic fields, electrical measurements of mechanical vibration & measurements on carrier telephone installation. It is also used as a dB meter for investigation of network characteristics, source of noise, erratic operation in high gain amplifiers and other applications when high gain & calibration accuracy is required. AC Millivoltmeter can also be used as an amplifier upto 150KHz with 42dB gain at 1mV.

  • Battery Capacity Analyzer

    601B - B&K Precision Corporation

    The 601B Battery Capacity Analyzer addresses the need to test and maintain sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries used in backup power UPS, emergency lighting, fire alarms, security systems, and many other electrical systems. By quickly characterizing a battery's response to a load resistance and measuring the battery's internal resistance, this meter displays the remaining battery capacity as an indicator of the battery’s health. Powered by the battery under test, the 601B supports testing of both 6 V and 12 V storage type lead acid batteries.

  • Astronomy Solutions

    Thales SESO, SAS

    For more than 40 years, Thales has delivered high accuracy optics for ground-based Astronomy all around the world. These optics range from single, but challenging, unmounted optical components up to fully integrated opto-mechanical systems. Our design heritage and past experience in this field cover the design, manufacture and AIT activities of many optics and sub-assemblies used in Telescope instrumentation, such as focal plane assemblies as well as the direct production of telescope mirrors themselves. Several major achievements of Thales ground-based Astronomy products were the Optical wide field corrector for the Dark Energy Survey (lien), the Reference Body for future Deformable Secondary Mirror of the VLT (lien) and different challenging spectrograph optics (Collimator and Cameras) for different Observatories (lien). One advantage Thales has with this activity is that most part of the manufacturing steps involved (i.e. opto-mechanical design, milling/grinding, lightening, polishing and coating) are directly under our control in our own facility. Our current capabilities for the production of optics for ground-based Astronomy are from a few centimeters size up to 2 meters. Thanks to the continuous efforts in R& D and investments into new production machines, Thales is now ready for future industrial challenges including the optical production of some key elements of the E-ELT, GMT and TMT programs.

  • Battery Voltage Recorder

    BVR Series - IBEKO Power AB

    Battery voltage recorders from BVR series are designed to serve as a support tool for cell voltage measurement during battery capacity testing.During capacity testing, cell voltage, temperature, inter-cell connection voltage, and specific gravity should be measured in order to determine failling cells in the string that should be replaced.Furthermore, IEEE standards for stationary batteries applications stipulate periodical measurement of overall string voltage, as well as cell voltage and temperature.The BVR Series is the perfect tool for that purpose. All measurements are automatically saved in device’s internal memory. Additionally, DV-B Win software helps the user to download all measured results. Furthermore, the user can create test reports and export them to various formats.BVR series includes two models: BVR11 and BVR22. These are rechargeable handheld devices intended for performing monthly battery inspections and support tools during capacity testing. The list of the applications of these instruments includes:Efficient supplement to BLU series of battery load units during battery discharge testingMonthly inspections of large battery banksAmbient temperature measurementCurrent measurement using current clampsUSB and Bluetooth communication with PCSimultaneous string voltage and current measurement to analyze a discharge test processThe BVR22 model provides Bluetooth communication with an external density meter, for transferring electrolyte specific gravity and temperature readings.

  • Digital Leakage Current Tester

    Educated Design & Development, Inc.

    Fast - All operator controls are located on the front panel to expedite testing. The entire test can be performed in a matter of seconds! Pays for itself in time and stress savings. Versatile - Measures Leakage Current in accordance with UL, CSA, EN, and IEC/ International Standards. Includes ability to perform open neutral, open ground, and line polarity forward/reverse test conditions. Adaptable - Universal rear panel receptacle allows for testing products with any plug configuration. Accurate - True RMS meter accurately measures both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveshapes. This is important when testing products using a switch mode power supply which can generate non-sinusoidal leakage currents. Calibrated, traceable to NIST. Flexible - A front panel switch permits testing either through the power cord of the product under test, from surface/ patient connection-to-ground, or from surface/ patient connection-to-surface/ patient connection. Portable - Lightweight, with integral handle. Other Features - Product Ground Switching (grounding conductor maintained to device under test when not measuring leakage). Automatic front receptacle disconnect when configured in the 240V test mode (prevents inadvertent connection of 120V when configured for 240V operation). Proven - These are the only leakage current testers designed and supported by Product Safety experts. That is part of the reason why they have become the standard in the industry. Full technical support by experienced safety engineers.

  • Non-Enclosed, 50 kS/s/ch, 5 Arms, 24-Bit, 4-Channel C Series Current Input Module

    sbRIO-9227 / 781118-01 - NI

    Non-Enclosed, 50 kS/s/ch, 5 Arms, 24-Bit, 4-Channel C Series Current Input Module - The sbRIO‑9227 was designed to provide high-accuracy measurements to meet the demands of data acquisition and control applications. It includes built-in anti-aliasing filters. When used with a … C Series Voltage Input Module, the sbRIO‑9227 can measure power and energy consumption for applications such as appliance and electronic device test. You can not only measure and meter current and power but also look at quality factors such as noise, frequency, and harmonics. Non-enclosed modules are designed for OEM applications.

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