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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Pyroelectric Detectors

    LT Laser Tools GmbH

    Pyroelectric detectors are thermal detectors; i.e. they create an electric signal due to temperature changes in the chip. This temperature change is caused by absorption of light. We do use LiTaO3 and DLaTGS as pyroelectric materials. Basically such detectors cover the whole spectra. However, they are mainly used for mid-wave and long-wave infrared detection (MWIR and LWIR). In addition, the usage in the THz region seems to become more popular these days.

  • Real Time X-Ray Imaging

    GO-SCAN C-VIEW - Teledyne ICM

    Go-Scan C-view is a light weight ruggedized real time X-ray imaging system specifically designed for hand-held inspection such, among other, Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspection. It includes a high speed and high resolution CMOS imager and a battery-operated 70kV x-ray tube designed for portable field operation. The video imaging system captures images and displays them on a hand held display in real-time.

  • Rotation Luminaire Goniophotometer

    LSG-1800 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LSG-1800/LSG-1700 Goniophotometer is high precision automatic goniophotometric instrument for luminous intensity distribution measurements with facility for turning the light source. The LSG-1800 is an update version for LSG-1700, the LSG-1800 use a high accuracy Motor and precision angle coder which keeps high test accuracy. It is for industrial laboratory measurements the photometric data of luminaries such as LED luminaries, HID lamps, fluorescent lamps and so on.

  • Stroboscope

    KM 2239 B / KM 2240 - Kusam Electrical Industries Limited

    Stroboscope is a flash - frequency velocity measuring device. It is a rotation speed measuring device that makes use of persistence of vision (when the light source synchronize with the rotation speed of an object at a pre-set flashing frequency, a relatively static phenomenon called visual persistence will occur).In the course of observation of an object that rotates or moves at a high speed ,adjust the flashing frequency of the device to synchronize it with rotation or movement speed of the object. .

  • SWIR Camera with 85% QE, Low Noise, and over 10 Minute Exposure Times

    NIRvana® 640 - Teledyne Princeton Instruments

    The NIRvana® 640 offers incredible sensitivity with greater than >85% Quantum Efficiency between 950 nm and 1500 nm, ensuring you collect every photon you can.The biggest barrier to low light SWIR imaging is dark current. The NIRvana® 640 offers incredible low dark current – only 40e-/p/s, enabling longer exposures for faint samples.

  • Towing Dynamoters

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    From light passenger cars to heavy commercial truck vehicles, you can turn to us for a solution that saves you time and money by easily and reliably measuring attributes under a range of simulated load conditions, negative slopes and positive slopes up to 25% – all in a safe, controlled environment. Look to Taylor as the industry leader for a record of pioneering valuable towing dynamometer (dyno) advancements including:

  • Turbidimeters

    GAO Tek Inc.

    Turbidimeters are instruments used for measuring the turbidity of liquid substances. Turbidity is the optical properties of a liquid that causes the intensity of light rays to decrease. Turbidimeters assess the degree of this turbidity, which is an indicator of the environmental health of the liquid. This measurement is carried out in wavelengths in a cell with modifiable constant temperature. GAOTek turbidity meters are imperative tools for monitoring water quality and are for sale to the United States, Canada and globally.

  • Voltage Tester, LED

    72-9395 - Tenma

    *Easy to use voltage tester designed for the professional user*Waterproof and rugged making it ideal for nearly all situations*Continuity test*690V max*Short circuit detection*Automatic range selection*Single lead voltage detection*Phase rotation test (50-60Hz)*Polarity detection*Built-in LED light*Rubberised grip*12 month limited warranty *view Terms & Conditions for details

  • X-ray Camera

    Pony Industry Co.,Ltd

    Up until the introduction of SID-A50, X-ray inspection systems has been using detectors such as Image Intensifier (I.I.) and C-MOS Flat Panel Detectors, which needs to convert X-ray into optical light first, in order to visualize X-ray.These Indirect Conversion Method X-ray Detectors comes with multitude of issues. These problems include but not limited to; Low Sensitivity, Fuzziness, Time Degradation, Inadequate Life

  • Engine Vibration detector

    VP-201/202/1210/1220 - Ono Sokki

    The VP-201/202 and VP-1210/1220 are electro-dynamic vibration detectors designed for gasoline and diesel engine measurement. By mounting them on the cylinder head or an engine etc, they detect rotation vibration at the time of combustion. It is easy to use due to a small, light weight, and magnetic mounting by means of a built-in magnet on the bottom surface. The detector and the cable are reliable with heat-resistant structure so you can use it in an engine room.

  • Colorimeter

    CM 10 - Instrument Systems Optische Messtechnik GmbH

    The CM 10 from the Instrument Systems Optronik line is a precise tristimulus colorimeter for a wide range of light sources. It features an impressively high signal dynamic range and a wide measuring range of up to 600 klx. The colorimeter head of the CM 10 contains four silicon photodiodes with full-glass filtering for the Xred, Xblue, Y and Z tristimulus functions. This permits particularly precise correction.

  • 3D Stereo Camera

    Karmin2 - Nerian Vision Technologies

    Karmin2 was especially developed for easy use with our SceneScan stereo vision sensor and is the successor of our successful Karmin stereo camera. In combination with SceneScan, Karmin2 becomes a fully functional 3D depth camera, which enables highly accurate distance measurements even in bright ambient light and over long distances. Therefore our Karmin2 camera is only available in combination with SceneScan.

  • Infrared Temperature Converter

    TF Series - Chuan Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

    TF series, infrared temperature converters provide non-cotact measurement to caculate the surface temperature of the objects by measuring the energy of infrared light. So It is convenient to measure the surface temperature of especially moving objects. Its stainless case with integrated design combining sensors, optical system, and electronic circuits. It is easy to install by connecting the screw with other devices, and TF can be used in a wide range of industries.

  • Transmission Measuring Set

    Model 2031 / 2031A - Aplab Limited

    - Compact Two in One Instrument with Level Oscillator & Level Meter- Selectable Spot Frequencies upto 4KHz- Digital dB Meter to Measure Level from-60dBm to +20dBm- Under / Over Range Indication- Built-in Rechargeable Battery- Lo-Batt Indication- Easy to Operate, Light in Weight & Portable- Selectable Spot Frequencies from 200Hz to 4000Hz- Extra Switchable Input & Output Impedance of 1120 ohms)

  • 16 Relay Output PCIe Board, 16 Isolated Digital Input Channels, 24V

    APCIE-2200-16-16 - TEAM SOLUTIONS, INC.

    16 electromechanical relays with change-over contacts The PCI-Express 16 relay board APCIe-2200-16-16 has 16 relay output channels and 16 digital inputs, 24 V. 15 inputs are interruptible. The board is especially suited for applications like industrial I/O control, signal switching, alarm monitoring, as interface to machines, for the ON/OFF monitoring of motors, lights etc. in the harsh industrial environment.

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