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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Compact EMC Test System

    Multi-CE5 - Hilo Test

    The Multi-CE5 includes an Electrical Fast Transient Generator (EFTG), a Combination Wave Generator (CWG) and a Coupling-/Decoupling Network (CDN) for single-phase power supply lines. The software program CE-REMOTE allows full remote control of the test generator via Ethernet light guide as well as recording, evaluation and documentation of test results, according to IEC 17025. To record the wave shape of impulses, it is equipped with an Impulse Recording Function (IRF).

  • Compact Type 4 Safety Beam Sensor

    ST4 - Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    Panasonic's concept of connecting 6 sets of Sensor heads to 1 Controller in series offers maximum flexibility to solve a wide range of safety applications. Just configure exactly the number of Sensor heads and controllers required to protect the area in question, e.g. small openings or irregularly shaped spaces impractical for Safety Light Curtains. A beam interruption indicator is incorporated in both the emitter and receiver to indicate operation and assist with beam alignment.

  • Convergent Reflective Micro Photoelectric Sensor

    PM2 - Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    The fixed beam of focused light from the Convergent Reflective Type Micro Photoelectric PM2 Sensor enables it to precisely detect an object within a defined sensing range. With the ability to measure independently of the background, the PM2 Sensors are also able to detect dark or slightly reflective objects as well as extremely thin objects (> 0.05mm). These features, combined with its compact and robust design, make the PM2 Sensor suitable for a large number of applications.


    MX-2 - Dakota Ultrasonics

    The MX-2 is ideal for the person that tests a few different materials regularly. The MX-2 contains 8 velocities of common materials and two velocities that the user can set using a simple sofware program. The tool's backlit display is easy to read, even in dim light, and the unit operates for up to 200 hours on a single set of batteries. The MX-2 comes complete, ready to use, and is protected by Dakota Ultrasonics 5 year limited warranty.

  • 2-20GHz Synthesizer

    VMESG-1003 - Frequency Electronics, Inc.

    The VMESG 1003, 2-20GHz Synthesizer was developed as a “Synthetic Instrument” for flight line test equipment, where its small size, light weight and high performance characteristics are paramount. The modular design of this instrument allows for many performance and interface options. Elcom‘s VME Series Synthesizers are similar in design to the IBS Series with the added benefit of an extremely compact 2 slot design. WIDE FREQUENCY RANGE: 2.0 to 20 GHz.

  • Air Actuators

    Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

    Del-Tron's linear air actuators (also referred to as linear actuators) are pneumatically actuated crossed roller slide assemblies controlled by a pair of Airpot air cylinders which provide extremely low friction and stiction characteristics. A light touch or physical obstruction will stop the unit’s movement to prevent damage to delicate and expensive equipment and parts. Low pressure operation is possible. The PNRE series requires less than 10 psi to operate.

  • Application Specific LC System

    Reducing Sugar Analysis System - Shimadzu Corp.

    The Nexera reducing sugar analysis system uses Shimadzu’s unique post-column boric acid-arginine fluorescence derivatization method. Unlike the refractive index detectors and evaporative light scattering detectors (ELSD) commonly used for sugar analysis, this system reduces the effects of impurities and offers both high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. As a result, sugars contained in samples can be analyzed simultaneously, without dilution even when there are significant concentration differences.

  • Telemetry Handheld Display

    TW-3.0-T - Dynamic Load Monitoring Ltd.

    The TW-3.0-T Telemetry Handheld Display is a modern, slimline, multifunctional load monitoring device which is unique to DLM.This innovative design is built with the user in mind. It has a large, high quality LCD screen which is optically bonded removing the need for a back light and improving clarity in bright sunlight. There are 12 devices on the network which can each be given a customisable friendly name made visible on the screen to make instant identification possible.

  • Thermal Camera

    IRC-120 - Amprobe Test Tools

    The Amprobe IRC-120 thermal camera, designed for the professional, is rugged with point-and-shoot functionality to give you a visual heat map image for quick and accurate identification of temperature related issues. Troubleshoot electrical connections, motors, HVAC and electrical, and insulation leaks around buildings to identify potential energy savings. The IRC-120 joins the IRC-100 Series with some upgraded features: data storage, laser pointer, flashlight and UV light.

  • Trailer Wiring Buddy 7 Pin Flat

    222 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    *Each signal from vehicle emits a unique tone *Electric brake control signal illuminates red LED *Loud beep can be heard over shop noise *Time Saver! Just apply brakes, right/left turn signals, running lights, engage reverse & 12 Volt Charging voltage *Greatly reduces time spent verifying vehicle trailer wiring *Very simple & easy to use - saves time!

  • Ultra-slim Photoelectric Sensor

    EX-10 - Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    With dimensions of only 14.5 x 3.5 x 10mm, the EX-10 Series Ultra-Slim Photoelectric Sensors are among the smallest and narrowest Sensors worldwide. Despite their ultra miniaturized design, the maximum range of the Thru-Beam version is 1000mm yielding an exceptionally high performance. The EX-10 Series is available in two different basic designs, with a front sensing or side sensing light source, which additionally extends the mounting options in narrow spaces.

  • UV-A LED Panel Flood Lamps

    PowerMAX™ 365 Series - Spectronics Corp

    PowerMAX 365 Series flood lamps feature a panel of 16 powerful UV-A (365 nm) LEDs specially engineered for non-destructive testing applications. These versatile, stationary light sources can be installed overhead or in-line, and can be ganged together to provide an even wider coverage area. UV-A LED panel flood lamps are also available in two standard-intensity models that are designed for NDT inspection applications requiring limited UV-A output.

  • Refractometers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek provides a wide range of high quality, feature-rich and precise refractometers for sale to the United States, Canada and globally. This device is an optical instrument for examining the refractive index of a substance, i.e. for measuring how light bends as it moves through a substance. These devices can provide accurate reading for any substance in any environment. GAOTek offers refractometers designed for a wide range of applications, whether it be for laboratory use, production line, or more.

  • Long Working Distance Digital Microscope

    Inspectis Optical Systems AB

    Complete system with attractive package pricing. Including F30s 1080-60p Digital Microscope with 500mm Extended Working Distance , Boom stand, LED Ring light and Remote Camera Control with Advanced Adjustments. Turn-key digital inspection system with superior optics, large field of view and wide zoom range designed in industrial grade aluminium housing for Full High Definition image quality, where and how you need it!

  • Low CxR

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Is a low output capacitance solid state relay containing a GaAs LED on the light emitting side (input side) and MOS FETs on the output side. A small flat-lead package has been provided which realizes a reduction in mounting area of about 50% compared withthe PS78xx series. It is suitable for high-frequency signal control, due to its low C × R, low output capacitance, and low off-state leakage current.

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