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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Video Endoscopes

    PCE Instruments

    Video endoscopes are the ideal tool for inspection and maintenance. Video endoscopes offer new perspectives and are the ideal tool for inspection insides of machines. Thanks to the flexible fibre optic cable and light weight enclosure, these extraordinary optical video endoscopes can locate problems and conflicts very easily and quickly, allowing for preventative measures to be taken without the need to dismantle the machinery first.

  • Miniature Stage Series

    MX80L - Compumotor Division of Parker Hanni

    Miniature Stage Series. Parker's MX80L Miniature Stage, the smallest linear servo-motor driven positioner in the industry, is redefining high throughput automation in the world of miniature positioners. The MX80 is a high performance linear servo motor stage designed to meet today's 24/7 production demands requiring rapid-fire positioning of light loads within a small work envelope.

  • Photometer

    PH2000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Flux or Lumen measure range depends on the size of the integrating sphere • Light current measuring range: 0.005×10-7A~2000×10-7A • User can do ZERO and Calibrate by operating the keys on the front of panel • Photo Detector: Class 1 • High correcting accuracy of photo detector V(λ) • English Software can be run in WinXP or Win7 by RS-232 (option)

  • Exploratory Testing

    Digivante Ltd

    Defects in apps and on websites directly impact customer conversions and retention. They exhaust user goodwill and ultimately damage your brand and revenues. Scripted or automated testing might indicate whether a particular customer journey works as intended, but will not necessarily reveal bugs beyond specific boundaries. They come to light only when the app or website is in front of real users.

  • LogiCue Systems

    LogiCue 6 - NuDelta Digital llc

    The LogiCue 6 controller has many of the same features as the LogiCue 12. It has 6 channels of control, LED indicators that mimic the color of each channel, a 2-way “acknowledge” feature that allows actors or crew members to respond to the stage manager with the press of a button, and self-test on power up. The controller connects to the cue lights using standard microphone cable.

  • Vibration / Shock / Noise & Thermal Control


    We specialise in vibration damping and shock isolation solutions for electronics and other light load applications.Our soft gel vibration damping materials are designed for isolating very light componets and extreme temperature environments.Most of our products are held in stock to support engineers with urgent vibration damping, noise control, shock isolation and cushioning impact problems.Our shock and vibration solutions are currently in use in aerospace, rail, truck, bus and handheld applications.

  • Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1 (Personal Locator Beacon)

    RescueME PLB1 - Landfall Navigation

    The RescueME PLB1 is the world's smallest 406mhz & GPS enabled PLBOperation of the rescueME PLB could not be simpler. To activate the PLB: Pull the retractable antenna out by its end tab, flip open the spring loaded cover over the activation button, hold the button for 1 second until the lights blink. Visual instructions are clearly printed on the case. When activated, the rescueME PLB1 will transmit accurate position data from its 66 channel GPS for a minimum of 24 hours while the integrated strobe light ensures maximum visibility.Ocean Signal has ensured that rescueME, like all of its other safety products, exceeds statutory requirements. RescueME PLB provides an incredible 7 year battery life, and is covered by a 7 year warranty. Even after more than 24 hours of continuous operation, and when the battery power is insufficient to transmit the satellite signal, the PLB1's homing beacon and strobe light will continue to operate. This high intensity strobe light features a molded lens to enhance the visibility of its efficient LED and it gives a powerful 1 candela light emission.Self-test of the PLB can be carried out with a simple button press with the start of test and results clearly indicated by a green flashing light. The antenna is easily extended like a normal tape measure and can be retracted using the winding mechanism on the top of the unit. This unique feature greatly facilitates user training and familiarization as it is not a one time deployable antenna similar to existing PLBs.rescueME comes with a snap-in mounting bracket and universal rubber mounting strap which can be fitted permanently or with each use. It is also supplied with a detachable flotation lanyard to accommodate all scenarios out of the box.

  • Waspmote Plug & Sense! Encapsulated line

    Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L

    Robust waterproof IP65 enclosure.11 models integrating more than 150 sensors.Add or change a sensor probe in seconds.Solar powered with external panel.Radios: 802.15.4, 868, 900, WiFi, 4G, Sigfox and LoRaWAN.Over the Air Programming (OTA).Special brackets ready for street lights installation.Fully certified for the main markets: CE, FCC, IC, ANATEL, RCM, PTCRB, AT&T.

  • SWIR Cameras

    SenS HiPe SWIR Camera - Pembroke Instruments, LLC

    Our new SenS series TE cooled SWIR InGaAs cameras provide superb VGA image quality low light to bright scenes requiring wide dynamic range. Our new HiPe model supports exposure times > 30 seconds with low dark charge. Now available with USB3, GigE-Vision, and CameraLink. Fast gating (50 nsec) option.

  • 3-CMOS & 3-CCD prism-based RGB Area Scan Cameras

    Apex Series - JAI Ltd.

    JAI’s prism-based R-G-B cameras separate the incoming light into red, green and blue wavelengths, which are directed to three separate image sensors. The cameras deliver exceptionally accurate R-G-B raw image data ideal for demanding color machine vision applications across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, printing/packaging and imaging in microscopy and medical diagnostics equipment.

  • Dynatrol® Level Switch for Extremely Lightweight Bulk Solids

    CL-10GSS - Automation Products, Inc.

    Dynatrol® CL-10GSS Level Detector may be used for high-, intermediate-, or low-point level detection of bulk solids. It is constructed to handle extremely light weight applications that are difficult to measure like glass fibers, glass wool, paper dust, polyester powders and polymer powders. The CL-10GSS is typically used with bulk solids in the density range of more than 5 lbs/ft3.

  • Control Unit

    EC-501A & EC-501A(G) - Automation Products, Inc.

    Dynatrol® EC-501A and EC-501A(G) Control Unit combines with the DJ and G Series Dynatrol® Level Detectors, including Sealed and Suspended units. Within the Control Units, a SPDT relay is operated from the On/Off signal of the Dynatrol® Level Detector. Simply actuate process control equipment, level alarms or indicator lights from the contacts of this control unit.

  • 40 - 100 MHz band width Oscilloscope


    40 - 100 MHz band width, 250MS/The s real-time sampling rate, two channels numerals save, is the design, the maintenance, the examination profession ideal tool. Each channel has 250M/S sample rate. Cursor read-out function. Five automatic surveys functions. Regulator back light high resolution, high contrast gradient colored liquid crystal display.

  • Bolometer Systems

    Infrared Laboratories, Inc.

    The detector comes with an IR light collecting cone assembly, vacuum-sealed wedged window, field of view baffling, and low noise electronics. The bolometer system is then outfitted with a single cut-on IR filter or a cold, manually operated, 2 or 3 position filter wheel. We offer a selection of far IR cut-on long pass filters that range from 10 to 285µm.

  • CCCP Controller

    Nüvü Cameras

    CCCP is the technology behind Nüvü Camēras’ extraordinary sensitivity in low light imaging. The patented controller generates significantly less clock-induced charges (CIC) than any other CCD controller during charge transfer throughout the EMCCD (down to an average below 0.001 ē/pixel/frame), therefore allowing for greater EM gain to ultimately attain sub-electron readout noise.