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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Tachomete

    Bestone Industrial Ltd.

    High quality electronics tool that can measure the rotational speed (RPM) with its wide measuring range and high resolution. It is applicable for measuring: rotating speed of machine, motors, wheels, lathe for metal or wood cutting works and others.This speed sensing device can be used in automobiles, trucks, tractors, aircraft, trains, light rail vehicles, and automotive.

  • Tachometers

    HH100 - Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    The HH100 Hand-Held Digital Tachometer combines both contact and non-contact sensing to accurately measure RPM, surface speed, and length. When using the non-contact mode, rotational speed (RPM) is measured using a visible beam of light. The HH100 can be up to 14 inches away from the small piece of reflective tape that is affixed to the rotating element. 

  • Test stations

    PGT® - Wolfgang Warmbier GmbH & Co. KG

    Test station for PGT®120 or PGT®120.COMStand with magnetic document holder made of IDP-STAT®-PVC in size A3Dimensions: 1700 x 590 x 730 mm (H x W x D)Power coated steel frameColour: light grey RAL 7035 / yellow RAL 1003

  • Total Luminous Flux Measurement System

    OptCom Co., Ltd

    This system enables the total luminous flux measurement of luminous intensity distribution 2 and 4 light sources based on the measurement standards of LED lightings LM-78 and LM-79 approved by IESNA (Illuminating Engineering society of North America) .As a calibration function, it can do the self-absorption correction and the spectral intensity calibration based on the JIS C 8152 measurement methods.

  • Turbidity Sensors

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Turbidity sensors measure the amount of light that is scattered by the suspended solids in water. As the amount of total suspended solids (TSS) in water increases, the water's turbidity level (and cloudiness or haziness) increases. Turbidity sensors are used in river and stream gaging, wastewater and effluent measurements, control instrumentation for settling ponds, sediment transport research, and laboratory measurements.

  • UV Meter


    This affordable UV meter detects both atmospheric UV-A and UV-B light ranging from 400 nm to 280 nm. It displays the current atmospheric UV index and the UV Irradiance. UV-A and UV-B are the UV rays that penetrate the atmosphere. A graphical meter alongside a UV color code chart makes it easy to determine the level of UV risk.

  • Vibrating Level Switch

    TF 100 Series - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    TF-100 Series is a vibrating level switch with TF-L relay output and TF-P transistor output or with TF-T current output.This level switch is designed for reliable indication of clean liquids and light slurries. It is available with Relay, Current, and PNP outputs that can be set to indicate alarm on either high level for spill prevention, or low level for run-dry protection.

  • PhotoIC Couplers

    Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    A Commercialized PhotoIC Coupler For High-Speed Communication Between Industrial Equipment. Panasonic, a worldwide leader in cutting-edge electronic components, has developed and introduces the NEW APS1 Series PhotoIC Coupler that transmits light signals while allowing electrical insulation. This revolutionary new product is designed for high-speed transmission of signals between industrial equipment such as motors and PLCs.

  • HV & AC Resonant Equipment

    Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    This kind of products are small in volume, light in weight, with compact structure and multiple function, general-purpose and easy to use. Applies to the test of frequency or insulating intensity under DC ,HV for all kinds of HV electric equipments, components, insulated material in electric system, industrial and mining enterprises, traffic , post and telecommunications, science institute, etc.

  • OBDLink WiFi Scan Tool

    4251WF -, LLC

    OBDLink WiFi features Plug and Play connectivity with your laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any other standard WiFi device. The built-in USB port gives you maximum versatility. Compatible with all model year 1996-2011 cars and light trucks sold in the United States, including all American, European, and Asian vehicles.

  • PXI Optical-to-Electrical Converter

    CohSol O2EPXIe-1001-1 / 786555-01 - NI

    The CohSol O2EPXIe-1001-1 provides one DC-coupled photoreceiver that converts light with wavelengths from 750 nm to 1,650 nm into electricity at speeds up to 10 GHz. It offers multimode fiber with a 62.5 µm core and SC/PC, FC/PC, SC/APC, or FC/APC connectors. The CohSol O2EPXIe-1001-1 is ideal for reliable testing in manufacturing or research and development environments.

  • Steam Aging Test Chamber

    RS-200 - Infinity Machine International Inc.

    Huiband controller, PID temperature controller, real-time display of PV/SV value, press the key to set the parameters. PT-100 platinum thermal resistance sensor. When the liquid level is low, the indicator light indicates to prevent dry burning. It starts to time when the temperature reaches the set temperature, it can be set between 0 ~ 9999S/M/H

  • Sound Level Meters

    Norsonic AS

    Being light weighted and extremely compact makes this the world’s smallest class 1 sound level meter. Very portable as it will fit in your pocket, yet it ensures you the reliability and precision required for a class 1 measurement. The perfect all-purpose tool for simple analysis of noise at work, environmental noise and basic product noise determination.

  • Mid-Range Gas Filter Correlation CO2 Analyzer

    Model T360M - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T360M CO2 analyzer measures Carbon Dioxide by comparing infrared energy absorbed by a sample to that absorbed by a reference gas according to the Beer-Lambert law. Using a Gas Filter Correlation Wheel, a high-energy IR light source is alternately passed through a CO2 filled chamber and a chamber with no CO2 present. The light path then travels through the sample cell, which has a folded path of 1.28 meters.The energy loss through the sample cell is compared with the reference signal provided by the filter wheel to produce a signal proportional to concentration, with little effect from interfering gases within the sample. This design produces excellent zero and span stability and high signal to noise ratio, allowing excellent performance over a wide concentration range, making this instrument an ideal choice for CO2 reporting requirements associated with dilution CEMS.

  • Produce Quality Meter

    F-750 - Felix Instruments

    The F-750 Handheld Brix & Dry Matter Meter uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to estimate quality metrics such as dry matter, Total Soluble Solids (TSS or brix), titratable acidity, and color. Working like a high-powered flashlight, the F-750 sends particles of light into a commodity, then measures the NIR light interactance with molecular components inside of the commodity to quantify user-selected traits. The F-750 has a wide range of applications, from determining optimal harvest timing by assessing fruit maturity, to providing an objective analysis of produce quality of fruit in packing houses and upon import. The F-750 is a handheld, fully integrated system, allowing users to operate it out in the orchard or inside the QA lab. Its simple, intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to use, while its model building software makes it customizable and versatile.