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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Color Sensor & Proximity Detection

    ams AG

    The ams family of color and Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) sensors combined with proximity detection provides red, green, blue, and clear (RGBC) or green and clear (ALS) light sensing and proximity detection. These modules also contain an IR LED for the proximity function. Both the light and proximity sensing functions feature high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, so these devices may be placed behind the dark bezels of smartphones, monitors, laptops and TVs.

  • LED

    Appointech, Inc.

    light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a pn junction diode, which emits light when activated. When a suitable voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons.

  • Fork Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Fork sensors, which operate using a through-beam design, combine the sender and receiver in a single housing. As a result, alignment is no longer time-consuming. Even very slight differences in light attenuation are detected due to highly focused light emission and high detection accuracy. Easy installation, high immunity to ambient light, and a wide range of fork widths are some of the many advantages that SICK fork sensors offer. Applications include detecting labels or parts on conveyors.

  • Buried Casing-to-Pipe Insulation Checker

    461000 - M. C. Miller Company

    Built to provide years of dependable service, this precision instrument is light and compact.

  • Goniophotometer

    Lisun Electronics Inc.

    A device used for measurement of the light emitted from an object at different angles

  • Low Voltage Detectors

    HASEGAWA Electric Co., Ltd

    Audio-signaling and light emittingAC Non-Contact Voltage TesterThe sensitivity for operation is adjustable

  • AC Input Single

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    AC input/single transistor output photocouplers (optocouplers) are optically coupled isolators containing GaAs infrared light emitting diodes and an NPN silicon phototransistor. This type consists of two infrared light emitting diodes connected in inverse-parallel, and operates directly on AC input current.

  • Flashers

    North Atlantic Industries

    NAI's Aircraft Warning, Navigation Light, and Position Light Flashers are general purpose, solid state, and low-current units. Designed for airbourne use, these units conform to all military specifications. All components are mounted within the fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed flasher assembly

  • Sensors

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Renesas' light and optical sensors are best in class for ultra low light sensitivity, low power consumption, ideal spectral response, and easy to use simple output algorithms. We offer a full suite of optical sensors to suit your application requirements and budget.


    OptCom Co., Ltd

    O-E probe is the unit to convert optical signals to electrical signals. It can be connected to Oscilloscopes or data loggers via a BNC connector and monitor the conversion waveform. It can acquire the optical signal easily by just pointing the optical fiber probe at the light source. Recently, more and more light sources utilize optical modulation for next generation lighting such as LED. Acquiring the emission timing is required to measure the emission phenomenon of the light source. This O-E probe unit is the ideal tool for these tasks.

  • Long Pulse Solar Simulator

    Wacom Electric Co., Ltd.

    This solar simulator system has been developed for evaluation of properties of photovoltaic modules. Consisting of a light source unit, a sample stage, and a measurement/data processing unit, this system irradiates light which is similar to sunbeams in spectral distribution and in intensity, over a 1500mm?~1200mm area for 80-800mseconds.

  • Photometers

    MRC ltd.

    Photometry / spectrophotometry is an assay based on measurement of the absorbance of a specific wavelength of light while passing through a fixed path-length through a cuvette of liquid test sample. The absorbance is compared with a blank and standards with graded amounts of the target compound. In colorimetry, The emitted light is of a specific visible wavelength.

  • Color Sensor

    ams AG

    The color sensor product family includes both RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and high-accuracy XYZ light sensors for precise color measurement, determination, and discrimination. XYZ sensors are capable of providing xy chromaticity co-ordinates in accordance with the CIE 1931 color map. The ams color sensors include filters to block unwanted IR light in the visible spectral range, enabling highly accurate color measurement. Their high sensitivity coupled with their wide dynamic range make them well suited to continuous color temperature measurement of ambient light in display management systems, and automatic-white-balance assistance in camera applications. Some products have additional IR channels to assist with IR light source identification.

  • Single Nano Particle Size Analyzer

    IG-1000 - Shimadzu Corp.

    Voyaging into the Single Nano Region The IG-1000 Plus Single Nano Particle Size Analyzer: An Instrument That Goes Beyond the Single Nano Region and Enters the Sub Nano Region This instrument uses the induced grating (IG) method, which is based on a new principle for measuring the size of nanoparticles using the phenomenon of dielectrophoresis and diffracted light. With dynamic light scattering, the conventional method, the light scattered by particles decreases sharply for particle sizes of less than 100 nm. Furthermore, in the single nano region (i.e., particle sizes of less than 10 nm), there are physical restrictions that make it difficult to detect scattered light, and the measurement of particle sizes also becomes difficult. The IG method does not use scattered light and so it is free from these physical restrictions, and does not require the input of the refractive index as a measurement condition. It therefore allows the size of nanoparticles to be measured simply and with high sensitivity,and is particularly effective in the analysis of single nanoparticles.

  • CNC Precision Vision Measuring Machines

    SVM Advance Series - Attotech Co., Ltd.

    Industry wide bench mark PC-DMIS VISION, with core algorithm certified by PTB.Aluminum alloy structure is solid in structure and well suited for high precision system dimensional inspection word due to its stability.Bionic gooseneck structure of Z axis, with guide way and accuracy of optical measurement.100% imported components, local assembly, strict inspection and calibration.Imported, open and high resolution glass scale with high resolution, accuracy and reliability.Ultra-precise single guide way promises long service life.Unique laser pointer pinpoints part feature to be measured.White LED for light source, This technique provides permanent cold light source (over 50.000hours) with very low energy consumption.Bottom light by green LED, brightness can be enhanced and tuned.Top light by Fresnel lens. Brightness of white ring light can be setup by partitions in the software. The change can be edited into the program.After continuous zooming, the lens needs no precision calibration by works.