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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Fiber Identifiers & Talk Set


    Fiber Identifiers and Talk Set are essential installation and maintenance instrument in data networks, CATV and telecommunication networks. Fiber identifier can identify the optical fiber by detecting the optical signals transmitted through the cables. Talk Set combines in one set the functions of both a digital optical phone and a stabilized light source. It is usually used in pairs, and can work over 80km. Fiberinthebox supply different types of Fiber Identifiers and Talk Set to meet you requirement, and they are with rechargeable battery and power supply adapter, so you can use them easily.

  • Handheld Optical Power Meter

    HOPM-3216 - Hangzhou Huatai Optic Tech. Co., Ltd.

    HOPM-3216 Handheld Optical Power Meter is our newly designed fiber optic tester, it aims at fiber network installation, fiber network engineering acceptance and fiber network maintenance. Combined usage with HOMP3116 handheld optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers. Compared with usual power meters, the HOPM-3216 has more great functions/features of automatic wavelength identification and switching and intelligent backlight control. Also the HOPM-3216 features good appearance, good touch feeling and considerate humanity design.

  • Handheld OTDR Fiber Tester

    BD800 series - Shanghai Baudcom Communication Device Co.,Ltd.

    1310 nm / 1550 nm wavelength, three kinds of dynamic range is optional ; The maximum dynamic range can be up to 32 db / 30 db Optimization model test:In view of the network construction provided -------- high speed test mode In view of the network maintenance--------- accurate test mode Advanced user friendly:The intelligent one-key operation to start measurement Continue working time for more than 10 hours, especially fit for the long time field application Light: 0.9 Kg Handheld portable type, convenient, favorable cost and performance ratio


    INTEGRA S - SAF Tehnika, As

    Integra S is an unbelievably light, energy efficient carrier-grade system that exemplifies an outstanding return on smart engineering - the synergy of high competence in radio electronics and materials science. Slip-fit design allows integration with existing high performance antenna systems or integration with 2+0 aggregation setups for up to 954 Mbps Full Duplex capacity without header compression. Gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) port defies simple installation, while dual SFP slots allow for fiber optic installation – giving the user ultimate flexibility in cable design.

  • Complete Testing Solutions

    Sciencetech, Inc.

    System includes a lamp and monochromator for a tunable light source, which is coupled to a high sensitivity source meter with measurement software. This user-friendly system is the most powerful Spectral Response system currently on the market, but its true power is the ease of upgrading from the base PTS-1 to the more powerful PTS-2-QE (Quantum Efficiency) or PTS-3-CPM (Constant Photocurrent Method). Designed for researchers who have limited budgets but want to start work immediately, this allows the ability to do baseline studies until additional funding for the full QE or CPM system becomes available.

  • Building Electronic Thermometer

    NF-514 - Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic CO.,LTD

    *Cement Concrete Professional Thermometer.*Built-in LCD Lighting Function: Working in harsh environments, clear readings.*Exquisite material selection and lightweight design.*Built-in Temperature Measuring Line, Durable and High Temperature Resistance.*Embedded Line Asphalt Temperature Measurement.*Small size,light weight, easy to carry, suitable for construction sites and field operations.*Certification. Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.*100% Affordable. Manufactured in China and a lot cheaper than competitor products with similar quality.

  • Handheld Optical Power Meter

    JW3216 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3216 Handheld Optical Power Meter is Joinwit newly designed fiber optic tester, it aims at fiber network installation, fiber network engineering acceptance and fiber network maintenance. Combined usage with JW3116 handheld optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers. Compared with usual power meters, the JW3216 has more great functions/features of automatic wavelength identification and switching and intelligent backlight control. Also the JW3216 features good appearance, good touch feeling and considerate humanity design.

  • Visual Fault Locators

    Optical Wavelength Laboratories

    OWL fiber optic visual fault locators (VFL) are specially designed to couple a maximum of optical energy into multimode and singlemode optical fibers by using a bright red fiber optic laser. Breaks, microbends, and other anomalies in optical fibers and connectors cause the intense bright red laser light to escape, thus revealing the presence of a fault. In addition to visual fault location, OWL VFLs can be used as a visual optical fiber identifier. A visual fiber optic identifier eliminates much of the guesswork during testing by identifying the fiber under test.

  • Garden-Gard™ Garden Protection System

    GPS-200 - Parker McCrory Manufacturing Co.

    *Protect gardens and shrubs from small animal damage*Portable – Go anywhere design*Fence controller operates on either a 12V battery or by using the 110V AC power adapter (both adapters included)*Power line convenience or 12V battery operated fence charger*Shocks through wet weeds and brush*Indoor/Outdoor installation*Weatherproof power connections*Low Impedance – safe to use with all types of fencing*Full three year warranty*Indicator light flashes to show fence charger operation*Weatherproof*100% American Made*UL Listed

  • Fiber-coupled Polarimeter

    Apex Technologies

    The new AP6051A stand-alone benchtop fiber-coupled polarimeter enables real time monitoring of the SOP, DOP, and power of a light signal in fiber. It can display SOP data information either on a Poincaré sphere, a Jones diagram or on a virtual oscilloscope. Covering the operating wavelength range from 1520 to 1610nm, it offers excellent performance, fast sampling rate,  high SOP accuracy, and wide dynamic input optical power range. Optionally, it can be used in combination with an internal Optical Filter to measure the SOP as a function of frequency. Intuitive software and touch screen allows an easy manipulation of the device.

  • Broadly Tunable, Narrow-Linewidth & Automated Laser Source Covering the Visible, Neur Ultraviolet & Near Infrared

    SolsTiS Rainbow - M Squared Lasers

    SolsTiS Rainbow brings together M Squared’s award-winning laser technologies into a single, easy-to-use platform providing hands-free automated access to light of any colour in the visible, near-ultraviolet and near-infrared wavebands. The advanced SolsTiS Rainbow features a fully-automated self-aligning, sealed, high-efficiency SolsTiS, a SolsTiS Doublet SHG cavity and a frequency mixing module, all capable of rapid and precise narrow-linewidth wavelength tuning in the range from 350 – 1100 nm. Furthermore, SolsTiS Rainbow is capable of user-defined high-speed, high-resolution stepped and continuous scanning over extended tuning ranges.

  • Smoke Detector Tester

    Solo 365 - Detectortesters

    The fire industry’s most popular range of detector test equipment is about to get even better. Solo, the test equipment used world-wide to functionally test fire detectors has a new tester in its range – Solo 365. This exciting innovation provides fire safety professionals with an array of stand-out features which make for faster, simpler and cleaner functional testing of smoke detectors. Key features include automatic generation of smoke which ensures only the amount of smoke needed to activate the detector is produced – minimizing smoke wastage and eliminating the risk of detector contamination. In addition, Solo 365 is light in weight and has a slim-line design which allows easy access into tight spaces – making it possible to test detectors which are hard to access with other portable testers. In response to market feedback, Solo 365 features an LED torch which automatically illuminates when light levels drop, making for easy detector alignment and testing in dark environments. Smoke is generated via newly designed smoke cartridges which fit neatly into the rear of the tester. With no reliance on pressurised aerosol cans, the cartridges can be easily shipped and stored and are unaffected by new regulations, set for 2018, which will affect availability of some pressurised smoke aerosols.

  • LightRanger 4 Click

    64206 - Parallax Inc.

    Parallax speeds the process of Propeller 2 development through our partnership with MikroE, who has created a family of 850+ Clicks for most I/O functions you may envision. For each of the Click boards stocked by Parallax, you will find a documented Spin 2 code example on our Propeller GitHub Object Exchange. Connect your Click boards to the Propeller 2 Evaluation Board or P2-EC Edge Breakout Breadboard using the #64008 P2 to MikroBus Click Adapter. Light Ranger 4 click is an accurate distance measurement Click board™ based on a ToF (Time of Flight) measurement principle. The FlightSense™ enabled VL53L1X rangefinder module from STMicroelectronics is a complete measurement stack on the chip. It is surprisingly easy to work with, as this highly integrated range finder module exposes only I2C interface, XSH and INT pins to the host controller. It features the invisible Class1 laser emitter, used to emit a narrow band of a harmless modulated light beam in the IR range (940 nm), physical infrared filters and optics to achieve the best ranging performance in various ambient lighting conditions with a range of cover window options. It can measure distances up to 4000mm, with up to 50 Hz ranging frequency.

  • Machine Vision Dev Kit

    Vizi-AI Developer Kit - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    The Vizi-AI dev kit includes everything you need for a faster, easier way to get started training models and prototyping your industrial machine vision edge AI solution straight out of the box.Developers can quickly upskill and start prototyping in a no-code, plug-and-play environment. The Vizi-AI includes an Intel Atom® based SMARC computer module with Intel® Movidius™ Myriad X VPU and 40 pin connector, Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO and ADLINK Edge™ machine vision AI software.As well as powerful Intel® hardware, Vizi-AI comes with ADLINK Edge™ software, the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ and Node-RED. This means you can focus on the AI Vision modelling and the rest is made easy with simple configuration to run the model, deploy the model, manage the model and create outcomes. One kit can do it all. Create outcomes like trigger a notification, send data to another system, turn on a light. The possibilities are endless.Vizi-AI can also help developers easily scale-up from the prototyping stage to a production environment on the factory floor by simply transferring to more powerful Intel processor based hardware depending on the use case.

  • Radiometer

    X1-1-RCH-116-4 - Gigahertz-Optik GmbH

    The X1-1 radiometer from Gigahertz-Optik features an RCH-116-4 detector and is ideal for measurement of the irradiance of high power LEDs in the UV-A and blue light range. The device can accurately measure irradiance levels of up to 40,000 mW/cm². One of the outstanding features of the RCH-116-4 detector is its proven concept of a passive radiation absorber coupled to a UV sensor. This provides stability even in high temperature and intense UV radiation environments. In addition to the passive radiation absorber, the device also has a cosine-corrected field of view. The sensor’s housing also serves as a handle. The battery-powered X1-1 optometer supports a usable dynamic range from less than 1 mW/cm² to 40,000 mW/cm² thanks to its high-end signal amplifier. It can be used to perform precise measurements of up to 5 standard LED wavelengths for which the detector was calibrated for active irradiance. In addition to the CW measurement function, the device also has a dose measurement function. The radiometer can be used with other detectors from the RCH series. e.g. for gas discharge lamps. Remote control of the device is possible via its user software and a software development kit is offered for integration of the device in the user’s own software.

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