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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Non-contact Voltage Tester

    Eclipse Tools

    Built-in white LED illumination light provides convenient work in dark areasDetects AC voltage from 90 to 1000 VAC without metallic contactCompact size with pocket clip easily fits into pockets or tool pouchesRed LED and audible alarm if voltage is presentEntire outer surface is non-conductive for safety, helps avoid high voltage shockPowered by two 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)CAT IV 1000V Safety rating.Applications: Electricians, maintenance staff, service and safety personnel, and even homeowners

  • Portable OTDR Tester

    CARY-OT4000 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The CA OPTRONICS CARY-OT4000 series portable optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) is the latest FTTx optical fiber cable-based test instrument. It has light weight, elegant appearance, small size, easiness of installation and maintenance, high-capacity built-in battery. It provides multiple built-in test wavelengths and optical testing functions like visual fault locator (VFL). As a new product specially designed for FFTx network testing, it provides site technicians with the highest performance and upgrade services.

  • Universal Radiometer

    Rm-3700 - Laser Probe Inc.

    The Rm-3700 Single Channel Universal Radiometer, when used with the correct probe, can measure cw and average power (in Watts), as well as the energy (in Joules) of individual pulses up to 2 kHz, over a wide range of intensities and wavelengths. A high-speed Rs-232 computer interface, full statistical analysis of pulse sets, battery/AC power, and audible tuning are just some of the standard features. This tremendous versatility makes it the ideal instrument for research labs, universities, hospitals, and other facilities with multiple light sources and applications.

  • Cable & Antenna Analyzer

    Shanghai Tarluz Telecom Tech Co., LTD

    Adopting new techniques like advanced radio frequency and digital hybrid integration design, broadband and fundamental wave mixing, digital IF processing and intelligent power management, etc., The Cable and Antenna Analyzer has advantages of fast measuring speed, high measurement accuracy, small size, light weight, battery power, touch screen operation and adjustable backlighting. It can measure return loss, standing wave ratio (SWR), impedance, phase, DTF (discontinuity point fixing), etc.

  • Detectors

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' photodetectors are capable of detecting light throughout the UV, VIS, NIR, IR, and THz spectral regions. Our photodetectors feature sensors that enable properties such as intensity, power, intensity distribution, wavefront shape, energy, and wavelength to be measured. We offer unmounted photodiodes as well as amplified, biased, and avalanche photodetectors. Thermal power detectors are available unmounted, mounted on a PCB, or mounted on an aluminum plate. Also available are position-detecting sensors, integrating spheres, and an acoustic detection module.

  • In-Field Geophone Testing, Versatile Quality Control System

    Portabe BD3 - Seismic Source Co.

    *32-bit, high speed, ADC chip for lower noise and increased accuracy*Embedded computer – Small, lightweight and portable*Internal battery for all-day use*GPS based time and location saved for every record*Designed rugged for outdoor use in the field*Bright, high-contrast screen readable in any light*All test data saved in non-volatile memory for later download and retrieval*Connects to PC via Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi to download results for display, analysis, report generation and archival

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

    TI160 - P5 - Scope T&M Pvt, Ltd.

    TI 160-P5 is a special thermal imaging camera for human body temperature measurement only. Its has Accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, ability to quickly lock the hot-spot. It is been widely used in airports, docks,railway stations, schools, shopping malls and other public places to check human body temperature abnormalities. Palmetto design, compact and lightweight, integrated visible light function. Reliable performance and accurate temperature measurement can effectively improve the efficiency of detection.

  • Smart Emissions Measurement System

    SEMS - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The Smart Emissions Measurement System (SEMS) is an independent, secure big data cloud service and data processing offer used to collect emissions data from any light- or heavy-duty vehicle using combustion engines. This data can be measurements taken during road use, from a database offering a statistically reliable number of vehicle measurements or results from other existing PEMS tests. All measured data is transferred to a cloud-based data server and analysis will be done on HORIBA’s Enterprise platform.

  • Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

    NanJing DVP OE TECH CO., LTD

    *Reversible monitor with control panel on each side*Color LCD monitor & 256 magnification*Compact & Light weight*Large capacity internal battery*Max. Wind velocity of 15m/s.*8 Sec. Splice time, 40 Sec. Tube-heat time*Simultaneous X and Y views*SYSTEM TEST ensures the best working condition*User programmable*Auto check fiber end face*Auto calibrate parameters*Store 8000 groups of splice results*Multiple language options

  • AC to AC Power Supplies, Output 0 to 25 VAC, 3000 AMPS, 75 KW, P/N 5955C

    Carl E. Holmes Company

    - AC to AC Power Supply, 84 KVA, 1 PH, 60 Hz, P/N 5955C- Input: 240 VAC, 350 Amps- Output: 0 to 25 VAC, 3000 Amps max- Back to back SCR is used to adjust the output voltage- Start / Stop push button- Power ON Light- Voltmeter and Ammeter are included to monitor output voltage and current- Indoor enclosure: 42″H x 32″W x 22″D- Estimated weight: (TBD)

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter

    Extech CO10 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    Checking co levels is as easy as pushing just 1 button on the model C010, which measures up to 1,000 ppm. An audible indicator increases in tone starting at 35 ppm. The higher the concentration of co, the faster the alarm will sound. Above 200 ppm, the alarm will sound continuously. A backlight on the display can be used for low light areas. Additional features include: max hold, data hold, and auto-power-off. The meter comes complete with a 9-volt battery, protective holster, and case.

  • Photometric Testing Services

    Light Laboratory Inc.

    LLI. offers a wide variety of services to fulfill your photometric, color and electrical testing needs. Using our custom, rotating mirror, Type-C goniophotometer, in combination with various integrating spheres, we are able to test many different types of lighting fixtures and light sources. LM-79 -08 Test & LM-80 Test, SSL Photometry Testing, Energy Star®, CEC Title 24, DesignLights Consortium® (DLC), Custom Tests and UL / ETL Safety Test Consultation.

  • NED-LMD Near-Eye Display Measurement Systems

    NED-LMD WG Series - Gamma Scientific Inc.

    Gamma Scientific is introducing the NED-LMD Waveguide Tester as the world’s first specialized near-eye display measurement system that mimics human visual perception for fast, accurate and repeatable characterization of next generation optical waveguide-based Augmented/Mixed Reality displays and display components (light engine, waveguide, etc.). This comprehensive offering features a ‘robotic eye’ to help device manufacturers predict how the human eye would perceive their AR/MR displays, quantifying end user experience mapping the entire display field of view.

  • 64-Channel Form A General Purpose Switch for 34980A

    34939A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 34939A is a high density general-purpose switch module for the 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit. It has 64 independent single-pole, single-throw (SPST) relays that can switch 1A and carry 2A. This module can be used to cycle power to products under test, control indicator and status lights, and to actuate external power relays and solenoids. The relays are 100V, 1A contacts and can handle up to 60W. Standard 78-pin Dsub connectors allow for use with standard cables, screw terminal blocks, or mass interconnect solutions.

  • Electronic Tire Tester

    Model BTT-5700 - Branick Industries, Inc.

    The Branick BTT-5700 was created from the ground up to be the most efficient, durable and reliable electronic tire tester available. The electronic detector accurately locates flaws that may be missed using conventional methods. A visible spark occurs at the site of a flaw and the rotation stops to allow the flaw to be marked. The adjustable height platform reduces physical strain that can often lead to workers compensation claims. The BTT-5700 also features a bi-directional variable speed electric rotation motor that is whisper quiet. The auto extend/retract ramp makes tire loading easy. Hand controls are located on a locking swing arm that can be adjusted in seconds. Four air tool ports and two electric outlets are also provided so any needed tools can be kept close for improved efficiency. A high power LED light and Medium Truck Probe are also included. All probe heads require only the push of a button to change and are available to fit all common tire sizes. And, like everything from Branick, it's made in the USA.

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