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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Streetlight, Luminescence

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  • Horizontal Profile Projector

    Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Ltd.

    ◆ The lifting system adopts cross roller rail and precision screw drive, which makes lifting drive more comfortable and stable;◆ Coating process reflector, clearer image and great dustproof;◆ Adjustable contour and surface illumination, to meet with difference workpiece demand;◆ Imported high light and long using life LED illumination ,to ensure precision measurement demand;◆ High resolution optical system with clear image and magnification error is less than 0.08%;◆ Powerful Bi-axial fan cooling system,highly increase using life;◆ Powerful and colorful DRO DP400,realized fast and accurate 2D Measurement;◆ Built-in Mini-printer, can print and save data;◆ With standard 10X objective, optional 5X,20X,50X,100X objective,rotary table, foot switch ,clamp, etc.

  • High-Speed Video Camera

    Hyper Vision HPV-X2 - Shimadzu Corp.

    Medical science and engineering have made dramatic progress thanks to visualization technology. Examples include the invention of microscopes capable of enlarged observations of phenomena occurring in the microscopic domain, invisible to the human eye, X-ray inspection systems, which enable the observation of images utilizing light at imperceptible wavelengths, and infrared cameras. Our eyes are incapable of capturing phenomena occurring at times shorter than 50 to 100 ms. As a result, high-speed video cameras have become necessary in order to record phenomena occurring at intervals that cannot be seen with the human eye, and then replay them at a slower rate so that they can be visualized. As the standard tool for visualizing ultra high-speed domains, the Hyper Vision high-speed video camera contributes to our understanding of ultra high-speed phenomena in a variety of fields.

  • Femtosecond Fluorescence Upconversion & TCSPC Extension

    Harpia-TF - Light Conversion Ltd.

    HARPIA‑TF is a time-resolved fluorescence measurement extension to the HARPIA‑TA mainframe that combines two time-resolved fluorescence techniques. For the highest time resolution, fluorescence is measured using the time-resolved fluorescence upconversion technique, where the fluorescence light emitted from the sample is sum-frequency mixed in a nonlinear crystal with a femtosecond gating pulse from the laser. The time resolution is then limited by the duration of the gate pulse and is in the range of 250 fs. For fluorescence decay times exceeding 150 ps, the instrument can be used in time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) mode that allows for measuring high‑accuracy kinetic traces in the 200 ps – 2 μs temporal domain. HARPIA‑TF extension is designed around the industry leading Becker&Hickl® time-correlated single-photon counting system, with different detector options available.

  • Fanless Embedded System With Intel® Celeron® N3350 & Pentium® N4200, 2 HDMI, 2 GbE LAN And 6 USB

    eBOX100-312-FL - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The eBOX100-312-FL comes with ultra-slim size, low power consumption and fundamental features. The fanless embedded system is powered by the Intel® Celeron® processor N3350 or /Pentium® processor N4200 (codename: Apollo Lake). It is equipped with one 204-pin DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM socket with up to 8GB system memory. In order to provide excellent multimedia performance, the embedded box computer comes with two HDMI ports for dual-view display with up to 4K resolution. To enhance wireless communication capabilities, this compact embedded system provides two PCI Express Mini Card slots, one SIM card slot, and four antenna connectors. With its compact size and basic functions, the entry-level eBOX100-312-FL is suitable for smart retail and light industries.

  • Compact, Industrial Thermal Camera

    Dione 320 CAM Series - Xenics

    The Dione 320 CAM series is based on an uncooled state-of-the-art 12 μm pitch detector with 320×240 pixels and NETD of less than 40 mK (available upon request) or 50 mK.The camera cores are optimized for low SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power). The Dione 320 CAM is both light weight and small. It utilizes Xenics image enhancement for advanced image processing while keeping power consumption low.All Dione 320 versions have the same SAMTEC ST5 connector and are GenICam compliant. Dione 320 CAM is a LWIR uncooled thermal imaging camera SWaP module with housing supporting M24/M34 lens (optional)The compact Dione 320 CAM series find applications in industrial machine vision, medical, scientific and advanced research, safety and security systems.

  • Network, Port ID And Cable Tester

    One for All PH-400 - Pansco, Ltd

    The One For All is an all-in-one network tester, tone generator, cable tester, and port ID finder. It comes with a remote unit, allowing pin-by-pin tests of installed cables in addition to patch cables. The office ID feature allows the user to check the ID number of up to 100 networks or patch panel outlets without labeling the cables manually, and the tone generator traces cable using a tone detectable by any market tone probe. The network tester blinks the network hub or NIC port light for the cable being tested, allowing easy cable and outlet identification; and it identifies network speed (10 Mbps vs. 10/100 Mbps vs. 10/100/1000 Mbps) and activity. Line tester included for detect live circuits and preventing damage to the tester.

  • PXI Switch - 16-CH General-Purpose SPDT Relay Module

    PXI-7901 - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ADLINK PXI-7901 is a general-purpose (GP) switch module implementing 16-CH independent single-pole double-throw (SPDT) relays (1 Form C). PXI-7901 can connect one input to one output and be used as signal switching and routing for measurement system or ATE. Thanks to its high switching capacity, PXI-7901 can also be used to turn on or turn off devices such as motors, fans, heaters, and lights. The contact position of the relays can be changed either by direct software commands or by following the instructions previously stored in the on-board scan list. The scan list advances upon the trigger from external measurement devices, such as a DMM. The scan list could also advance when the scan-delay timer expires. In the PXI-7901, PXI trigger functions are supported and software programmable. Multiple modules can therefore be synchronized without additional field wiring.

  • PDIV Tester for EV Motor

    PDIV 500-T - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Differing from partial discharge with high frequency pulse which produce sound and light phenomenon, the power frequency AC voltage reaches a certain threshold, can only produce instantaneous current leakage around the tested sample, it can be detected through discharge capacity (unit: PC) to evaluate partial discharge phenomena..The instrument PDIV 500-T is designed to put samples such as enameled wire, insulation paper/film, and electric motor stator in the High temperature / humidity environment chamber, applying a power frequency voltage with a programed rising speed, and prefect ground connection must be guaranteed , through the coupling capacitor as the medium, the continuous detection of discharge capacity against the voltages will create formulation between the Voltages and discharge capacities (pc), the software will find the discharge voltage threshold called PDIV.

  • High Temperature Self-Supporting Furnace Extensometers (1200 C)

    Model 3448 - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    Epsilon developed this unique high temperature extensometer for testing metals, ceramics, and composites at the high temperatures produced by furnaces and induction heating systems. A combination of features make these extensometers easier to use and better in performance than other similar high temperature extensometers.The units are held on the specimen by light, flexible ceramic fiber cords. These make the extensometer self-supporting on the specimen. No furnace mounting brackets are required. The side load on the test sample is greatly reduced because of the self-supporting design and light weight of the sensor. Most materials testing furnaces with a side cut-out for an extensometer will readily accept a Model 3448. For induction heating systems, a different ceramic cord placement allows the extensometer to easily pass between the coils.The combination of radiant heat shields and convection cooling fins allow this model to be used at specimen temperatures up to 1200℃ (2200°F) without any cooling. An optional tiny air fan does enhance stability at the highest temperatures and is recommended for the highest accuracy and for tests with small elongations. The fan comes with a magnetic base for support so it can be mounted at any convenient location near the extensometer. Fan cooling is not generally needed for induction heated systems. High purity alumina ceramic rods are used. These are available in lengths as required to fit your furnace. A spare set is included with every extensometer. Specify chisel, vee chisel or conical contact points as desired.Most units operate equally well in tension and compression. Thus tensile, compression and cyclic tests like low cycle fatigue can all be performed with a single unit.For vacuum furnaces, special models are available. Epsilon can also provide a radiant heat transfer cooled version. This requires that the extensometer module be surrounded by a water cooled enclosure with a front slot for the ceramic rods.

  • ST VL53L0X Time-of-Flight Range/Distance Sensor

    SEN-36003 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Highly integrated breakout board for the ST Micro VL53L0X Time of Flight (ToF) range finder sensor, which builds on the absolute ranging technology introduced with the VL6180X. The VL53L0X drops the ambient light sensing capability of it's predecessor for a 10X improvement in absolute ranging capability, bringing the maximum possible range to 2 meters! As a result, this sensor has even more uses in the robotics, cell phone and gesture recognition space. The SEN-36003 includes the VL53L0X IC mounted between two 4-40 sized mounting holes with on board 2.8V LDO and high-speed signal translation to handle interface voltages from 3V to 5V. The board is interfaced via an I2C interface and function pins have been broken out to a 0.1" pin header. All pins are translated to allow interfacing with any microcontroller in the 3V to 5V operating range.

  • TMD37003 cRGB Color and Proximity Sensor

    SEN-36004 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Fully integrated carrier board designed to get the most out of the TMD37003 cRGB (color with IR compensation) and Proximity Sensor from AMS. This means that the board includes a 1.8V-5V input range LDO and high-speed signal voltage translation on all IO pins. In addition, we've added a high output white LED that is tuned to the light temperature range of the TMD37003 IC. This makes sensing color of close-proximity objects possible, such as in robotic color sorting operations. As on many of our boards, we've included 4-40 sized mounting holes to make installation easy. The IC functions are interfaced via a 0.1" header, which includes power (Vdd and GND), I2C interface (again, fully translated) and a 3.3V input to power the proximity (IR) LED. The on-board LED is turned on with a logic 'HIGH' applied to the LED pin and is powered with Vdd.

  • Car-to-X Signal Strength Emulator

    Qosmotec Software Solutions GmbH

    QPER-C2X is a special adaptation of the signal strength emulator QPER, designed for mobile and Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (MANet and VANet). Every radio devices in such an infrastructure-less network acts as a sender, receiver, and forwarder (router). Therefore, the ports of the QPER-C2X hardware are fully connected with each other by dynamically controllable attenuators. The system is fully designed for frequencies up to 6 GHz, since wireless communication for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is based on the WLAN standard IEE 802.11p from 5.850 MHz to 5.925 MHz. The connected ITS stations can be either on-board units, as they are built into cars, or road side units that are used by road infrastructure (traffic lights, road work area delimiters, velocity signs). For tests in the lab, radio modules of such ITS stations are each kept in a shielding box that prevents any unwanted radiation over the air.

  • Hot sale Window Tint Meter WTM-1100

    WTM-1100 - Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co. Ltd.

    Window Tint Meter WTM-1100Applications:Window Tint Meter WTM-1100 is applicable to measure the transmittance or haze of all kinds of transparent, translucent samples withparallel plane.Details:Display:10mm LCDMeasurement Range:0 to 100% Light TransmissionResolution:0.1Accuracy:± 2 %Sample Thickness:Less Than 18mm / 0.7inchLight Source:LEDMeasuring Mode:Single / ContinuousOperating conditions:Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃ Humidity: < 90 %Power Supply:4 x 1.5 V AAA Size (UM-4) BatteryDimensions:Unit: 126 x 65 x 27 mm (5.0 x 2.6 x 1.1 inch)Sensor: 125 x 38 x 38 mmWeight:100 g (Not Including Batteries)Accessories:Standard Accessories1. Main Unit2. Carrying Case3. Operation ManualOptional Accessories1. USB, RS-232C data cable with software2. Bluetooth data out put with softwareFor window tint meter price , please feel free to contact Lisa. Thank you!

  • Battery Monitor

    BAF-M2 - Schumacher Electric Corporation

    BATTERY MONITOR• Plugs into a 12 volt automotive cigarette lighter receptacle• Allows instant monitoring of battery & charging system voltage• Constant automotive battery and charging system check with a digital readout• LED warning lights alert you when your battery or charging system is not functioning properly• Detects charging input voltage within 0.1 volts variance• Detects problems with the alternator, diode and any variance of more than 0.8 volts• Alerts you once battery drops to 12.0 volts giving you approximately one more hour of run time, depending on the system’s wattage• Digital display indicates electrical voltage of your battery• Mounted display on your car’s dashboard for constant monitoring of your electrical system Contents: (1) Battery Monitor with 12V DC plug

  • Programmable DC Power Supply

    62000L Series - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The Chroma 62000L Series Programmable DC power supplies have low noise linear performance and fast transient response. The units have many unique functions that are targeted for overall automated test system integration, automotive power electronics MCU/ECU, power semiconductors, wireless communications, etc. The 62000L Series is a high quality yet cost effective programmable DC Source, designed to meet the stringent requirements of the next generation of power electronics. The GPIB and USB control interfaces come standard with the 62000L Series, no additional purchase required. The 62000L Series can be easily remote controlled via either of these two interfaces. The 62000L weighs less than 2.5 kg, and its case measures 214.6W * 88.6H * 280D mm. Its light weight and compact size makes it easy to handle and stack safely.。

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