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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Streetlight, Luminescence

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  • MPI SiPH Probe Systems

    MPI Advanced Semiconductor Test

    MPI designed dedicated SiPH upgrades for its well known 200 and 300 mm probe systems, which includes:*Various options of high-precision fiber alignment systems for ultra-fast scanning routines*Multiple measurement capabilities for O-O, O-E, E-O and E-E device configuration*Integrated Z-sensing for detecting the fiber to wafer contact point*Crash protection when using two optical fiber arms*Wide temperature range from -50°C to 200°C*Optional dark box for testing in light tight environment*Extensive software package for supporting easy integration to operator’s test executive*Probe system compatibility: TS2000-IFE, TS2000-SE, TS3000, TS3000-SE, TS3500 and TS3500-SE

  • Solar Simulation Systems

    Photo Emission Tech., Inc.

    PET Solar Simulators consist of a Light Source with a built-in Lamp Power Supply. The Solar Simulator has an ellipsoidal reflector that surrounds the lamp and collects most of the lamp output. The radiation from the lamp is focused onto an optical integrator that helps produce a uniform diverging beam. The beam is diverted 90° by a mirror onto a collimating lens. Special filters are placed between the mirror and the collimating lens to shape the radiation spectra to match various air masses. The output is a uniform beam that closely matches the sun's radiation spectra for a given air mass. Various models offer different areas of illumination. Each model can be manufactured to simulate the sun's radiation for different air masses.

  • Lens Antennas


    A lens antenna is a directional antenna that uses a shaped piece of microwave-transparent material to bend and focus microwaves by refraction, as an optical lens does for light.[1] Typically it consists of a small feed antenna such as a patch antenna or horn antenna which radiates radio waves, with a piece of dielectric or composite material in front which functions as a converging lens to collimate the radio waves into a beam.[2] Conversely, in a receiving antenna the lens focuses the incoming radio waves onto the feed antenna, which converts them to electric currents which are delivered to a radio receiver. They can also be fed by an array of feed antennas, called a focal plane array (FPA), to create more complicated radiation patterns.

  • Steady-state Solar Simulator For PV Modules

    SORAS LS - PSE Instruments GmbH

    In certification laboratories for photovoltaic modules, steady-state solar simulators are mostly used for stabilization / light soaking tests (MQT 19) and hot-spot endurance tests (MQT 09) according to IEC 61215 and IEC 61730. An initial stabilization is required for all PV modules that undergo a standard test procedure. For the hot-spot endurance test (MQT 09), it is important that the operator has easy access to the front and back site of the module. During the test, it is necessary to shade one cell after each other to take infrared pictures, which requires good visibility of the entire back side. Our swiveling module holding system enables easy access to the front and back side of the module.

  • Textile Testing Instruments

    Dongguan Amade Instruments Technology Co., Ltd

    Textile testing instruments are developed to determine the quality and performance of various fibrillar component fabrics, structural fabrics, garments, home textiles and other textiles by physical and chemical methods in conformance with international standards. By using scientific testing methods to judge the quality of materials or final products, manufacturers of textiles are capable of detecting the defects and unqualified products to correct problems in time, conducive to reducing loss and maintaining the business reputation. Testings cover tensile strength, tearing strength, seam slippage, joint strength, bursting strength, resistance to wear, pilling resistance, color fastness to washing, rubbing fastness, light fastness, color fastness to perspiration, dimension stability, inflaming retarding test etc.

  • Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

    Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    Excelitas Capacitor Chargers are tailored to meet your exact needs by configuring modular platforms based on proven designs. Single-phase AC input designs are capable of up to 6 kW of output power and our three-phase designs provide up to 35 kW of output power. A modular design approach results in lower cost, higher reliability, and faster time-to-market. Typical applications for capacitor charging power supplies include flashlamp pumped laser systems (Nd: YAG, pulsed lasers, dye lasers, Intense Pulsed Light Systems (IPL) and aesthetic Medical Laser Systems, Medical Holmium YAG Laser), excimer lasers, pulsed UV curing and sterilization, radar and RF systems.

  • Pro Laser Tachometer

    332 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    The #332 is the ideal tool for easy and accurate measurement of RPM in almost any environment. Simply aim the laser beam at a reflective mark placed on a rotating device, push the button and the RPM reading is immediately displayed. No contact with the shaft or wheel is necessary. The laser beam is not affected by shop light and can detect RPM from longer distances of up to 6 feet away. The #332 can measure up to 99,999 RPM in 1 RPM increments. It can be used to measure RPM on coil-on-plug and diesel engines, where conventional inductive tachometers can not be used. Other uses include generators, compressors, industrial engines, fans, gears and more. Zippered case, reflective tape, instructions & 9V battery included.

  • Radiant

    Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc

    Radiant Vision Systems engineers advanced imaging systems to critically evaluate light, color, manufacturing integrity, and surface quality of illuminated displays and device assemblies. World leaders in manufacturing rely on Radiant Vision Systems for test and measurement solutions that ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. Radiant products include TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection systems for measurement and control, ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers, lenses for view angle performance measurement, and the most extensive machine vision software tool library for production-level measurement and control. We back our systems with outstanding consultative technical support, ensuring that our clients enjoy and leverage all the value built into their systems.

  • AC and DC Voltage Divider

    WAFRC - Wuhan Sangao Electrical Test Installations Limit Co.

    AC and DC voltage divider, Mainly composition by the high stability of passive resistance capacitance voltage divider and high precision digital kV table. The divider is passive resistance capacitance, Connected digit kV meter by coaxial cables. Which can be directly read out the AC, DC data measured from the table. This instrument has high precision, convenient operation, can be used instead of the electrostatic voltmeter. Device and the measuring line, power line, manual loaded box in light aluminum alloy, easy to carry and use. This equipment is mainly used for AC and DC high voltage measurement, and is suitable for power system's field measured and Institutions of higher learning laboratory's AC and DC high voltage measurement.

  • CTEK Smartpass 120 Power Management

    40-185 - CTEK Power USA

    SMARTPASS 120  is a fully automatic 120A power management system that prioritizes, controls and maximizes energy from your alternator to power your service battery. It safely separates your starter and service batteries automatically. It also distributes power between the starter battery, the service battery and on board equipment without the need for traditional diodes or VSR relays. This means that SMARTPASS 120 can make sure that critical functions like starters, radios, emergency lights and communication systems always have the power they need, and take priority over noncritical functions. SMARTPASS 120 works with any 12V lead acid battery. It can also be used with the CTEK D250SA 20A on board charger for the ultimate 140A power management system.

  • Line Monitor

    LE-170SA - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    LE-170SA is a compact hand-held size line monitor for CAN/LIN. It has a touch screen and can be control as for smartfones. It has 1 CAN channel and 1 LIN channel and it can monitor both CAN and LIN communication thus monitoring of the network which has both CAN and LIN is available. The monitor function can diplay the communication data in real-time while saving it. The simulation function can send/receive the test data instead of the original communication partner. The ID filtering and trigger function make your development/evaluation more efficient. It also can measure 4 external signals as degital signals or analog signals while monitoring the communication data.It is light (300g) and convenient for field testing. The line monitor is useful for not only development but also maintenance.

  • ST VL6180X Time of Flight Sensor

    SEN-36001 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Highly integrated breakout board for the ST Micro VL6180X Time of Flight (ToF) range finder sensor. This sensor has many uses in the robotics, cell phone and gesture recognition space. It has two programmable GPIO pins, and most importantly, measures absolute distance up to 100mm. The SEN-36001 includes a VL6180X IC centered between two 4-40 sized mounting holes with onboard 2.8V LDO and voltage translation to handle interface voltages from 3V to 5V. The board is interfaced via an I2C interface and all IC pins have been broken out to a 0.1" pin header. Example code for the Arduino platform is available below and includes code for both the proximity measurement and ambient light sensing capabilities.

  • Flying Prober Test

    QTOUCH1202C - Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    he Prober Test System is capable of movement in XYZ directions with fixed angle (θ) and dual probe heads (further expandable up to 4 ) . The system has in-built Vision Camera for easy monitoring of probe needle contact.The prober supports automatic fiduciary recognition. The system has built –in linear encoders to achieve higher precision. It also comes with in-built image processing unit with minimum 5 Mega pixel Camera ,tele-centric lens with image processing software, illuminated with LED bar light with controls.The V-I signature test shall be in-built in the Prober system with “ Best fit Curve “ algorithm .Provision for adding various external Test & Measurement instruments like GPIB / USB / PXI Instruments is available.

  • UV Lamp Weathering Test Chamber

    Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co ., Ltd.

    Sanwood is a company with professional research and development, sales of Bench-top UV test chamber,Bench-top UV lamp aging test chamber,Bench-top UV weathering test chamber,Bench-top UV aging test chamber,Bench-top UV aging test chamber for 23 years. Ultraviolet light in the sun is a major contributor to the durability of most materials. We use UV lamps to simulate the short-wave ultraviolet portion of sunlight, which produces very little visible or infrared spectral energy. We can choose UV lamps of different wavelengths according to different test requirements, because each lamp has different energy and wavelength in total UV irradiation. Generally, UV lamps can be classified into two types: UVA and UVB.

  • Digital I/O Board, 32 Isolated I/O Channels, 24V


    The PCI-Express 32 digital I/O board APCIe-1500 has 32 digital inputs/outputs (24 V or 12 V), 14 inputs are interruptible. The 16 digital power outputs are equipped with protection diodes and filters. The board is fully compatible to the PCI board APCI-1500. It is especially suited for applications like industrial I/O control, signal switching, ON/OFF monitoring of motors, lights etc. in the harsh industrial environment. The APCIe-1500 has interruptible inputs. They supersede continuous cyclical query processes (polling) for routine monitoring and evaluation tasks. This takes load off the processor and the software. At a change of state of the digital inputs the APCIe-1500 generates an interrupt, so that the system reacts on the event through the interrupt routine and herewith fulfils real-time criteria.

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