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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Streetlight, Luminescence

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  • Conductivity Meter

    Kaypee Udyog

    With rich industry experience and knowledge, we are offering Conductivity Meter. This can accurately test PH value of both moderate ionic strength aqueous solution as well as conductivity values of conventional solution. Also, our range is tested on various parameters in order to ensure its high performance and quality. Moreover, Conductivity Meter comes with LCD display for low power consumption & clear read-out even in bright ambient light condition.

  • 7-WAY Blade & 4 Flat Connector Tester

    3536B - Peaceful Thriving Enterprise Co Ltd

    This is a tester to test the function of the 7 way connector of the vehicle. User simply plug the tester with the 7 way or 4 way connector, and switch on the corresponding function of the vehicle to check if the LED indication has lighted up correctly. Use in the garages, workshops where there is a need to check the configuration of circuit. Widely used to test trailer light circuits on most trucks, boats, trailer campers, caravans, food trucks and other trailers.

  • Integrating Sphere


    The simpler way to measure the total luminous flux of lamps and luminaires is to use an integrating sphere photometer system. It is a device to perform spatial integration of flux optically, thus the total luminous flux can be measured with one fixed photometer head and measurement can be instant. An integrating sphere photometer is calibrated with a total luminous flux standard lamp. A test light source is measured by comparison to a standard lamp calibrated for total luminous flux.

  • Compact EMC Test System

    Multi-CE5 - Hilo Test

    The Multi-CE5 includes an Electrical Fast Transient Generator (EFTG), a Combination Wave Generator (CWG) and a Coupling-/Decoupling Network (CDN) for single-phase power supply lines. The software program CE-REMOTE allows full remote control of the test generator via Ethernet light guide as well as recording, evaluation and documentation of test results, according to IEC 17025. To record the wave shape of impulses, it is equipped with an Impulse Recording Function (IRF).

  • UV Absorption O3 Analyzer​​​

    Model N4​00 - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model N400 Ultraviolet (UV) Absorption analyzer uses a system based on the Beer-Lambert law for measuring low ranges of ozone in ambient air. A 254 nm UV light signal is passed through the sample cell where it is absorbed in proportion to the amount of ozone present. Periodically, a switching valve alternates measurement between the sample stream and a sample that has been scrubbed of ozone. The result is a true, stable ozone measurement.

  • Xenotest Xenon-Arc Instruments

    Atlas Material Testing Technology

    These premium rotating rack, xenon-arc air-cooled weathering instruments have an array of optional features to meet virtually all global weathering and lightfastness test methods. They incorporate state-of-the-art controls, including on-the-rack, radio controlled sensor technology for superior monitoring of light and temperature. They provide highly efficient systems for water and power to provide economical operation. The intuitive user interface makes programming and operation easy.

  • Multiple Output Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies

    TP3303 Series - Twintex Electronics Co., Ltd

    The TP3300 series programmable DC power supply are light weight, adjustable, multi-functional work stations. They have three independent outputs: two with adjustable voltage level and one with fixed level selectable from 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V. The power supply can be used for logic circuits where various output voltage or current are needed, and for tracking mode definition systems where positive and negative voltages with good accuracy are required.

  • UV-A LED Panel Flood Lamps

    PowerMAX™ 365 Series - Spectronics Corp

    PowerMAX 365 Series flood lamps feature a panel of 16 powerful UV-A (365 nm) LEDs specially engineered for non-destructive testing applications. These versatile, stationary light sources can be installed overhead or in-line, and can be ganged together to provide an even wider coverage area. UV-A LED panel flood lamps are also available in two standard-intensity models that are designed for NDT inspection applications requiring limited UV-A output.

  • Far Infrared Systems

    Sciencetech, Inc.

    Far-Infrared and terahertz (THz) radiation is the spectral region at the long wavelength end of the infrared and the short end of the microwave region, also known as the sub-millimeter wavelength spectral region. Recently, there has been an explosion of interest in THz applications as the radiation generated can penetrate various materials. THz light is commonly used in materials science, security, pharmaceutical com- pound analysis, biomedical imaging, superconducting materials, astronomy, and particle physics research.

  • Ground Leads Continuity Tester

    Weshine Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    1. The new power supply technology is adopted in the grounding down lead conduction tester.2. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large output current, good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability and protection function. 3. The whole machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer, which has a high degree of automation. 4. The instrument has high precision and easy operation. The maximum current is 10A.

  • Relay / Magnetic Field Testers

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Ideally suited for checking magnetic fields and the correct function of coils, e.g. Relays and solenoid valves. The magnetic field detector works without contact, so that opening the housing is not necessary in most cases. When a magnetic field is detected, the probe tip lights up permanently blue, with clocked relays in the same cycle as they are controlled. The function of the magnetic field detector can be checked before each measurement with the enclosed test permanent magnet.

  • Insulating Oil Testers


    Confirms to IS 6792, IEC 156 • Tests insulating oils to IS, IEC, ASTM, etc.• Test voltage to 100kV• Motorized rise of test voltage: 2kV/sec • One piece construction with safety interlocked transparent hood covering test cell• Test voltage can be held at any desired level• kV meter continues to indicate breakdown voltage even after breakdown• Light weight: 36 kg only• Portable, rugged and with cover.

  • AC /DC Withstand Voltage Tester 5KV/100mA

    2672C - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    *High voltage, large current, high accuracy.*Leakage current, testing time, continuous arbitrarily, well-adapted.*Synchronized display measuring value( time, voltage and current).*Can choose manual or remote control test*High voltage breakdown protection, sound and light alarm, safe and reliable *Easy operation, suitable for use in production line*DC output can test small capacitance, high-voltage silicon stack, reverse voltage of transistors

  • NI's Electrical Functional Test Solution


    PXI instrumentation ensures complete and accurate test coverage with a modular architecture mounted in ultra-reliable PXI chassis.TestStand and LabVIEW software provide rapid development of complex test steps and sequences. PXI systems conserve floorspace because of their small, light form factor. Order them preassembled and installed using NI ATE Core Configurations.SystemLink™ software deploys updates and democratizes data insights to optimize operational efficiency.

  • Digital Multimeter

    1030 - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    • Compact in Size, Light in Weight and Simple in Use.• Double moulding provides comfortable and good feeling in hand.• Penlight illuminates brightly the point to be measured, even in dark place.• Backlight LCD is highly visible, even in darkness.• Unique wrapping mechanism for test lead in the rear side compartment.• Unique protection mechanism for the test prod for safety.• All ranges including Ohm range are protected against overload voltage of 600V.

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