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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Soldering Station

    SM-899D - MCH Instruments Co.,Ltd.

    *Using micro-processor PID program control technology, precise dual digital display hot air gun and the stability of the actual temperature of the soldering iron, fast automatic temperature compensation feature further enhanced temperatures.*The amount of wind, air flow, temperature soldering iron are adjustable.*The air gun holder is a magnetron (or light control), holding the handle when the system will automatically enter the working mode; handle is placed on the shelf when the system enters standby mode automatically.(One more than the 898D Auto Sleep off function)*System with automatic cold wind function, can prolong the life of the heating element.*This product uses "brushless fan" as a source of air, reduce noise, improve work efficiency.

  • Squeak And Rattle Test Solutions

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    sandrAnnoying noises like squeaks and rattles have become a significant quality issue for customers of passenger vehicles, light & heavy commercial vehicles, increasingly off-road vehicles, and even airplane applications. These unwanted sounds are a problem for numerous reasons including customer dissatisfaction, sizeable warranty expense, and the overlying difficulty to diagnose and fix. MB Dynamics offers an innovative line of Buzz, Squeak & Rattle (BSR) or Squeak and Rattle (S&R) Test Solutions, focused on helping to eliminate annoying noises through prevention, design verification testing, and production verification testing, before the product reaches the customer.

  • ST VL6180X Time of Flight Sensor

    SEN-36001 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Highly integrated breakout board for the ST Micro VL6180X Time of Flight (ToF) range finder sensor. This sensor has many uses in the robotics, cell phone and gesture recognition space. It has two programmable GPIO pins, and most importantly, measures absolute distance up to 100mm. The SEN-36001 includes a VL6180X IC centered between two 4-40 sized mounting holes with onboard 2.8V LDO and voltage translation to handle interface voltages from 3V to 5V. The board is interfaced via an I2C interface and all IC pins have been broken out to a 0.1" pin header. Example code for the Arduino platform is available below and includes code for both the proximity measurement and ambient light sensing capabilities.

  • OTDR Launch Boxes

    Arden Photonics LTD

    Arden’s MPX Modal Explorer makes measurement of Encircled Flux easy, and accurate, and it complies with international standards. But if you are measuring laser-based transmission light sources for multimode systems you may need to use a test jumper assembly and fiber shaker in order to avoid “speckle”. Industry standards (for example IEEE 802.3aq and FOTP– 203) call for the use of a mechanical fiber shaker.

  • Fiber Shaker

    MPX-SR3 - Arden Photonics LTD

    Arden’s MPX Modal Explorer makes measurement of Encircled Flux easy, and accurate, and it complies with international standards. But if you are measuring laser-based transmission light sources for multimode systems you may need to use a test jumper assembly and fiber shaker in order to avoid “speckle”. Industry standards (for example IEEE 802.3aq and FOTP– 203) call for the use of a mechanical fiber shaker.

  • ModCon Mode Controller – Telecom

    Arden Photonics LTD

    The ModCon Mode Controller is designed to ensure that whatever source you use to test the loss and bandwidth of your multimode optical fiber network, LED, Laser, OTDR or white light, you launch the same distribution of modes into the fiber. As a result you can eliminate the variations due to the widely different modal characteristics of the sources commonly used in fiber optic measurements and networks.

  • Fiber TAPs

    Profitap B.V.

    Profitap fiber TAPs provide secure in-line network access for the monitoring of 1–400 Gbps fiber networks. By splitting the light flowing on the network link, fiber TAPs deliver an exact copy of the data for real-time monitoring and analysis, without disrupting the network. Passive fiber optic TAPs require no power, and therefore introduce no point of failure when deployed in a network.

  • 3-CMOS & 3-CCD prism-based RGB Area Scan Cameras

    Apex Series - JAI Ltd.

    JAI’s prism-based R-G-B cameras separate the incoming light into red, green and blue wavelengths, which are directed to three separate image sensors. The cameras deliver exceptionally accurate R-G-B raw image data ideal for demanding color machine vision applications across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, printing/packaging and imaging in microscopy and medical diagnostics equipment.

  • Carbon Monoxide Meter with Adjustable CO Warning Level and Backlit Display

    CO15 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    Check CO levels up to 999ppm with the push of a button using Model CO15. An audible alarm indicator will continuously beep starting at 25ppm (preset warning level - value can be adjusted) and the display will flash until the CO level goes down to normal range. A backlight on the display can be used for low light areas. The meter comes complete with batteries, wrist strap, and pouch.

  • AMIDA VCSEL Tester

    Amida Technology, Inc.

    AMIDA VCSEL tester can be divided into three parts: LIV measurement system, Near Field measurement system and Far Field measurement system. To achieve the above three measurements, in addition to the necessary optical components and optical instruments, the core technology is to provide fast and stable current pulses to drive the VCSEL laser diode to emit light, and then to test various optical and electrical properties

  • High Voltage Meter

    STME-VM - Statclean Technology (S) Pte Ltd

    This is a High Input Impedance Voltmeter with 70 Gigohm input impedance. Capable of measuring up to DC voltage up to +/-5.5kV with 1.0V resolution over a range of himidity and temperature, the meter measures with better than 1% accuracy without loading the power source. Its compact size and light weight body allows applications in laboratory and field work when powered by battery.

  • Intelligent Thermal Camera for Public Transportation Safety

    ITS-Series Rail - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR ITS-Series Rail is an integrated thermal camera and detector for people and obstacle detection in public transportation environments. The FLIR ITS-Series Rail camera does not need light to operate, but uses thermal energy to detect vehicles, people and large animals in the darkest of nights, over a long range and in the most difficult weather conditions. The result is reliable, 24/7 detection for a wide range of applications.

  • Battery Charger-Analyzer for small battery systems (up to 10A-Hr)

    24-400xg - JFM Engineering

    The 24-400XG is an instrument designed to charge, trickle charge and analyze (discharge) Nickel-Cadmium, Sealed Lead-Acid and other types of rechargeable batteries.With its multiple modes of operation of Constant Current Charge (dual and single rate), Constant Current & Float Charge, Constant Current & Peak Stop Charge, Automatic Discharge (analysis), Resistance Discharge (analysis) and Full Discharge (deep cycle), the 24-400XG can satisfy the requirements of most small (0 to 10 A-hr) rechargeable battery systems.The instrument features safety interlocks to protect the operator, the charger and the battery in the event of reversed polarity connection, short circuit, open circuit (no load) and Overvoltage conditions.Two large LED digital meters permit the simultaneous monitoring of voltage and current, while eight indicator lights inform of the status of the operation.

  • Confocal Chromatic Highspeed Controller

    confocalDT 2471 HS - Micro-Epsilon Group

    The confocalDT 2471 HS controllers are used for fast distance and thickness measurements of highly reflecting shiny surfaces, enabling measuring rates up to 70kHz without having to use an external light source. The confocalDT HS controllers are considered one of the fastest confocal measurement systems in the world. The controller can be operated with any IFS series sensor and is available as IFC2471LED standard version for distance measurements or as IFC2471MP LED multi-peak version for thickness measurements. The controller can be operated with any IFS sensor and is available as a standard version for distance measurements or as a multi-peak version for thickness measurements. Due to a user-friendly web interface, the entire configuration process of controller and sensors is carried out without using any additional software. Data output is via Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 or analog output.

  • CPV LED Thermal Resistance Test System

    TRT series - SW Link Ltd

    TRT LED Thermal Resistance Test system is specially designed and optimised for high power, high brightness LEDs applications in accordance with JEDEC standard. It measures the junction temperature and thermal/real resistance of LEDs. By fully integrated heating source measuring and control circuits together, the TRT system has achieved high performance, high accuracy, but with much low cost. It makes the thermal measurement accessible for every LEDs device makers and light designers. Users can also select different software package from just measure the junction temperature to full transient analysis.In case of HP LEDs, there is nearly half of electrical power need to be dissipated to air as heat to keep the LEDs cool. The junction temperature of LEDs is depending on the package of the LEDs, head sink, as well where the LEDs devices are installed.

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