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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Streetlight, Luminescence

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  • Optical Test And Measurement

    AMS Technologies AG

    Any type of fiber optic interconnection requires its interfaces to be free of dust and scratches in order to reach the lowest transmission loss. Small, handheld and battery powered inspection tools are available from AMS Technologies for inspection of fiber optic connectors in the field as well as high resolution type microscopes suitable for use in a production environment for qualifying the endface preparation. Additional S/W tools can support the user in making a quick decision if a certain defect is acceptable or if the surface fault disqualifies it for further use. Small and lightweight test equipment for measurement of the transmitted power in an optical fiber is needed wherever technicians handle optical fibers. Our product portfolio comprises light sources for various wavelengths, power meters for the visible and infrared and integrated solutions for sources and meters as well as optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR) coupled with visible wavelength light sources for easy fault detection within a fiber optic link.

  • Laser Spectroscopic Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer


    The MEXA-ONE-QL-NX is an analyzer for the direct, simultaneous real-time measurement of the four relevant nitrogen-containing exhaust gas components NO, NO2, N2O and NH3.The analyzer combines a light source based on the new quantum cascade technology (efficient lasers in the mid-infrared spectral region) with a precisely adjusted dual path cell to measure low concentrations with maximum sensitivity. The detection limit complies with current European legal requirements.Furthermore, the MEXA-ONE-QL-NX offers wide measuring ranges of up to 5000 ppm (for NO). By using extremely narrowband light sources and measuring under reduced pressure the cross-sensitivity to other exhaust gas components can be drastically minimized.The complete measuring system - including filtration - is specifically developed for the measurement of NH3 and thus guarantees a very fast NH3 rise time (T10-T90) of less than 5 seconds. The MEXA-ONE-QL-NX can be operated as a stand-alone analyzer or integrated into the MEXA-ONE software interface for user-friendly and simplified system operation.

  • Mini OTDR Fiber Optic Reflectometer with VFL OPM Laser Source

    MT-1300 Plus - Guangzhou Wanglu Communications Co., Ltd.

    - Display: 3.5 inch color TFT-LCD screen- Handheld design, light weight and easy operation- Single mode: 1310/1550 nm- Dynamic range: 24 / 22dB (can test about 60 km)- Automatic measurement mode: 1310/1550 nm dual wavelength can be tested simultaneously- Applicable fiber: SM- <8m extra-short event dead zone- Wavelength: 1550nm- Up to 24dB High Dynamic Range- Distance Range: 4,8,16,32,64,128,256km- Pulse width: 3ns-10us- RJ45 cable TDR test & cable sequence test- Optical power meter, Visual fault locator, Laser source- Event Map, can display the length of the link, the type of event point and the position of break point.- USB interfaces, supporting USB stick and printer and direct cable download to PC via ActiveSync- LED light- Built-in friendly-environment lith ium battery with high capacity for over 12 hours of operating life

  • Motor Unit

    Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co Ltd.

    Today, so many units products such as medical equipment, automobiles, fuel cells, robots, and precision instruments. These performances are supported by the performance of motors, on the other hand, mechanical design, parts processing, and control The maximize the performance of the motor, which is an engine, are indispensable . The functions required for unit products are very diverse, including precision drive , high output, light weight, low heat generation, low vibration, and low power consumption.Actuation technologies such as optimum motors, speed reducer, non-energized locking mechanism "dyNALOX", compact clutch mechanism, torque transmission mechanism, control, and our core technology "cutting" "sharpening" "polishing" precision We combine process parts and precision assembly technology and we propose the optimum solution with a unique idea unique to our company, which is a motor manufacturer.

  • Photolytic True NO2/NO/NOx Analyzer

    Model T200P - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T200P provides measurements of NO and NO2 using our Model T200 NOx analyzer combined with a patented high efficiency photolytic converter. Even low temperature molybdenum converters transform other nitrogen-containing compounds such as HNO3, PAN, etc. to a considerable extent. Simultaneous measurements of NO2 performed with molybdenum and photolytic converters have shown significantly different results in the presence of such compounds.In the photolytic process the sample gas passes through a cell where it is exposed to light at a specific wavelength from an LED array. This causes the NO2 to be selectively converted to NO with negligible interference from other gases. Advances in the photolytic converter technology now yields NO2 conversion efficiency that is similar to molybdenum under typical ambient NO2 concentrations, but without the same interferences.

  • 16-CH Latching Relay Outputs & 16-CH Isolated DI Card

    PCIe-7256 - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ADLINK's PCIe-7256 features all Form C type relays, ideal for device connection with on/off control. With latching relays, the PCIe-7256 further provides operating power conservation, while the status of each latching relay output is indicated by onboard LED. When the relay is in SET, its corresponding LED lights. Latching relays also feature unchanged status even when the system powered off, making the PCIe-7256 suitable for critical applications requiring output status to be maintained even under fault conditions. All digital input channels are non-polar and optically isolated, and may be set for optional use of RC filter. The PCIe-7256 also features a change-of-state (COS) function generating interrupt when any digital input changes state.

  • Auto-ranging Digital Clamp Meter

    DCM402 - Draper Tools Ltd

    Expert Quality, auto and manual ranging clamp meter capable of voltage, current, resistance, diode, continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature testing. Maximum jaw - opening diameter of 36mm, backlit LCD screen, auto power off, linear bar graph functions and a useful inspection light. Supplied with test leads, temp probe, case and 3 x AAA batteries.

  • Development Board

    Blip - Electronut Labs

    Blip is a development board for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and 802.15.4 based wireless applications, based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SoC. It has a Black Magic Probe compatible programmer and debugger built-in along with temperature/humidity sensor, ambient light intensity sensor, and a 3-axis accelerometer. It is usable to prototype for very low power applications, and debugger and regulator can be disconnected when only SoC needs to be powered.

  • Visual Fault Locator

    FFL-310-U - Radiantech, Inc.

    FFL-310-U Visual Fault Locator is equipped with a 650 nm high power visible laser diode,can be operated in -CW (continuous) or … MOD (1Hz modulation) mode. There is one LED indicator:with RED or GREEN light; the RED one shows the operating mode of the laser diode output signal, and the GREEN one indicates low battery level. FFL-310-U is designed in a card-size dimensions.

  • Goniophotometer


    A goniophotometer is a system to measure the luminous intensity of the source (or illuminance from the source at a given distance) in many different directions from the source. Compared with the sphere method, the goniophotometer method is theoretically free from errors due to differences in intensity distribution of the light source under test. It is applicable to acquire the luminous intensity distribution, luminous flux, spatial color distribution, and luminance distribution of lamps and luminaires.

  • Voltmeters


    ARC Flash No Volts Meter is an ultra-safe portable digital voltmeter. It can provide testing of voltage on firing and related system lines. The 620EXV is certified to meet USA MIL. STD. 810 MTD. 511, therefore compliant for use in explosive atmospheres. This product will accurately inform its operator using red and green lights (which can be set to custom levels) to indicate whether or not the voltage level conforms.

  • Non-Contact Magnet Detector with Built-In Flashlight

    Extech MD10 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The MD10 is a non-contact magnet detector with built in flashlight. A Blue LED lights up indicating the presence of a magnetic field including AC, DC and permanent magnets without contact. Applications include, testing audio speakers, Troubleshoot solenoid valves in pneumatic and hydraulic control equipment, testing relays with coils and electrically controlled solenoid valves in vehicles and machinery. Complete with two AAA batteries.

  • Digital Push And Pull Force Gauge

    HG-2-1000 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Digital push and pull force gauge is a universal portable force device, testing push and pull load. It is small, light, easy to take, multi-function, high precision. Applicable for all products doing push and pull load test, insert and pull out force test, destroy test, etc. It also can be combined with the machine and clamp to make up a small tester for different purposes.

  • Three-Phase HV Vacuum Contactors & Circuit Breakers


    *Three Phase*Upright or Low Profile for High Reliability*½ to 2 Cycle Trip & Interrupt*208V to 38kV Operate*200 to 1,200A Continuous*2,000 to 28,000A Interrupt*Line or Energy Storage Close & Trip*Ideal for High Power Electronics*High Speed Sealed Arc Interrupting*High Speed Crobar Shorting*Compact, Light Weight*Long Life*Minimum Reignitions*Minimum Restrikes

  • X-ray Camera

    Pony Industry Co.,Ltd

    Up until the introduction of SID-A50, X-ray inspection systems has been using detectors such as Image Intensifier (I.I.) and C-MOS Flat Panel Detectors, which needs to convert X-ray into optical light first, in order to visualize X-ray.These Indirect Conversion Method X-ray Detectors comes with multitude of issues. These problems include but not limited to; Low Sensitivity, Fuzziness, Time Degradation, Inadequate Life

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