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  • Impact Testing Machine (Izod & Charpy)

    Atico Export

    Suitable for Charpy & Izod Impact tests on different materials. It is based on Pendulum principle.Rigid designs of instrument frame & other parts assure minimum energy absorption during fracture which results in improved test accuracies.The highly strained & wearing parts like support blocks & strikers are of special alloy steels duly heat treated.Direct indication of Impact energy absorbed by sample on large dial -Safety guard for the user is provided.Initial potential energy for Charpy is 300 Joules & for Izod is 170 Joules with a Least Count of 2 Joules (for Analogue models) & resolution of 0.5 Joules (for Digital Model).Drop Angle of Pendulum for Charpy is 140° & for Izod is 90°.ASTM Impact Testing machine is also provided, which conforms to E-23 ASTM standard.Gauges, Tongs, Sub-zero bath, Templates, U & V Notch milling cutters are available with it (Optional).

  • Load Pull

    Focus Microwaves

    All Focus tuners use extremely efficient calibration and tuning algorithms and control electronics based on LAN control (iTuner). This is a merger our proven tuner technology with state of the art control electronics to create the latest tuner generation. The on-board micro-processor and tuning firmware form a self-contained and fully calibrated test instrument. The micro-processor inside the tuner accepts ASCII format communication, via an industry standard TCP/IP interface, controls up to nine stepper motors (tuner axes) and executes interpolation and tuning functions for single probe (CCMT) tuners (one probe per frequency range). For tuners with more than one independent probe (MPT) covering the same frequency range to allow for harmonic tuning, external computing power is required, because of the exponentially growing number of combinations of tuner states (slug positions).

  • Meter Pulse Splitter

    SY027 - Synectic Electronics

    Our SY027 Pulse Splitter is designed to convert pulses from meters or other turbine devices and transmit the same pulse via two relay outputs to enable two separate instruments to measure the rate simultaneously. It can be used with either electricity, water or gas meters (NOT ATEX). The SY027 PSO has been designed for applications where a pulse is required to be isolated, re-powered and repeated on two separate outputs. It works with inputs from reed switch signals, Opto coupler, open collector, NAMUR or TTL pulse (up to 25V) with automatic debounce, as well as with high frequency pulses. The speed of pulses can be accommodated from either a very slow to super-fast. Isolated relay outputs can be created by the PSR version when an NPN pulse output from a meter needs to be converted to a single relay isolated output or two.

  • Mid-Range Gas Filter Correlation CO2 Analyzer

    Model T360M - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T360M CO2 analyzer measures Carbon Dioxide by comparing infrared energy absorbed by a sample to that absorbed by a reference gas according to the Beer-Lambert law. Using a Gas Filter Correlation Wheel, a high-energy IR light source is alternately passed through a CO2 filled chamber and a chamber with no CO2 present. The light path then travels through the sample cell, which has a folded path of 1.28 meters.The energy loss through the sample cell is compared with the reference signal provided by the filter wheel to produce a signal proportional to concentration, with little effect from interfering gases within the sample. This design produces excellent zero and span stability and high signal to noise ratio, allowing excellent performance over a wide concentration range, making this instrument an ideal choice for CO2 reporting requirements associated with dilution CEMS.

  • Portable Trace-Level O3 Calibrator​

    ​Model T753U - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T753U is a portable, microprocessor based precision Calibrator for Ozone gas instruments and sensors. Using a sophisticated Ozone generation system, combined with a sensitive photometer and pneumatic design, the T753U produces stable and reliable concentrations of Ozone in a convenient and rugged package based on our popular T750U Portable Multigas Calibrator platform. The T753U is housed in a high-density, molded travel case which includes an integral handle and wheels for durability and ease of use in the field for virtually any application. An internal zero air option extends the T753U's capabilities to also provide a clean and dry source of zero air, eliminating the need for a separate source of zero air. The internal zero air source module contains a software driven electronic inlet valve manifold allowing the calibrator to automatically switch between internal and external zero air sources depending on the application needs.​

  • PowerSync Programmable Load

    PSL-3000 - Sifos Technologies, Inc.

    The PSL-3000 is Sifos’ lowest cost-per-port solution for PSE loading and testing. The PSL-3000 includes both the PSA Interactive and PowerShell PSA software environments and, like the PSA-3000, is fully certified to industry safety and emmissions standards. Key features include:• Connect up to 24 802.3at and/or 802.3bt PSE Ports• Supports PSE Multi-Port Suite• Supports PoE LLDP Emulation / Analysis• Continuous 2-Pair Loading > 47 Watts Per PSE Port• Continuous 4-Pair Loading > 99 Watts Per PSE Port• Flexible 802.3at / 802.3bt PD Emulations• PSA Interactive (GUI) and PowerShell PSA (script automation) Software• DC Voltage, Current, and Power Metering on 2-Pair and 4-Pair PSE’s• Supports PSE Packet Transmission Testing with PoE Loads• Smart Fan Control – Runs Cool and Quiet• Fully Certified Commercial Test Instrument, Extensively Documented

  • Semiconductor Metrology Systems

    MTI Instruments

    MTI Instruments'' semiconductor wafer metrology tools consist of a complete line of wafer measurement systems for virtually any material including Silicon wafer (Si), Gallium Arsenide wafer (GaAs), Germanium wafer (Ge) and Indium Phosphide wafer (InP). From manual to semi-automated wafer inspection systems, the Proforma line of wafer metrology inspection tools is ideal for wafer thickness, wafer bow, wafer warp, resistivity, site and global flatness measurement. Our proprietary push/pull capacitance probes provide outstanding accuracy throughout their large measurement range, allowing measurement of highly warped wafers and stacked wafers. MTII''s solar metrology tools include off line manual systems for wafer thickness and Total Thickness Variation (TTV), as well as, in-process measurement systems capable of measuring wafer thickness, TTV and wafer bow at the speed of 5 wafers/second.

  • SNR Noise Generator

    CNG-EbNo - Noisecom

    The CNG-EbNo is a fully automated precision signal to noise (AWGN) generator that sets, and maintains a highly accurate ratio between a user supplied carrier and internally generated noise, over a wide range of signal power levels and frequencies. The internal AWGN meter provides repeatable SNR waveforms for accurate signal generation. The instrument gives system, design, and test engineers in the telecommunications industry a single tool to generate precision signal to noise ratios. These signals are used to compare theoretical BER to SNR ratios, found in "waterfall" type graphs, with measured values from the DUT to evaluate different modulation schemes. Users can obtain higher yield through automated testing, plus increased confidence from repeatable, accurate test results. Standard units can be modified for specific customer requirements. Please consult the factory for pricing and availability of these requests.

  • Transformer Resistance Testing

    Megger Group Ltd.

    By measuring a transformer''s winding resistance from one HV transformer bushing to another, transformer resistance testing can reveal a great deal of information about the transformer. In addition to the obvious faulted transformer winding (i.e., an open winding or shorted turn), subtler problems can be detected. The DC current, in addition to flowing through the winding, also flows through the off-load ratio adjusting switch (DETC), the on-load ratio adjusting switch (on load tap changer or OLTC), as well as numerous welded and mechanical connections. Hence, the integrity of all these components can be verified with the use of transformer resistance test instruments. Applying DC test current through OLTC switches under transition (tap changes) validates proper make-before-break operation. From experience, it is known that the on load time changer has the greatest risk of misoperation as it operates within a transformer.

  • UHF Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    Zurich Instruments AG

    The UHF Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) integrates signal generation and detection in a single instrument, providing a complete solution for pulsed measurement protocols. Its state-of-the-art programming concept offers a quick route to custom signals on the two 600 MHz output channels with 14 bit vertical resolution. The available detection schemes include multiple high-speed demodulators, pulse counters, and a digitizer for time domain analysis. Sequence branching based on internal measurement results enables feed-forward protocols at unparalleled speeds, making it suitable for quantum error correction. The UHF AWG''s modulation features ensure phase coherence for demanding measurement environments, such as quantum computing, mixed-signal device testing, NMR spectroscopy and more. The entire functionality is conveniently integrated into the LabOne software enabling intuitive Signal Composition and platform-independent control.

  • USB Oscilloscope

    Handyscope HS6 DIFF - TiePie engineering

    This powerful USB 3.0 super speed oscilloscope combines fast sampling up to 1 GS/s with high resolutions of 12, 14 and 16 bit and a large memory of 64 MSamples on all four channels. The oscilloscope supports continuous streaming measurements up to 200 MS/s and can be synchronized with other oscilloscopes using the CMI interface to form a multi channel combined instrument with synchronized timebase. The CMI interface is available by default on the Handyscope HS6 DIFF. Optionally, the Handyscope HS6 DIFF can be delivered with SureConnect connection test and resistance measurement on each channel. Also, the Handyscope HS6 DIFF can be delivered with SafeGround option. With SafeGround you can switch the differential inputs of the Handyscope HS6 DIFF into single ended inputs with ground protection. It allows to make measurements using standard attenuating probes and protects the scope when a short circuit to ground is created.

  • Board Stress Analysis

    Arcadia Test

    Board stress analysis is an increasingly critical part of the test fixture build process today. Probe densities under BGA devices put tremendous pressure onto the solder joints of these devices. If the fixture is not designed properly, immediate damage can occur to the BGA’s, or even more devastating, future damage, which creates field failures. We can provide strain testing before shipping your fixture to insure that there are not excessive forces placed on your BGA parts. With the use of National Instruments Strain equipment, and tri-directional rosettes, we cycle test the board/fixture and measure and record the amount of strain from each corner of each BGA. Any over limit conditions are corrected before shipment. This service insures that your products will not be damaged at ICT, and help to reduce field failures from damaged components, compromised solder joints, or lifted pads.

  • Laboratory Ozone Test Chamber

    CX-150 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Laboratory Ozone Test chamber is widely used to control products quality in measuring quality control; Rubber & Plastics; automobile production; wire and cable; packing materials; instruments and meters; medical equipment; civilian nuclear energy; civil aviation; colleges and universities; research laboratories; inspection arbitration, and technical supervision departments and other rubber products.

  • 4210A Rubidium Frequency Standard

    Precise Time and Frequency, Inc.

    The ptf 4210A Rubidium Frequency Standard is a unique solution for providing a highly stable, low phase noise, frequency reference for applications requiring atomic reference stability performance.The instrument contains a high performance rubidium module, with an extended life design, and very low aging rate, with high quality OCXO o/p for low phase noise.

  • Clamping Voltage Tester

    MIG0603CLV1 - EMC Partner AG

    The MIG0603CLV1 is a generator for testing varistors. It has circuits with three different source impedances and up to 11 different measurement ranges. The instrument is used to perform varistor clamping voltage tests on up to 1000 V varistor types. The test impulse is a 8/20µs current waveform up to 200A which is maintained over the entire load range.

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