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  • Portable Flaw Detector

    EPOCH 6LT - Olympus Corp.

    Portable and easy to use, the EPOCH 6LT flaw detector is an ergonomic, rugged instrument that delivers user comfort and more uptime. Weighs just 1.95 pounds (890 g) with a grip-oriented weight distribution for one-handed operation with minimal wrist fatigue. Rotary knob and simple button design make it easy to use, even when wearing gloves. Engineered to IP65/67 and drop tested. Clear, bright screen for readable A-scans in any light. The EPOCH 6LT flaw detector’s workflow is simple and straightforward. Despite the instrument’s small size, it has the features and functions to meet the requirements of nearly any conventional ultrasonic inspection application.

  • Positive Displacement (PD) Meters

    AW Gear Meters

    Positive Displacement (PD) flow meters are volumetric flow measurement instruments ideal for low flow rates, highly viscous fluids, and measurement of flows involving starts and stops or pulsing. Positive displacement flow meters are similar in design to the gear pump. The principle of operation is reversed however; instead of the gears driving the fluid, the fluid drives the gears. A non-intrusive hall-effect sensor detects the movement of the gear and as each gear tooth passes the sensor, a square wave pulse is produced and a discrete volume of liquid is measured. The resulting pulse train is proportional to the actual flow rate and provides a highly accurate representation of the fluid flow.

  • Pre-programmed autonomous water sampler

    AWS1000-2L / AWS1000-5L - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    A compact and affordable water sampler system carrying up to 10 water sampling bottles of 2 L and/or 5 L was designed to be used in many different conditions, including in small vessels equipped with a crane (we recommend a crane that is able to lift at least 300 kg). The system has a built-in pressure sensor, but it was also designed to be equipped with our CTD instrument from ASTD series that allows for more options of sensors to be used and simplifies upgrades when necessary. The CTD and the water sampling bottles can be easily attached and/or detached from the frame which allows for different configurations and also an expedite maintenance.

  • Pressure Test & Calibration Pumps

    Additel Corporation

    Pressure Test Pump is a hand operated pressure pump designed to generate pressure from 95% vacuum to 1,500psi (100bar). A high-quality screw press is designed for fine pressure adjustment, with an adjustment resolution up to 10 Pa (0.1 mbar). A specially designed shut-off valve makes the pressure as stable as possible during calibration. A built-in gas-liquid isolator protects the pump from moisture and dirt to reduce the need for maintenance. Two hand-tight quick connectors installed on the pump allow easy connecting and disconnecting to the test pump without the need for PTFE tape or wrenches. The 918 is an ideal comparison test pump for pressure instruments calibration.

  • Radar Water Level Gauge

    HR7310 - HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd

    The this Series of Products's IS A Liquid Level Detection Instrument a using Microwave Technology. It IS the Designed to Monitor Natural Water or Auxiliary Water treatment the Operations and the Provide Accurate Water Level Information for Monitoring or Operating Units. At The Product absorbs at The 24GHz Planar microstrip Radar Technology of InnoSent, The signal processing adopts its own patented method, which can work solutions around the clock, and the measurement result is accurate and reliable. At the same time, the advantages of non-contact detection, strong anti-interference and low power consumption make It is even more versatile and can be used in complex water environments with contaminants or sediments such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs or sewage treatments.

  • Radiation Testers

    MRC ltd.

    The Ranger is a small, handheld, digital survey meter which offers excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. It has built in efficiencies for common isotopes to calculate activity in Bq and DPM. It has a backlit display and a count light and abeeper that sounds with each count detected. Other features include selectable alert levels, an adjustable timer, and an optional wipe test plate. Internal memory and the free Observer USB Software allow you to download your data, set computer alarms, and calibrate your instrument! The Bluetooth and Observer BLE enables saving, sharing,and automation of surveys and RadResponder compatibility

  • RF Signal Generators

    Transcom Instruments

    The G6 VSG from Transcom Instruments is a Vector Signal Generator that operates from 10 MHz to 6 GHz. It can simulate GSM, EDGE, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, NB-IoT, and LoRa base station signals for production and calibration of UE, chips. The signal generator has a dynamic range (power range) from -100 to 10 dBm and an in-built automatic gain control function. It is available in a module that measures 180 x 50 x 290 mm and is ideal for educational practices, wireless monitoring, mobile communication, aerospace and national defense industry in terms of research, manufacturing, testing and measurement, and electronic countermeasure.

  • Sine Reduction

    Crystal instruments

    Sine Reduction test runs so that the Digital Signal Analyzer (DSA) is synchronized to a Vibration Control System (VCS). By doing this, more processing channels can be arranged on the Sine Reduction system, and work simultaneously with the swept sine test. COLA (Constant Output Level Adaptor) signal is crucial for this type of test. Two instruments are synchronized through controller’s COLA output signal. The COLA signal is a constant voltage sine wave which frequency tracks the Drive signal frequency during the Sine Control test. Sine Reduction test is widely used for the satellite testing, and typically, hundreds of input channels are required.

  • SpaceWire-USB Brick Mk3

    326 - STAR-Dundee

    The SpaceWire Brick Mk3 is a USB 3.0 (also works with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1) to SpaceWire interface device that is suitable for use in all stages of SpaceWire equipment development: initial SpaceWire evaluation, instrument simulation, control system simulation, unit testing, integration support, and EGSE. The SpaceWire Brick Mk3 provides two SpaceWire interfaces, support for high speed data transfer, the capability to inject various types of errors on demand, the ability to transmit and receive time-codes and act as a time-code master, and comes complete with highly optimised host software for low latency transmission of SpaceWire packets directly to and from the host PC.

  • Spectrometers

    OCEAN FX - Ocean Optics, Inc.

    The next innovation in miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics — Ocean FX™ — offers high-sensitivity CMOS detector performance, acquisition speed up to 3,000 scans per second, and a robust communications module that accommodates Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The new spectrometer is ideal for UV-Vis applications in food and agriculture, where acquisition speed helps with food sorting and processing; biomedical sciences, especially for absorbance measurements requiring enhanced UV sensitivity; and security and authenticity, where added communication interfaces enable simpler point-of-use instruments. Also, the onboard buffering feature ensures data integrity during kinetics measurements.

  • Stability Chamber/ Humidity Chamber/ Hot Air Oven

    Premier Electrosystems

    Premier Electrosystems' Environmental Chambers are designed for the high requirements of stability studies and climatic tests. With Stability Chambers specifically developed to meet FDA/ ICH stability requirements generating exceptional control and uniformity of both temperature and humidity. Premier's Stability Chambers feature various safety feature, audio visual alarms, 21 CFR part 11 software and a vast range of options and is the most preferred choice for stability studies. Every Chamber is made in a rigid panel type construction that keeps the chamber working properly through years of demanding test cycles. We also provide instruments that precisely record all test data.

  • SY018 Voltage To Current Converter

    Synectic Electronics

    The SY018 DIN rail Voltage to 4-20mA signal converter is used to communicate analogue signals over long distances where electrical interference may be a problem. This solution is often used in the process control industry to collect the analogue values from a wide array of remote sensors. The converter is valuable because current signals are much less susceptible to noise than voltage signals. A voltage signal can be converted to current and broadcast over a long distance.  4-20 mA transmitters are common in the industry and used with high-quality sensors. The resulting signals can be use in controlling drives or to trigger instruments that have settable thresholds and limits.

  • Thermal-Optical Analysis

    Elemental Analysis, Inc.

    As with other current organic carbon and elemental carbon (OC/EC) procedures, Thermal-Optical analysis is method-defined. However, this unit has been designed to specifically address some of the problems observed in other methods in assigning carbon to either the organic or the elemental fraction. By careful system control and continuous monitoring of the optical absorbance of the sample during analysis, this method is able to both prevent any undesired oxidation of original elemental carbon and make corrections for the inevitable generation of carbon char produced by the pyrolitic conversion of organics into elemental carbon. The OC/EC instrument utilized by EAC is used to analyze both bulk samples, and aerosol particles collected on quartz-fiber filters.

  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer

    TGA-1000/1500 - Thermtest Instruments

    The Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA-1000/1500 is a thermal analysis instrument that measures weight changes as a function of temperature or time. The system allows for multiple heating, cooling, and isothermal segments to be linked together to achieve a complex profile. Automatic gas switching is also supported during the temperature program. The vertical hangdown design offers stable and smooth weight readings to be recorded during the experiment. The TGA’s small mass furnace responds quickly to changes in the temperature profile and cools down quickly for fast turn around between experiments. Typical analyses for a TGA-1000/1500 include percent weight loss, onset temperature calculations and residual weight.

  • Trace Gas Analyzer

    PTR-TOF 4000 - Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

    The new PTR-TOF 4000 is a compact, ultra-sensitive & high-resolution IONICON PTR-TOF real-time trace VOC analyzer. It is our first high-resolution PTR-TOFMS built into the same small and lightweight layout known from our successful PTR-TOF 1000 series. It also features the new hexapole ION-GUIDE technology for increased sensitivity and resolution. The PTR-TOF 4000 thus allows you to benefit from both high mass resolving power and high-sensitivity. Like the other instruments built on this platform also the PTR-TOF 4000 demonstrated its reliability and robustness but also its remarkable technical abilities and speed during various international campaigns (e.g. NASA's KORUS-AQ).

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