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  • AC Power Sources

    MX Series - AMETEK VTI

    This high power AC and DC test system covers a wide spectrum of AC and DC power applications at an affordable cost. Using state-of-the-art PWM switching techniques, the California Instruments MX series combines compactness, robustness and functionality in a compact floor-standing chassis, no larger than a typical office copying machine. This higher power density has been accomplished without the need to resort to elaborate cooling schemes or additional installation wiring. Simply roll the MX15, MX22.5, MX30, or MX45 unit to its designated location (using included casters), plug it in, and the MX series is ready to work for you.

  • Analog Output Device


    The Analog Output Device helps you create applications such as stimulus-response, power supply control, deterministic control, and sensor/signal simulation. The Analog Output Device supports various output resolutions, channel counts, and other onboard features, so you can replace several kinds of instruments in your system, including stand-alone proportional integral derivative (PID) controllers, low-speed arbitrary waveform generators, and function generators.The Analog Output Device includes the NI-DAQmx driver and configuration utility that simplify configuration and measurements. NI-DAQmx supports NI programming environments as well as Python, ANSI C, C#.NET, and MathWorks MATLAB® software.

  • Analyzers and Timers

    CAT Advanced Series - Amperis sl

    Description The Advanced CAT Series Analyzers and Timers are stand-alone or PC-controlled digital instruments for circuit breaker status evaluation. Timing channels record arc closing and opening, resistance and auxiliary contacts. The main contact channels can also measure the resistance value of pre-insertion resistors (if present in the breaker). The advanced CAT series records graphs of the opening and closing coil currents and the movements of the moving parts of the high and medium voltage circuit breaker. Test results are printed on the 112 mm (4.4 inch) thermal printer (optional accessory) in tabular and graphical form. The advanced CAT series provides easy selection of different operating modes:

  • Ancillary Infrastructure

    TideStation – Permanent - Valeport Ltd,

    All data can be recorded locally and broadcast to a central command and control point as required. Within the TideStation enclosure is all the ancillary infrastructure required to maintain power to the Tide and Met equipment interfaced and the chosen communications systems. There are two standard TideStation variants: Option 1 – Single Port ipBuffer, TideStation Junction Box, optional Satel UHF radio. Configuration Example: TideMaster, VRS-20 and Pressure Sensor. Option 2 – 4 port ipBuffer, TideStation Junction Box, optional Satel UHF radio. Configuration Example: TideMaster, VRS-20, Pressure Sensor, miniCT, METPak II, plus other instruments.

  • ASAP® Probe

    IonSense Inc.

    Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP®) mass spectrometry allows direct analysis of samples using an atmospheric pressure ionization (API) source found on Liquid Chromatography Mass Spctrometry (LCMS) instruments. The ASAP® probe permits fast analysis of solid, liquid, tissue, or material (e.g. polymer) samples. ASAP® is a low cost alternative ionization method that is especially useful on commercial high end API mass spectrometers which have the capability of accurate mass and mass-selected fragmentation, such as a Bruker Qh-FTMS™, Jeol AccuTOF™, Thermo Ortitrap™, or Waters Synapt HDMS™.

  • Cable Locating Kit

    CL-300 - Schonstedt Instrument Co.

    The NEW CL300 cable locating kit consists of a portable, holstered pipe & cable locator with an industry accepted 33kHz transmitted frequency. Comes standard with 512 Hz detection capability. With an added 512Hz transmitted device or traceable duct rodder the CL300 becomes the perfect tool for empty duct work locating. This instrument is capable of detecting all electrical, telecommunications and wire circuits—whether direct buried cables or those within conduits—using direct connect or close induction methods. This locator equipment features Auto & Manual adjustments for both transmitter power and receiver sensitivity to assist with a variety of locate work and congestion.Applications

  • Carbon/Nitrogen Analysis by Combustion

    928 Series - Leco Corp.

    By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and an on-board touch-screen software platform, the 928 Series allows you to easily handle the most demanding sample applications. The core capabilities and performance of previous generations of LECO macro combustion instruments have been maintained, while key improvements have been made in throughput, uptime, and reliability. Macro sample mass ability (up to 3 grams for Nitrogen/Protein model regardless of sample carbon content) with rapid cycle times and a resulting low cost-per-analysis make the 928 Series ideal for analysis of characteristically heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, or low analyte level samples.

  • CCTV Security Testers


    CCTV Security Tester is a kind of multi-function test tool for CCTV and security camera installation professionals. CCTV Camera Tester is developed aiming to CCTV security system installation and maintenance, combining the following function: Optical Fiber Communication test, low power circuit test, video test and PTZ control, and DC12 1A output for camera test, etc. Helps solving varies problem of security system. It could be also used in laboratory tests, equipment maintenance, etc. CCTV Tester is really an ideal multi-function instrument for CCTV Security System, Optical Fiberal Communication, CATV and other optical fiber networks.

  • Colorimeters

    PCE Instruments

    A colorimeter is a valuable color-measuring tool used by manufacturers, printers, painters, designers and quality control professionals. Colorimeters ensure accurate, consistent color, eliminating issues related to color subjectivity. Depending on the model, PCE Instruments' colorimeter products can measure colors in different color spaces such as CIE LAB, XYZ, LCh, RGB and LUV (for liquids and solids / that is why you can choose the media via filter selection). The most popular colorimeter models in our range of color-reading products are the PCE-CSM series colorimeters. Aside from being easy to use and economical, the PCE-CSM series colorimeters offer high degrees of accuracy.

  • Compact Optical Spectrum Analyzer

    WaveAnalyzer 100S - Finisar Corporation

    The WaveAnalyzer 100S Compact Optical Spectrum Analyzer is a small, lightweight instrument which has been designed for spectral measurements on advanced optical communication systems in R&D and manufacturing. The WaveAnalyzer 100S uses a coherent measurement technique which provides two measurements per second across the entire C-band of optical communications with a measurement resolution of 1.8 GHz. It is operated using Finisar's established WaveAnalyzer Graphical User Interface (GUI), which provides analysis functions like Optical Signal to Noise Ration (OSNR) measurement and WDM analysis. A full programming interface is provided for integration into automated test systems.

  • Computer Control Torsion Testing Machine

    NDW Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    NDW Series computerized torsion testing machine provides loading and weighing capabilities in both rotation directions which enables it to determine conveniently not only the ultimate torque of a specimen, but also how the specimen behaves under conditions of continuous or intermittent torque loading in both directions. The computerized torsion testing machine is mainly used for the torsion test of metal and non-metal materials, as well as the torsion test for parts and components. The computerized torsion torsion testing machine is an essential instrument to measure torsion properties of materials for mechanical laboratories of aviation industry, construction industry, scientific research department, universities and industrial enterprises.

  • Dew Point Monitor

    DPM-99 - Edgetech Instruments

    The NFPA99 has mandated that for Med Gas systems the "dew point for locally compressed air shall be monitored and alarmed per 4- and 4- to protect from line pressure dew point rise to 39 degrees F (3.9 degrees C) from a nominal design of 35 degrees F (1.7 degrees C)." This safeguard was the foundation for the new Edgetech Instruments DPM-99 Med Gas Dew Point Monitor. This specifically designed monitor exceeds the requirements set forth by the NFPA and was a collaboration with AIRVAC Technical Services who are certified by P.IP.E as medical gas inspectors in all 50 US States.

  • Digital Acquisition Card

    PI-41000 - Pulse Instruments

    The PI-41000 is a CompactPCI bus based instrument card that allows the user to capture up to 32-bits of digital data into an on-board memory at clock rates up to 80 MHz. The inputs are software configurable to provide one 32-bit wide channel, one 16-bit wide channel with double depth or two 16-bit channels. Each digital data channel requires three timing signals, frame, line and pixel to accommodate the data capture. When operating in a two channel mode, clocks from channel A can be used to provide timing to channel B. For wider words or multiple channels, more boards can be used in parallel.

  • Digital Iron Loss Tester

    VDW-2065 - Veer Electronics

    VEER make Digital Iron Loss Tester VDW-2065 is portable & easy to use instrument which is very useful to find Watt loss of electrical steel immediately. Internationally accepted standard method of testing is Epstein frame method but that method needs 30mm x 305 mm size & min. 250g weight of material. Stamping, Laminations can not be tested on Epstein Frame because of size. So, we have designed a direct reading type Single Sheet Tester called Digital Iron Loss Tester VDW-2065 which provides very fast testing of final products like Stamping, EI & other laminations etc...

  • Digital Thermometer

    Digital 500 II - Pyrometer Instrument Company

    The Pyrometer Digital 500 II digital thermometer is a rugged portable easy to read thermocouple pyrometer that utilizes interchangeable, reusable thermocouple tips for both surface and immersion applications. This digital thermometer pyrometer is ideal for temperature measurement using thermocouple thermometer K type thermocouples. Instrument temperature measurement accuracy to ± 1.0% of reading is achieved by employing an automatic internal cold end junction compensator to prevent temperature measurement errors due to ambient temperature variations. The Digital 500 thermocouple thermometer comes complete with a durable Lexan housing and is ready to use with a wide variety of optional rigid & flexible extension arms and thermocouples.

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