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  • Digital Pressure Gauge

    Huaxin instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd

    Reputed as a specialized pressure measurement solution provider, Huaxin offers an excellent selection of digital pressure gauges. Unique industrial design and state of the art technology have made our digital pressure gauges an ideal pressure calibration instrument for various applications. Depending on high and low temperature aging and temperature compensation processes before delivery, they feature guaranteed accuracy and stability. The digital gauges have been extensively used in power, metallurgy, chemical, measuring and military industries for calibrating precision pressure measurement devices.

  • DIO Function Cards

    ProDAQ 3600 Series - Bustec Ltd.

    The ProDAQ 3600 Series digital I/O (DIO) function cards are high-density cards that fit into ProDAQ VXIbus motherboards and LXI function card carriers. ProDAQ instruments are versatile, providing users with the highest channel density and functionality available on the market. The ProDAQ 3600 Series function cards are supplied with drivers for use with all popular software packages. The driver automatically detects and initializes all the function cards installed in one of the ProDAQ VXIbus motherboards or LXI carriers, removing any possibility of configuration errors.

  • DR software, for use with CT100 Series TDRs

    CT Viewer™ - MOHR Test and Measurement llc

    CT Viewer™ is a full-featured TDR waveform analysis software package for Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista PCs that lets you archive, manipulate, analyze, and compare TDR data acquired with CT100 Series Automated Metallic TDRs or any other TDR instrument, now with live internet streaming and remote control of CT100 Series TDRs. CT Viewer™ is included with CT100 Series TDRs. Read on to discover how CT Viewer™ will change the way you test cables.

  • Dual Channel Digitizer PXI Card

    GX2472 - Terotest Systems Ltd.

    The GX2472 is a high performance, dual differential channel, 14-bit digitizer offering high dynamic range and excellent SFDR. The module's differential inputs, coupled with its low distortion makes it an ideal instrument for analyzing high performance or low level analog signals. Each channel offers 3 selectable low pass filters, a 14 bit, 70 MS/s ADC, and 512 KB of memory. A 50 MHz or 70 MHz clock with a divider provides a common acquisition clock source for both channels.

  • Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems


    Instron offers an extensive range of fully-integrated dynamic and fatigue testing systems from 1000 N up to 5000 kN. Incorporating servohydraulic, servo-electric and linear motor technologies, these test instruments cover a broad range of fatigue, dynamic, and static testing applications. These applications include high-cycle fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, thermo-mechanical fatigue, fracture mechanics, crack propagation and growth studies, fracture toughness, bi-axial, axial-torsional, multi-axial, high strain rate, quasi-static, creep, stress-relaxation, and other types of dynamic and static tests.

  • Dynamic Ultra Micro Hardness Tester

    DUH-210/DUH-210S - Shimadzu Corp.

    A new evaluation system for measuring the material strength of micro regions, such as semiconductors, LSI, ceramics, hard disks, vapor deposited films, and thin coating layers, not addressed by previous hardness testers. It can also be used to evaluate the hardness of plastics and rubbers. This instrument uniquely measures dynamic indentation depth, not the indentation after the test. This in turn permits measurement of very thin films and surface (treatment) layers that are impossible to measure with conventional methods. Additionally, this same method supplies the data needed to calculate elastic modulus on the test specimens.

  • EMC Test Equipment

    TDEMI G series - Gauss Instruments

    TDEMI stands for a novel generation of EMI measurement systems providing real-time analysis and enabling the user to perform high-quality emission measurements in a fractional amount of time compared to conventional EMI receiver technology. Ultra-fast Analog-to-Digital Conversion as well as real-time signal processing allows to emulate the behavior of instruments like oscilloscopes, receivers and spectrum analyzers. Due to the TDEMI's powerful signal processing hardware platform, corresponding to a computation power of approx. 80 conventional. PCs, such measurements are extremely fast in comparison to state of the art solutions.

  • EMC Test Equipment

    TDEMI S series - Gauss Instruments

    The new Real-time Spectrum and Signal Analyzer TDEMI S from GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is the new benchmark for real-time, communication and EMC testing. It is thoroughly flexible in its configurability and extensibility. In its basic configuration, the TDEMI S is a high-performance spectrum analyzer and is available in frequency ranges up to 1, 6, 9, 18, 26, 40, 44 and 50 GHz. It can be extended by external mixers up to the Terahertz frequency range. Due to its compact design and a 12V output, it is a great tool for field testing or on-board testing applications.

  • Energy Metering ICs

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices’ ADE energy measurement ICs address the challenges of next-generation smart meter architectures and are ideal for measuring active energy (kWh), apparent energy (kVA), reactive energy (kVAR), rms, and power quality with the highest accuracy in single phase and polyphase revenue meters, industrial instruments, and energy monitoring applications. ADI’s ADE energy measurement ICs combine analog-to-digital converters with fixed-function digital signal processors to perform critical measurements, while providing unparalleled functionality and ease of use.

  • Environmental Test Chambers

    Bionic Scientific Technologies

    Environmental Test Chambers offer precisely controlled environment required in insect and biological research, electronics production (battery testing and PCB manufacturing) and polymer testing (plastic and rubber testing) etc. Designed ruggedly and fitted with technology advanced instruments, our environmental chambers are available from benchtop cabinets to complex large capacity walk in rooms. At Bionics Scientific, we design and manufacture environmental chambers or climatic test chambers matching with customer required specifications and supply them worldwide at factory price.

  • Fiber Visualizer

    Norland Products, Inc.

    The Norland Fiber Visualizer is a unique instrument which simplifies installation and testing of fiber optic networks. This compact unit uses a 0.5 mW helium neon laser, with an ultra-precision optical adapter, to focus high intensity visible light into the core of a fiber optic connector. As the light travels down the fiber, a visible red glow is emitted anywhere discontinuity occurs. The Visualizer imitates on the visible level, what normally occurs in the invisible infrared spectrum,thereby allowing the end user to actually see any problems in the system.

  • Frequency Counter

    FC-2500A - MRC ltd.

    High sensitivity for the VHF & UHFfrequency measurement, useful for theCB amateur.* Handheld & pocket size instrument.* Wide measuring range up to 2.6 GHz.* Good resolution, 0.1 Hz min. displayunit for 10 MHz range.* Used the exclusive Microprocessor ICoffered the intelligent function:Frequency, Period, Multi resolution,Data hold, Relative measurement, Datarecord( Max., Min., Average reading).* Auto power off & manual power off.* LCD display for low powerconsumption & clear read-out even inbright ambient light condition.

  • Gas Chromatographs

    500 Series - Ellutia Chromatography Solutions

    The 500 Series Gas Chromatograph is an exciting new conceptin Gas chromatography. The instrument has the ability to perform conventional and fast gas chromatography with an air blown oven, but also the ability to perform Ultra-Fast Gas Chromatography with directly heated columns. The 500 Series GC features a 5" 800 x 480 resolution full colour touch screen, which relays the status and vital information about the GC and the analysis. Full GC control and method download is included as standard with Ellution Chromatography Data Station.

  • Gem Refractometer

    FuZhou Auyat Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Gem tester refractive index is one of most important optical parameter. Gloss of gem can be estimated by the parameter. The kinds of gem can be precisely determined in accordance with the measured value of refractive index because every kind of gem has its inherent refractive. Besides, index of double refraction can be also measured. Through the parameter you can judge whether a gem is uniaxial or biaxial photopositive or photonegative. The gemological refractometer is characterized by small volume and less weight. It is easy to carry. It is a popular instrument used in jewelry market.

  • Handheld Digital Multimeter, AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Capacitance, Resistance, True RMS

    72-2995 - Tenma

    40,000 count industrial True RMS digital multimeter is a highly versatile handheld instrument boasts 5-1/2 digit TRMS accuracy. It provides AC/DC voltage and current measurement, resistance, capacitance, temperature and frequency measurement, displaying readings on a backlit LCD digit and analogue bargraph display. Other features include non-contact voltage detection, continuity and diode test and USB data logging. All this is housed in a rugged overmolded enclosure with carry case, test leads and USB interface cable included.

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