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read precision values.

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  • Viscometer

    LS - Chongqing Lushun Scientific & Technological Development Co., Ltd.

    This instrument is sophisticated. It adopts advanced mechanical design and manufacture techniques, and microprocessor controlling technologies, it can accurately collect test data; Take a blue background light, ultra-brighten LCD as its display, so it can display test data intuitively; Designed with a RS232 port, so it can print out test data through a printer, and it can communicate with a computer using the software attached. It is sensitive, reliable, beautiful and convenient to be operated. It is used to determine absolute viscosity of Newton liquids and apparent viscosity of non-Newton liquids. It can be widely used for determining viscosity of grease, paint, plastic, medicine, dope, adhesive, and washing solvents, etc.

  • SoftTest Design Testing Services

    SofTest Designs Corporation

    We are a one-stop turn-key solution provider for the design, development, integration and support for Automated Test Systems. Our capabilities include Functional parametric and non-parametric test systems, intelligent go/no-go gauges, vision systems and a variety of fixtures and adaters to interface with the product under test the most efficient way possible. SofTest Designs can adapt the development architecture to meet the preferences or requirements of our customers in terms of instruments, interfaces and software. With our own in-house machine shop, our development and integration times are greatly reduced optimizing resources and transfering the benefits to our customer's applications.

  • Digital Force Gauges

    IMADA, Incorporated

    Imada digital force gauges are highly accurate instruments that provide the precise force measurement required in quality testing that determines strength and/or functionality of a part or product. Digital gauges can be used for destructive or non-destructive force measurement applications and check both compression and tension (push or pull) forces. The high sampling rate of Imada digital gauges enables them to capture the peak force of destructive tests which occurs in milliseconds. Imada digital force gauges also feature selectable units: lbf, kgf and N and easy-to-program high/low setpoints for Go/No Go testing.

  • Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

    ACMAS Technocracy (PVT) LTD

    Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber from Weiber are environmental test chambers, designed to simulate constant climatic conditions for testing a wide variety of products for their quality, performance, shelf life and stability. They are used to simulate constant temperature and humidity conditions, thereby creating a physiologically ideal environment for product testing. These equipments are most commonly employed for testing electrical devices, electronic parts and components, instruments, biological samples, food items and other manufactured and processed goods and find widespread usage in scientific research organizations, semiconductor industries, material research institutes and other industrial and manufacturing units.

  • Universal Pylon Tester

    MS 1121 - Meltronics Systemtech

    Portable test equipment to check the electrical functionalities of pylons by simulating various store types in aircraft. This system is able to simulate the functionalities of different PIBs (IB/MB/CF, OB & Laser). The system provides facility to test two Pylons in parallel. The tester provides aircraft specific AC &DC voltages and facility to inject discrete inputs for checking output(s) viz firing voltages, fusing voltages. The system provides four channels of RS422 and Two channels of 1553B communication. Portable unit with caster wheels with all required hardware, power supplies, instruments, connectors and laptop housed in it.

  • Earth Leakage Breaker And Residual Current Device

    IGR Series - Jaeshininfo Co. Ltd

    IGR Leakage Current Analyzer is invented as the world first, and also can measure Insulation Resistance (MO) without power cut-off. This patented instrument can analyze leakage current, and display Igr(resistive), Igc(capacitive), and Io(vector sum), Ground Insulation Resistance, and the phase angle between voltage and current. (IGR ELB) - Operates due to Igr. - Properly-operating in spite of IGC in digital era. ( Not tripping on UPS load and Harmonics and noise area) - Possible to go down Igr for safety of people and animals. - Possible to manufacture high sensitive ELB. - Possible to prevent fire from electric leakage current.

  • Reconfigurable 6 GHz Vector Signal Transceiver with 200 MHzBandwidth

    PXIe-5646 / 782952-01 - NI

    6 GHz, 200 MHz Bandwidth, RF PXI Vector Signal Transceiver—The PXIe‑5646 combines a vector signal generator and vector signal analyzer with FPGA-based real-time signal processing and control into a single device, also known as a VST. Because of this software-designed approach, the PXIe‑5646 features the flexibility of a software defined radio architecture with RF instrument class performance. The additional bandwidth of the PXIe‑5646 enables you to test wireless and cellular standards such as 802.11ac 160 MHz and LTE‑A carrier aggregation while leveraging the latest performance-enhancing processing techniques such as digital predistortion.

  • High Speed Data Recorders

    Conduant Corporation

    Conduant’s StreamStor® recording and playback systems overcome bottlenecks common to RAID and other traditional storage and recording environments. Conduant’s sub-systems and board solutions feature:-Recording and playback of digital data at sustained speeds up to 1.6 GB/s.-Capacities over 32 TB in a single system.-Direct hardware-to-hardware recording and playback. (Peer-to-Peer)-Use of a wide variety of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data acquisition, data capture and output hardware to -Create the right instrument for your high performance application.-Outstanding reliability and scalability for today’s most demanding applications.

  • Data Acquisition & Telemetry Buoy System

    LOTUS - MacArtney A/S

    The MacArtney LOTUS buoy system consists of a spherical buoy corpus made from durable GRP, a turbidity sensor with antifouling wiper, a rechargeable battery pack and a data logger with integrated telemetry modem. The buoy is equipped with an “AQUAlogger 210 TYT” turbidity sensor provided with 4 measuring ranges selected automatically. To avoid biological growth on the optical window, the instrument is equipped with an antifouling wiper. The sensor is protected by a cage firmly attached to the buoyant body.The buoy and the data acquisition system has an open architecture that allows for integration of other types of sensors like CTDs, fluorometers, etc.

  • PXI Oscilloscope

    PXIe-5114 / 783591-03 - NI

    PXIe, 125 MHz, 250 MS/s, 8-Bit PXI Oscilloscope—The PXIe‑5114 low-cost PXI oscilloscope has two channels that sample up to 250 MS/s with flexible settings for coupling, impedance, voltage range, and filtering. PXI oscilloscopes also feature a number of triggering modes, deep onboard memory, and an instrument driver that includes data streaming and analysis functions. This device is ideal for applications with fast signals that require flexible measurement configurations and up to 125 MHz of analog bandwidth. The PXIe‑5114 also features advanced PXI synchronization and data streaming capabilities.

  • High-Speed Serial Module

    PXIe-6591 / 783638-01 - NI

    12.5 Gbps, 8-Channel PXI High-Speed Serial Instrument—The PXIe‑6591 is designed for engineers who need to validate, interface through, and test serial protocols. It includes a Xilinx Kintex‑7 FPGA to implement various high-speed serial protocols, and it is programmable with the LabVIEW FPGA Module for maximum application-specific customization and reuse. The PXIe‑6591 takes advantage of FPGA multigigabit transceivers and up to eight TX and RX lanes. In addition to high-speed serial lanes, the PXIe‑6591 features digital I/O signals that support multiple logic families with per line, per cycle direction control.

  • RF Signal Generators

    Salicon Nano Technology

    As Rigol's RF first signal source, the DSG3000 series offers standard AM/FM/ØM analog modulation, as well as options for I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output. The instrument is available with maximum frequencies of either 3 GHz or 6 GHz. Featuring a high signal purity with phase noise measuring <-110dBc/Hz@20kHz (typical) and a wide output range of -130dBm to +13dBm, the DSG3000 RF signal generator has standard pulse modulation with an on/off ratio of up to 80dB, with optional pulse train generator available. The DSG3000 series also has an amplitude accuracy of <0.5dB (typical).

  • Load Cell Amplifier Data Logger

    SY036 - Synectic Electronics

    The SY036 digital load cell amplifier data logger is a self contained unit which provides excitation for up to four 350Ω strain gauge bridges and measures both strain and temperature. Its fully differential input allows it to work in both tension and compression. The built in microcomputer then calculates a temperature compensated 24 bit value directly proportional to load. Calibration parameters are stored in non-volatile EEPROM.  A simple ASCII command set is used and user friendly Windows software can be downloaded for free which gives the user an on screen virtual instrument with a range of data capture and logging options.

  • PC Software

    HW4 - Rotronic Instrument Corp.

    Monitoring, Alarming & Reporting HW4 is a user-friendly PC software to configure and read Rotronic measuring instruments. The system offers secure recording and reporting of measured values such as relative humidity, temperature, CO2, differential pressure, flow, dew point and water activity.The software enables configuration, programming and reading of data loggers, calibration and adjustment of probes and recording of measured values by PC. The scope of delivery also includes psychometric calculations as well as graphic and tabular display of the measured values and the possibility to integrate room layouts. This product will be sold through the end of 2021 and supported until the end of 2023.

  • Fiber Optic Broadband Light Sources

    ASE Sources - Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH

    Fiber optic broadband light sources use amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) within optically pumped rare earth doped fibers. The spectral width of the light source can be determined by the developer in a range of a few nm to the full width of the emission spectrum of the active ion (eg, erbium ion). The optical power density of fiber optic ASE sources is typically higher than that of fiber-coupled broadband semiconductor light sources with simultaneously lower intensity noise (RIN). These properties, and the lack of resonator interference, of good incoherence make ASE sources a preferred instrument for use in metrology applications.