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read precision values.

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  • Frequency Response Analyzers

    350C Series - Venable Instruments

    Venable Model 350c is the 3 channel successor to the original workhorse Model 350a/b that launched in 1986 and established Venable Instruments as a market leader. The contemporary 350c Series incorporates a 3rd channel, allowing the user to measure more transfer functions simultaneously with one sweep, such as source and load impedance. The 350c is the only frequency response analyzer in the industry that can measure absolute phase, using a reference channel.

  • Multi-Battery Tester

    MBT-MIL - ZTS Inc

    The ZTS MBT-MIL Multi-Battery Tester (MBT-MIL) provides a comprehensive means of testing the state of charge or state of power for more than 30 battery types. This microprocessor-controlled instrument is designed to test popular primary (non-rechargeable) and rechargeable batteries using a patented, high accuracy pulse load test. After a fully automatic test cycle, percentage of remaining battery capacity is indicated on the LED bar display.

  • Waveform Amplifier

    TS250 - Accel Instruments

    The TS250 Waveform Amplifier is a one of a king instrument perfect for amplifying signal generators. It is designed to amplify voltage, power or current for while driving heavy (low ohmic) loads. The TS250 offers eight voltage ranges to choose from ±10V to +65V. The TS250 output up to 6A peak current. To obtain higher current, parallel connect two or more TS250 in as shown in the Application Section.

  • Three-Phase Transformer Winding Resistance Meters

    TWA Standard Series - IBEKO Power AB

    When it comes to winding resistance measurement on three-phase power transformers and autotransformers, TWA Standard series offers some of the most technically advanced instruments with LCD display in the market. Both models are capable of testing six transformer windings with a one-time cable connection, as well as three-phase automatic transformer demagnetization. The stored magnetic energy is safely automatically discharged at the end of the test. The built-in tap changer control unit enables automated test mode, where the instrument operates the tap changer without operator input and records winding resistance results based on pre-selected stabilization criteria. This option makes the operator’s job significantly easier.Both models can output test currents from 5 mA to 25 A DC for the purpose of winding resistance measurement. TWA40D has a special test mode for checking the synchronization of on-load tap changers with three phases simultaneously tested in parallel, in which the total test current can rise to up to 40 A DC.TWA40D has additional advantages when it comes to non-intrusive tap changer analysis. The unique DVtest method enables checking the moving contacts of on-load tap changers during the transition, measuring the transition time, detecting open circuits, and many other types of faults. It is performed with 0.1 ms sampling rate, simultaneously with the measurement of tap changer motor current which helps with the detection of motor and mechanical issues. A special proprietary algorithm is used for testing tap changers connected through a built-in series (booster) transformer. The DVtest can be performed either on one phase or on three phases simultaneously. It can also be performed as an additional test simultaneously with the winding resistance test in all tap positions.An additional unique advantage of TWA40D is the capability of simultaneously testing the winding resistance of all three phases of a three-phase transformer (connected in a YN configuration). This can significantly shorten the total testing time – for example, it enables the operator to perform 33 measurements instead of 99 on a tap changer with 33 tap positions.The test leads for TWA three-phase transformer winding ohmmeters are interchangeable with the TRT turns ratio testers, which means that both sets of tests can be performed with a single test lead connection to the power transformer terminals.

  • Single Front Slot + Single Rear Slot Universal PCI to PCMCIA Adapter


    16-Bit PCMCIA Cards supported in front and rear slots.32-Bit CardBus Cards supported in rear slot (only).5V at 1Amp typ. with fault protection, per slot.3.3V at 1Amp typ. with fault protection, per slot.Universal 3.3V and 5V keyed PCI board.Supports Type I, II and III card sizes. Slots have ejector levers and front slot has LED activity indicator. Slots have Low Voltage keying to allow 3.3V only cards.Uses industry standard Texas Instruments 1420 controller chip, proven on all classes of processor, chipset and motherboard manufacturer. Yenta compliant, PCI2.2 compliant, PC99 compliant. Supports sleep and suspend modes. Intel 82365 compatible register set.Works with any 16-bit or 32-bit card type thanks to patented driver. Each slot functions independently and can have a different card voltage.Perfect for Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, GPRS cards etc.Also works with Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, MMC and SD cards using suitable adapter available separately.

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    DN6.66xx Series - Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic GmbH

    The DN6.66xx series adds eight new instruments (Table 1) to the company’s generatorNETBOX line of AWGs. LXI compliant, they are easily integrated into any test system by a simple Ethernet connection to a PC or local area network (LAN). Using state-of-the-art 16 bit digital to analog technology (DAC), the AWGs offer from 6 to 24 fully synchronous channels, output rates up to 1.25 GS/s, analog bandwidth as high as 400 MHz, large on-board memories (up to 1 GSample per channel) and generous output voltage ranges of up to ±5 V into high impedance and up to ±2.5 V into 50Ω. Importantly for most applications, all the output channels are clocked and triggered synchronously so they maintain a constant, inter-channel clock phase relationship. The clocking system uses a precision phase locked loop (PLL) control process that can be generated internally or, alternatively, from an external clock or reference. Time skew between the channels is also minimized with the maximum skew, between all channels, being less than 130 picoseconds.

  • Combo Tester


    SL-032 tester can be touchable and used as 3 status, which is ideal for fast and multiple test for ESD grounding device. This tester shall be used as one of calibration instruments according to the calibration standard inclusive of daily inspection of technical requirement and program described as in ANSI ESD S20.20. Combo tester is designed for unique dual-testing circuit, which not only improve test speed, but also no single wrist strip/foot panel tester required. Furthermore, SL-032 configures with 750KΩ-10MΩ circuit used to test wrist strip and 750KΩ-100MΩ circuit used to test shoe cover, SL-032 tester is ideal for testing of wrist strip and shoe cover. Test parameter has been preset in factory, however it can be used only after one needed by you coordinates with test parameter. It is easy to operate, green indicator stands for normal operation status, red one and sound for higher or lower resistance. Accessories are: one 9V battery, a pedal, one piece of grounding cable, a stand, 3 pieces of screw and 3 pieces of fixed activities stand button .

  • DDR3 Compliance Test Bench

    W2350EP - Keysight Technologies

    The W2350EP DDR3 Compliance Test Bench helps solve the problem of simulation-measurement correlation. In the past, the pre-manufacture design could be simulated and tested using compliance tools from an EDA vendor. And the post-manufacture prototype could be bench tested using compliance tools from test and measurement instrument vendors.However, because of subtle differences between the two vendors independent approaches to compliance, it was almost impossible to correlate the two. This opened the possibility of the pre-manufacture design passing and the post-manufacture prototype failing, necessitating a time-consuming and expensive design spin. In contrast, DDR3 Compliance Test Bench leverages the exact same industry-leading Compliance App used on Keysight Infiniium oscilloscopes. It mimics a real hardware test bench, and, using a scripting technology called "Waveform Bridge," emits the same waveforms that the Infiniium app receives when you are testing in your lab. Thus, the exact same tests no ifs, ands, or buts -- are applied to both the pre-manufacture simulated design and the actual post-manufacture prototype. DDR3 Compliance Test Bench supports not only DDR3 but also LPDDR3.

  • Fiber End-face Interferometer

    Anfkom International Co.,Limited

    1.Automatic MeasurementSANA2 is equipped with the locking handle sensing unit to monitor the device locking status. To further simplify the testing process, the instrument can start the measurement once the device to be tested is fully locked. Operator can also click the button aside the locking handle to trigger the measurement.2.0~12° APC Angle Auto TuningBenefit with the unique fixture design, SANA2 can tune the APC angle precisely from 0°to 12°automatically, meeting any special requirement on APC angle setting.3.Simple and User Friendly Interfaces and Excellent 3D ImagesThe software of A 2 is simple and user friendly, you can change the language within the software. It provide many endface rebuild method such as 3D, 2D, plot to assist the engineers about the process. The test reports and data are generated automatically for analyzing and tracing.4.Auto Centering ImagesSANA2 has auto centering image function that can find the fiber and makes it to center automatically within one click.No mouse drag or hardware adjustment is needed.5.Cleave Angle Measurement

  • PXI Switch Matrix Modules

    Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    From low density to high power - we have the PXI matrix switch modules you need. PXI matrix switch modules deliver low, medium and high-density switching of multiple channels in a single instance. They are organized in rows and columns to provide maximum flexibility, allowing you to connect any row to any column, making them ideal for routing multiple signals between your device under test and your instruments. We also offer Large PXI Matrix Modules (BRIC) which includes our 2Amp version with the highest crosspoint density available in the industry. All of our PXI matrix modules can be programmed with our IVI-compliant software drivers and we also have a general soft front panel application so you can become familiar with the modules quickly and to enable manual control. To simplify the management of complex switch systems, we also offer our signal routing software, Switch Path Manager. To ensure speedy and successful system integration, check out our large range of mating cables and connectors.

  • Torque Reaction Sensor

    BMX - Mountz Inc.

    Meeting the demands to test multiple torque ranges for various torque tools used in production, maintenance and calibration labs, the versatile torque sensor is used in conjunction with a torque tester. The torque sensor is a bench mounted calibration instrument designed for torque wrench calibration, torque screwdriver calibration, and electric & pneumatic screwdriver calibration. Controlling torque is quintessential for companies to ensure their product's quality, safety and reliability isn't compromised.

  • Shakers


    The Hardy Shaker ensures that the Seismic Sensors and Transmitters that you have installed are working properly and giving you the results you need.  Just like the pressure and flow instruments in your facility need calibration checks every year, so do your Seismic Sensors and Transmitters.  This system puts the calibration check of those Seismic Sensors and Transmitters within your control, and within your budget.

  • Portable Shakers


    The Hardy Shaker ensures that the Seismic Sensors and Transmitters that you have installed are working properly and giving you the results you need.  Just like the pressure and flow instruments in your facility need calibration checks every year, so do your Seismic Sensors and Transmitters.  This system puts the calibration check of those Seismic Sensors and Transmitters within your control, and within your budget.

  • VXT PXIe Vector Transceiver

    M9420A - Keysight Technologies

    Rapid solution creation and faster throughput in manufacturing test of wireless components and IoT devicesIncrease test density and reduce your footprint with up to four VXT instruments in one 18-slot chassisReduce development time with open-source test libraries and reference solutions Start closer to your finish line with built in real-time FPGA-accelerated measurementsOptimize test routines using proven software for standard-specific signal creation and analysis

  • Water Filler for Nickel-Cadmium Cells

    MasterFiller - JFM Engineering

    The MasterFiller is an instrument designed to deliver measured quantities of distilled water as required in the service of Aircraft Nickel-Cadmium batteries.· The MasterFiller consists of a microprocessor controlled pump with a level sensing probe, a keypad and display and an external 12VDC power supply (or optional battery).· The MasterFiller is part of a system comprising Intelligent Charger-Analyzers and Software for Battery Data Acquisition and Analysis, designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the process of testing batteries for airworthiness certification.