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  • Noise Dosimeter

    doseBadge5 - Cirrus Research plc

    The doseBadge5 is the next generation doseBadge noise dosimeter from Cirrus. It provides all of the unique features of the original doseBadge such as no controls, cables or displays with a range of new functions and features allowing it to be used for compliance with any occupational noise standard. Wireless communication to the dBLink App (for Android and iOS) or the doseBadge5 Wand allows the instrument to be configured and controlled without user intervention. Measurements can be scheduled to start, pause and stop automatically with the timer functions allowing the doseBadge5 to be deployed quickly and easily.

  • NR01 net radiometer

    Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

    NR01 is a market leading 4-component net radiation sensor, mostly used in scientific-grade energy balance and surface flux studies. It offers 4 separate measurements of solar and longwave radiation, facing both up and down. NR01 owes its popularity to its excellent price / performance ratio and major improvements relative to comparable instruments. These advantages include weight, ease of levelling, solar offsets in the longwave measurement and pyrgeometer heating, reducing measurement errors caused by dew deposition.


    Nanonics Imaging Ltd.

    NSOM Is the premier tool for imaging and manipulation of light on the nanoscale and is a critical instrument for understanding plasmonics, photonic waveguides, photovoltaic and photoconductivity studies. The optical openness of the NSOM system permits any illumination scenario while the Multiprobe NSOM head offers optical transport and dynamic study on the nanoscale for the first time. Offering a variety of options from entry level to low-temperature systems, the MultiView NSOM series has been the platform of choice for imaging on the nanoscale for nearly two decades.

  • NTA Particle Size Analyzers

    NanoSight Range - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    The Malvern Panalytical NanoSight range of instruments utilizes Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to characterize nanoparticles from 10nm -2000nm* in solution. Each particle is individually but simultaneously analyzed by direct observation and measurement of diffusion events. This particle-by-particle methodology produces high resolution results for nanoparticle size distribution and concentration, while visual validation provides users with additional confidence in their data. Both particle size and concentration are measured, while a fluorescence mode provides differentiation of intrinsic or fluorescently labelled nanoparticles.

  • Octane Number and Cetane Meters


    Labodam Octane Number and Cetane Number Testers are portable devices for rapid petroleum products quality monitoring in fields and lab environment conditions. Glass detector has a built in element sensitive to fuel sample temperature detection. The instrument electronic computing module processes detector signals, performs all necessary calculations, and constantly tests the main function modules. It is ideal used in the determination of octane, cetane numbers, our point depressants and break down time in the oil and petroleum industries.

  • Octave Analysis And Sound Level Meter

    SLM - Crystal instruments

    Acoustics measurements are performed for a variety of reasons, including: product design, production testing, machine performance, and process control. Crystal Instruments’ CoCo and Spider series have capable acoustic measurement facilities including real-time octave, 1/3 octave filters, and sound level meter functions. CI provides an easy to use yet powerful toolbox for acquiring and viewing acoustic signals. Digital octave band filters and raw time data recording can be performed simultaneously for detailed investigation of noise problems.

  • Optical Power and Wavelength Meter

    OMM-6810B - Newport Electronics

    The OMM-6810B is a power and wavelength meter capable of simultaneously measuring the optical power and wavelength of a laser source. A wide variety of measurement heads cover wavelength ranges from 350 to 1650 nm for power ranges of up to +40dBm or 10W.This meter has standard features such as logarithmic or linear display modes, auto ranging, user calibratable offset, reference measurement capability, analog output and IEEE-standard GPIB interface to make this instrument a cost effective laser diode development or production test tool.

  • Optical Power Meters


    Optical power meter (OPM) is an essential fiber test instrument used for absolute optical signal measurement as well as optical fiber loss related measurement. The term usually refers to a device for testing average power in optical fiber systems. Fiber optical power meter is a tool for telecom and CATV network. This handheld optical power meter features ingenious appearance, wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self-calibration function.

  • Oscilloscope 50 MHz Bandwidth, 100 MS/s, 2-Channel, 8-Bit USB Oscilloscope Device

    USB-5133 / 780469-02 - NI

    50 MHz Bandwidth, 100 MS/s, 2-Channel, 8-Bit USB Oscilloscope Device - The USB‑5133 low-cost oscilloscope device has two channels that sample up to 100 MS/s with flexible settings for coupling, impedance, voltage range, and filtering. Oscilloscope devices also feature a number … of triggering modes and an instrument driver that includes data streaming and analysis functions. This device is ideal for portable and benchtop applications with fast signals that require flexible measurement configurations and up to 50 MHz of analog bandwidth.

  • PDL Emulator

    PDLE-101 - General Photonics Corp.

    The PDLE-101 is specially designed for such PDL-related tests. This PDL source/ emulator can generate individual PDL values between 0 dB and 20 dB, with a resolution of 0.1 dB for PDL tolerance testing. It can also generate variable PDL with user defined range, waveform, and speed for PDL tracking speed and recovery time tests. The instrument can be controlled via the front panel keypad or by remote control via USB, RS-232, GPIB, or Ethernet interfaces. The residual PMD of the unit is less than 0.1 ps.

  • Personal SerDes Testers

    C Series - Introspect Technology, Inc.

    Everything you need to develop and verify your high-speed digital algorithms is contained in these ultra-portable test instruments. They will forever change the way you think about developing and verifying Gbps digital and mixed-signal algorithms, and they will allow you to measure signals in ways that were not possible in the past. Each personalized SerDes tester is equivalent to multiple hardware platforms, containing everything that you need to make high-performance measurements like bit error rate testing, signal generation, and signal measurement.

  • Pfund Thickness Gauge

    3233 - Elcometer Limited

    Available in aluminium or stainless steel this instrument consists of two concentric cylinders, one sliding inside the other. A spherical glass lens, which has engraved measurements, is fitted to the end of the central cylinder and when pressed into the wet film, leaves a circular trace.The diameter of the mark on the lens is measured and, using the supplied conversion table, the thickness of the coating can be easily assessed.Ideal for measuring the thickness of wet translucent products such as varnishes, oils etc.Measurement range of 2.25 - 360μm (0.09 - 14.17mils)

  • Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester

    FSWP - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester features very high sensitivity thanks to extremely low-noise internal sources and cross-correlation. It can measure phase noise and amplitude noise in mere seconds on highly stable sources such as those in radar applications. Additional options such as pulsed signal measurements, residual phase noise (including pulsed) characterization and integrated high‑end signal and spectrum analysis make the R&S®FSWP a unique test instrument.

  • Phase Noise Measurement Solution, 50 kHz to 110 GHz

    E5505A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight Technologies E5500 Series of phase noise measurement solutions offers the most flexible set of measurements on one-port VCOs, DROs, crystal oscillators and synthesizers. Two-port devices, including amplifiers and converters, plus CW, pulsed and spurious signals can also be measured. The E5500 measurements include absolute and residual phase noises, AM noise, and low-level spurious signals. The stand-alone instrument architecture easily configures for various measurement techniques, including the PLL/reference source technique, residual and FM discriminator methods.

  • Phase Noise Tester 5MHz to 40GHz

    Model 7340 - Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

    Broad Frequency Range in a single compact instrument from 5MHz to 40GHz. Measurement offsets from .01Hz to 100MHz. Absolute Phase Noise - High Drift mode (ability to measure modulations, high drifting or unstable DUTs, etc.). AM (Absolute Amplitude Noise) measurements. Pulsed Measurement Capabilities. Transient Mode: measure WB Frequency, NB Frequency, NB Phase, NB Power (WB/NB being Wide Band and Narrow Band). Dual channel low-noise integrated power supplies.

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