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  • Gyro Evaluation & Test Equipment

    MS 1113 - Meltronics Systemtech

    The automatic test bench for gyros (ATP) is used to carry out the final acceptance test for the gyros in the stand-alone mode. It is a PC based test set up incorporating standard and custom built test and measuring instruments interfaced by GPIB bus. The gyros are installed on the platform, which is used to provide information pertaining to the angle at which aircraft is flying.

  • OLED Lifetime Test System

    58131 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The 58131 Lifetime Test System is designed specifically for the OLED industry. Model 58131 provides twoquadrant constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) stimulus to each OLED panel and acquires electrical and optical characteristics automatically. Two independent and isolated precision source-and-measure units (PMU) are incorporated in one modular card, which is capable of testing two OLED panels. Additional instrument cards are added to expand test capacity. Hot plug and play is a key feature of 58131. When a UUT fails or an instrument card needs to be replaced, 58131 does not have to be shutdown and testing continues for other UUTs. Hot plug and play obviates life test cycle restarts due to isolated faults and significantly improves life test efficiency. We firmly believe that hot plug and play capability should be mandatory for all lifetime test systems.

  • Multi-Port Suite

    PSA-MPT & PSL-MPT - Sifos Technologies, Inc.

    While most PSE ports are part of multi-port PSE, behaviors of such systems of PSE ports are beyond the scope of IEEE 802.3 specifications. The one-of-a-kind Multi-Port Suite enables flexible emulation of many PD’s and fully automated testing of PSE port administration and power management behaviors while powering up to 192 Type-1, Type-2, or Type-3 (Class 4) PD’s. 2-Pair Multi-Port Test Suite• In-Depth System Testing of IEEE 802.3at and 802.3bt 2-Pair PSE's Using PSA-3000 or PSL-3000 instruments• Concurrently Analyze Up To 192 PSE Ports• Robust Emulation of Type-1, Type-2, and Type-3 (Class 4) PD's Including PoE LLDP• Fully Automated Testing and Reporting• Assess PSE Power Administration Decisions• Assess PSE Power Management Behaviors• Static and Transient Reserve Capacity Analysis• Per-Port Variation and Uncertainty Analysis• Assess PSE Power Reliability Over Time• Colorful and Graphical Pop-Up Spreadsheet Reporting

  • [5kV AC/6kV DC] Hipot and Insulation Resistance Tester, Rise/Fall-Time Control Function Equipped

    TOS5300 Series - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    The "TOS5300 Series" is a series of test instruments used in Hipot (withstanding voltage) tests and insulation resistance tests, two of the four tests regarded as necessary for ensuring the safety of electrical products. With an output of 5 kV/100 mA (AC) and 6 kV/10 mA (DC), the series can be used in Hipot (withstanding voltage) & insulation resistance testing of electronic equipment and electronic parts, based on the requirements of IEC, EN, UL, VDE, JIS, and other international safety standards and the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law. Also, the test voltage stability is improved with the adoption of a newly developed switching amplifier. Since the output voltage can be kept constant even when the AC line voltage or frequency changes, consistent testing can be performed, even when the power supply environment is in an unstable region. The TOS5300 is also equipped with a number of features that are capable of meeting a variety of test needs. It is a new low-cost standard model that provides thorough operability, reliability and safety.

  • Analog & Mixed Signal Tester - AMIDA 3000 Series

    AMIDA-3001XP - Amida Technology, Inc.

    AMIDA recently introduced two new analog / mixed signal and logic options for AMIDA – 3000 series – the AMIDA – 3001 XP and AMIDA – 3050 test systems. Both enhance the ability of the AMIDA-3000 Series to provide cost- optimized test solutions for the full range of power consumer and mobility devices. AMIDA – 3000 Series offers double the analog and digital pin count per instrument as current analog subsystems, resulting in lower cost per pin and twice the pin count per system. This enables higher levels of multi-site for cost – effective testing across a board range of applications. It provides a powerful combination of hardware and software features targeted at the test requirements of high speed IOs. The real time protocol detect feature built into the AMIDA – 3000 Series simplifies test development and can be used to reduce test time of high speed IOs by up to 60% ~ 100%.

  • Humidity and Temperature Probes & Filters

    Rotronic Instrument Corp.

    The HygroClip2 is a completely new type of probe in a class of it's own in terms of accuracy and performance. Thanks to the new AirChip3000 technology, it also boasts a unique calibration and adjustment process as well as many other superb innovations. At the same time ROTRONIC has taken humidity measurement technology to a whole new level of performance and reliability: the HygroClip2 offers you the best possible reproducibility and a superb system accuracy of < ±0.8 %rh and ±0.1 K. The new HygroClip2 is available in various formats: from a simple plug-in probe for handheld instruments and data loggers to the highly developed cable probes for high temperature and other special applications, we can provide you with exactly the right probe to suit your needs. As standard, they all have high accuracy, which can be increased further by specific adjustments within our patented AirChip, making every probe in our range a high-end product for all applications.

  • Laser Distance Meter

    KM 973 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Measuring Range : 0.05 to 40M (KM 973) , 0.05 to 70M (KM 975), 0.05 to 100M (KM 976) • Measuring Accuracy : ± 2 mm• Display Accuracy : 1 mm• Laser Classification : Class 2M II• Laser Type : 620-690nm, <1mW• Protection against splashes and dust : IP 54• Temperature range for Operation : 0°C to +40°C• Temperature range for Storage : -20°C to +70°C• Laser Switch-OFF Automatically : After 30 Seconds• Instrument Switch-OFF Automatically : After 3 Minutes• Area, Volume Measuring.• Indirect (Pythagoras) Measurement.• Plus-Minus Method.• Continuous Measurement.• Minimum / Maximum Measurement.• Display illumination.• Show beep.• Battery Life : 5000 to 8000 Measurements• Battery Selection : Lr6 (AA) 2 x 1.5V• Dimensions : 121(L) x 56(W) x 28(H) mm• Weight : 150g

  • Luminance Colorimeter

    XYL-VI - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    The XYL-VI Luminance Photoelectric Colorimeter changes the traditional structure thoroughly, employs the digital X(λ), Y(λ), Z(λ) sensors to replace the traditional analogue sensors, employs the digital signal measurement system to replace the traditional analogue measurement system. The instrument has no analogue unit, thus it is very simple to overcome the zero drift that is impossible to be avoided in traditional colorimeter. The digital sensor has a large dynamic range. Moreover, it possesses strong anti-interference ability and it has high accuracy. The XYL-VI Luminance Colorimeter contains internal RS232 computer interface. The calibration is done by software. It is suitable for monitoring and remote applications. The XYL-VI Luminance Colorimeter can be calibrated by XYL-VI Luminance Colorimeter software to sample the data and print out the results. It can also be corrected by other standard light sources to obtain very high measuring accuracy of x, y color coordinates and color temperature. It is a real-time measuring system and run under Windows2000/XP.

  • Modular SMU Series

    Keysight Technologies

    The wide range of available models and advanced measurement features provides a variety of price-performance points for parametric measurement and analysis. Modular product family members enable customization now and provide for future expansion as requirements change, while 2-channel units provide cost-effective solutions for simple test needs. The E5270B is targeted at precision semiconductor device characterization, and the E5260 Series (E5260A, E5262A, and E5263A) is targeted at high-speed production test. For all members of this product family, a number of innovative design elements -- such as expanded program memory -- help to improve the efficiency of complex testing. Cost-of-test is also lowered through superior measurement throughput, often several times faster than earlier instruments (such as the 4142B). The new 4.0 version of Keysight Desktop EasyEXPERT software can control the product family by using sample application tests on Desktop EasyEXPERT. The product family also gives you the option of using your own software.

  • pH & ORP Sensors

    Barben Analytical

    The Barben Analytical Performance Series products are 3rd generation combination pH/ORP electrodes targeted at harsh, industrial measurement applications. High pressures, strong chemicals, and elevated temperatures typically shorten the lifespan of conventional double-junction pH probes. In these applications the Performance Series sensor offers extended sensor lifespan, as well as decreased drift, and longer calibration intervals. Each sensor is manufactured with our patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology, proprietary Low-Noise & High-Temp Signal Cable along with proprietary ruggedized, high temp and coat resistant glass formulations. A wide selection of sensor body styles and process fittings in a variety of corrosion resistant materials allow direct replacement of short-lived OEM pH/ORP sensors. Barben Performance Series sensors are compatible with all major manufacturers of pH analyzers and transmitters. Upgrade your analytical measurement without the hassle and expense of replacing costly field instruments.

  • Static Locator Micro Kit

    PCS-715 - Prostat Corporation

    The PCS-715 Micro Kit features the PCS-715A Static locator that indicates electrostatic field voltage up to 20,000 volts, as well a polarity of static charged surfaces. The kit includes a fine grain leather case with Prostat's "quick release' belt clip system.The PCS-715A Static Locator is a non-contact meter that indicates electrostatic field voltage and polarity on charged surfaces. This easy to use instrument comes equipped with a Power On/Hold button and a zero button. The meter automatically shuts off after approximately 90 seconds. The unit's grounding path is through its conductive case, so there is often no need to wear a grounded wrist strap during normal operations. The easy to read 3-1/2 digit LCD display automatically updates three times per second. Measurements are dependent on the distance from the object being measured. The unique one inch spacer makes distancing easy and repeatable.

  • Ultrafine Particle Monitor

    Model 651 - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    Ultrafine particle (those less than 100nm, or 0.1µm in size) are produced through combustion activities and are persistent in all ambient air. Concentrations of these tiny particle can be very high near emissions sources (for example, near busy roads), and both acute and chronic exposure are believed to lead to health problems. As part of the new US EPA near-road ambient monitoring network, ultrafine particles (UFPs) will be monitored to determine concentration levels and further study health effects related to exposure.The Model 651 Ultrafine Particle Monitor provides a simple and reliable solution for the real time monitoring of UFP concentrations in ambient air. The instrument uses a condensation particle counting technique, using water as the condensing fluid followed by laser detection. UFPs down to 7nm in size are detected, with time resolution down to 1-second. Sample collection, preparation, and analysis occur continuously, with a routine maintenance interval of 30 days.

  • ESU Analyzer

    ESU-2050 - BC Group International Inc.

    The BC Biomedical ESU-2050 ESU Analyzer is the first instrument of its kind on the market. Designed through extensive collaboration with several of the world's leading electrosurgery generator manufacturers. It is the only ESU Analyzer on today's market with a 1% reading level of accuracy. Calibration quality analyzer; uses external precision non-inductive test loads and wide band current transformer.

  • Nail Test Probe

    CX-Z12 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    The Finger Nail Probe is indicated to test IEC 60335 and UL requirements. Used to check the security of parts that snap together. The spring gauge assembled in the handle can be calibrated to the necessary force for using the instrument. This probe is made of stainless steel with appropriated hardened tip and a handle in insulating material. Handle has a special adaptor M5 for use with 50N force gauges.

  • Test Finger Nail Probe

    CX-75 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    The Finger Nail Probe is indicated test IEC60335 and UL requirements. Used to check the security of parts that snap together. The spring gauge assembled in the handle can be calibrated to the neccessary force for using the instrument. This probe is make of stainless steel with appropriated hardened tip and a handle in insulating material. Handle has a special adaptor M5 for use with 50N force gauges.