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read precision values.

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  • Wire Test Unit

    McGan Technology

    The Wire Testing Unit (WTU) is used in conjunction with the MMPD-8K kit or the MM5KV Kit purchased with the optional HV Red Wire and is used to easily test the continuity of electrosurgical cables used to connect the electrosurgical generator either to the active handpiece (e.g. laparoscopic instruments or forceps) or to the return electrode which completes the circuit between the generator and the patient. If the conductor is broken without damage to the cable’s jacket it can remain unseen and could be put into use for the electrosurgical operation causing the system to not properly function. By using the WTU you can test to ensure that the cables have continuity prior to actual usage in the operating room. This does not preclude the other tests that should be performed on these cables such as visually examining the cable for jacket damage including cracks, pinholes and abrasions and manually flexing the cable.

  • QuickBERT-T1 Test Set

    635A - TesCom USA

    The TesCom QuickBERT-T1 test set makes it quick and easy to verify and troubleshoot T1 facilities. Instantly get essential information, including framing type, line coding, BERT pattern, T1 signaling and frame synchronization status, alarm conditions, density violations, and framing loss.  Error conditions are also automatically displayed such as: bipolar violations, frame bit errors, CRC errors (ESF), and bit errors in a received BERT pattern. For long-term testing, history status is provided to indicate intermittent problem conditions. Test results can be printed for further analysis.  The QuickBERT-T1 gives you fast, in-depth test features without time lost in configuring the test or remembering setups and menus. The lightweight, rugged design makes this handheld instrument easy to use in any location. Key features include:

  • TDR Cable Analyzer

    CT100B - MOHR Test and Measurement llc

    The CT100B is special for two reasons: (1) It is the industry''s only high-resolution portable TDR providing step TDR impedance waveforms with resolution sufficient to show connector detail (~1 cm), and (2) it is the industry''s first portable TDR capable of making frequency domain S-parameter measurements including return loss (S11) and cable loss / insertion loss (S21). "High resolution TDR is extremely useful for detecting and localizing cable faults and characterizing cable and connector performance, but historically, portable TDRs have been unable to display OSL-calibrated S-parameter measurements," said Brandt Mohr, MOHR chief technologist. "The CT100B includes that capability, making it a very versatile instrument. If you can only carry one cable tester out into the field with you, it should be the CT100B."

  • Source Measure Unit

    Series 2600B - Tektronix, Inc.

    Keithley’s Series 2600B System SMU instruments are the industry standard current-voltage source and measure solution for highly automated production test applications. Both dual- and single-channel models tightly integrate a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, and electronic load with pulse generating capabilities.

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSAs) perform highly accurate spectral measurements. Compatible with fiber-coupled and free-space light sources, these compact benchtop instruments suit a wide variety of applications, such as analyzing the spectrum of a telecom signal, resolving the Fabry-Perot modes of a gain chip, and identifying gas absorption lines.

  • High-Precision Programmable DC Power Supply

    MPS-3600H Series - Matrix Technology Inc.

    MPS-3600 HSeries is a new generation of high-precision programmable DC power supply. This series of products is equipped with a standard communication interface, which has both desktop and system characteristics. It can be arbitrarily matched with other instruments and integrated into a special function test system to complete the measurement requirements in different occasions.

  • Digital Barometers

    Mensor Corp.

    Barometric pressure instruments measure the ambient atmospheric pressure and are used in manufacturing, process control, aerospace, geoscience, calibration and a host of other applications where  ambient pressure is a factor in the results of tests, adjustments or calibration of components.  Mensor barometric references provide the highest level of accuracy in critical applications.

  • Signal level meter

    ST-200Q - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    A test instrument applicable for the maintenance of CATV (Analog, Digital measurement,TILT)system; 2. Compact, light-weight, easy to carry; 3. With dual-channel measurement display, it is convenient and pragmatic; 4. Able to measure MER, BER Signal Level,Channel Power,V/A,C/N,FM,Trunk Voltage

  • Transformer Power Tester

    HDFZ -III - HD Power Test Equipment

    HDFZ-III Transformer Power Tester is an multi-function instrument which is used to test accurately a serious of parameters such as capacity, type, no-load current ,no-load loss, impedance voltage of various transformers. The test result of capacity and characteristic can be up to 100% accuracy rate. The capacity measurement range :10kVA~100000kVA。

  • Three-Phase AC Power Sources

    AC6900 Series - Keysight Technologies

    Keysight’s AC6900 Series AC power sources provide a complete AC and DC power solution by combining the capabilities of a multimeter, harmonic analyzer, and power analyzer in one instrument. You can easily produce DC power, either alone or as a DC offset to an AC waveform, in a compact form factor.

  • PXI Source Measure Unit


    PXI Source Measure Units (SMUs) combine high-precision source and measure capability with features designed to reduce test time and increase flexibility. These features include high channel density for building parallel SMU test systems, deterministic hardware sequencing for minimizing software overhead, and high-speed update and sample rates for quickly changing setpoints and acquiring data. Additionally, the flexible sampling rate and streaming capability of PXI SMUs allows you to use the instrument as a digitizer to capture transient behavior, and the digital control loop gives you the ability to adjust the transient response of the instrument. The ability to change the transient behavior of the SMU, called SourceAdapt, reduces SMU settling time and minimizes overshoot and oscillations, even with highly capacitive loads.

  • Lock-in Amplifier

    HF2LI - Zurich Instruments AG

    The Zurich Instruments HF2LI (high-frequency, 2 inputs) is a digital lock-in amplifier covering the frequency range between DC and 50 MHz. It features 2 physical input channels so that it can replace 2 devices in many measurement setups. The 128-bit digital signal processing delivers superior precision thus boosting both the noise performance and the dynamic reserve. With these unprecedented capabilities, the HF2LI brings lock-in amplification to a new level and enables new applications in a frequency range that was previously tied to analog instrumentation. The computer is connected by a high-speed USB interface, which allows data acquisition at high rates. The HF2LI is delivered with a fully featured graphical user interface and a choice of programming interfaces that greatly add to the usability of the instrument.

  • 10 fA Sensitivity Low-Current PXI Source Measure Unit

    PXIe-4135 - NI

    Precision, 10 fA Sensitivity Low-Current PXI Source Measure Unit—The PXIe‑4135 features 4-quadrant operation and sources up to 20 W of DC power. This module also features low-current measurements such as a 10 nA range and triaxial connectivity. With the unique analog‑to‑digital converter technology of this module, you can perform high-precision measurements with a current resolution of 10 fA or high-speed acquisitions at speeds up to 1.8 MS/s. The PXIe‑4135 is a hardware-timed instrument with a high-speed sequencing engine to synchronize acquisitions between multiple SMUs. The module supports direct DMA streaming between the host PC and SMU, so you can stream large waveforms and measurement data at the full update rate and sample rate of the instrument.

  • QTOUCH1202C

    Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    he Prober Test System is capable of movement in XYZ directions with fixed angle (θ) and dual probe heads (further expandable up to 4 ) . The system has in-built Vision Camera for easy monitoring of probe needle contact.The prober supports automatic fiduciary recognition. The system has built –in linear encoders to achieve higher precision. It also comes with in-built image processing unit with minimum 5 Mega pixel Camera ,tele-centric lens with image processing software, illuminated with LED bar light with controls.The V-I signature test shall be in-built in the Prober system with “ Best fit Curve “ algorithm .Provision for adding various external Test & Measurement instruments like GPIB / USB / PXI Instruments is available.

  • Optical multimeter

    BD-POW-2A09 - Shanghai Baudcom Communication Device Co.,Ltd.

    BD-POW-2A09 is the companyhighly cost-effective optical multimeter. It’s the integration of power meterand light source. BD-POW-2A09 has the function of recording, storing anduploading the data tested by the instrument. They are widely used in thefiber-optic line project construction, testing and maintenance, such as digitaldata network, telecommunication network and cable television.