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  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer

    TGA801 - Leco Corp.

    The TGA801 is the latest generation of automated macro thermogravimetric analyzers to enter our lineup. The TGA801 maintains the core capabilities and reliability of previous generations of LECO macro TGA instruments, while providing key improvements in performance and robustness. By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware with an on-board touch-screen software platform and a rugged design, the TGA801 provides accurate, high-precision thermogravimetric constituent analysis—moisture, ash, volatile content, and LOI in various organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials. Complying with ASTM standardized methods, the TGA801 is applicable to many industries and applications including coal, cement, catalyst, foods, and feeds.

  • TI HDC1080 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout Board

    SEN-37001 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Breakout board for the Texas Instruments HDC1080. This sensor is an extremely accurate temperature and humidity sensing device, with +/-0.2C temperature and +/-2% humidity accuracy typical. These specs far exceed the accuracy of ICs that came before it, including the HTU2x and SHT2x series, and improves upon the success of the HDC1050. In addition, the HDC1080 has a wide input voltage range of 3V-5V and includes temperature and airflow cutouts as recommended for the best operation. Finally, in the case of environmental changes that could cause light condensation, the HDC1080 has a built-in heater to burn off any condensate. Example code (Arduino platform) is available below.

  • Total Sulfur Analyzer

    Model T108 - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T108 Total Sulfur analyzer is designed to measure mixed sulfur impurities, collectively referred to as Total Sulfides, in air or carbon dioxide gas. Since there is no scrubber in the system, the instrument reading is the sum of the oxidized sulfur compounds and SO2.The Model T108 consists of a modified Model T100 SO2 analyzer with special software and a Model 501TS high temperature thermal oxidizer. Sulfur compounds are heated as they pass through the converter and oxidized into SO2. When analyzing CO2, which generally contains no oxygen, approximately 6% O2 is added to the sample before entering the converter. This dilution is corrected in the calibration procedure.

  • Transformer Test Set

    CTMP 2012 - Blue Box Test Equipment

    The CTMP 2012 offers integrated instructions for easy familiarization and enhanced productivity. The instrument performs the classic voltage ratio test and displays the primary and secondary voltages and the angle between them (polarity). Two X1 - X2 excitation output voltage ranges, 0-200V and 0-1000V, facilitate accurate measurement of CT ratios to 100,000 to 5. Output voltage metering autoranges to a 0-20V scale to maintain accuracy on low ratio transformers. The H1-H2 input range for current transformer testing is 0-0.32V to allow high resolution with the typical one turn primary used to perform a CT ratio test.

  • Two-Channel Multimode Optical Attenuator

    N7766A - Keysight Technologies

    Optical attenuator instruments are used to flexibly control optical signal power levels in test setups. A primary application is determining optical receiver sensitivity by measuring the BER vs. input signal power. The N7766A and N7768A provide 2 or 4 attenuator channels respectively for multimode fiber setups and are available with either 50 m, 62.5 m or 80 m fiber ports. The output power is monitored, especially to allow accurate and stable power setting independent of the input power. Convenient offset parameters allow the set power to correspond to the signal after other optical components in the setup path.

  • VXI 12-Channel Digital-To-Analog

    Model VXI 65DA2-55 - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s 65DA2-55 is a 12-channel Digital-to-Analog Instrument on a VXI board. This single-slot, message-based board provides twelve independent, single-ended, 16-bit, digital-to-analog (D/A) channels.The board features a motherboard configuration that provides three D/A modules on a single daughterboard card. Each module can each handle four channels. Each D/A is guaranteed to be monotonic (16-bits) over the full temperature range. Each output delivers 60 mA for a total of 720 mA and any single output can deliver 410 mA. A direct replacement for the 5410C-55-3, the 65DA2-55 is ideally suited for defense, industrial, and commercial applications.

  • X-ray sources

    Anton Paar GmbH

    X-ray sources are the heart of every X-ray analytical instrument. They generate the required X-ray radiation for structure analysis in various fields of material and life sciences. X-ray sources must offer perfect thermal stability for excellent position stability of the X-ray beam and high intensity, even at low power levels. The design has to guarantee easy integration into advanced X-ray equipment paired with straightforward operation to keep uptimes high and guarantee maximum radiation safety for operators and equipment. Anton Paar’s X-ray source is your compact and robust solution which fulfills all these requirements.

  • Nanoindentation Testing in the Nanometer RangePICODENTOR

    HM500 LIGHT - Helmut Fischer AG

    Very simple operationExcellent price/performance ratio: The achieved resolution and accuracy for the load and distance measurement is in the same range as that of instruments with a much higher purchasing priceMinimal sample preparation due to large working area and open layoutMeasurements on dark surfaces without sample preparationFor simple specimen's geometries sufficient positioning accuracy of 2 mDue to its granite design, the device is extremely dimensionally stable, has a very low thermal expansion and is excellently isolated against vibrations.Additional vibration damping through closed measuring chamber and active anti-vibration tableEasy operation through the customizable WIN-HCU Software

  • Circuit Breaker Test Equipment

    IBEKO Power AB

    DV Power has released a new generation of circuit breaker test equipment for condition assessment of medium and high voltage circuit breakers.Field-portable instruments with standalone or PC controlled functionality, allow performing various tests during circuit breaker manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance stages.Applications supported by the DV Power test equipment include measurements of:Contact resistanceDRM (dynamic resistance measurement)Coil resistance and coil current (IEC 62271-100)Mechanism charging time (IEC 62271-100)Minimum trip voltage (IEC 56, ANSI C37.09)Undervoltage release (IEC 60694)The timing of a circuit breaker’s main, auxiliary and pre-insertion contactsSynchronization between the contactsMotion and velocity“First trip” testThe essential part of a circuit breaker condition assessment is the ability to compare the latest test results with the previous testing. Accordingly, our instruments store measured values and compare them to a manufacturer’s limits. Also, a fingerprint obtained in this way can be used at a later stage as a reference during subsequent measurements. In order to obtain an accurate comparison, the tests need to be performed using identical test parameters. Consequently, any deviation and change in the test results may indicate the circuit breaker condition deterioration. Even more, to overcome this issue, DV-Win enables test plans and graph overlay features.Finally, as a final result of a circuit breaker maintenance process, the DV-Win provides analytical tools and customized report creations.

  • Force Gauge

    Shenzhen Graigar Technology Co.,Ltd.

    A force gauge (also force gage) is a small measuring instrument used across all industries to measure the force during a push or pull test. Applications exist in research and development, laboratory, quality, production and field environment.

  • LCR Meters

    Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd

    LCR meter is a type of electronic test equipment used to measure the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of an electronic component. In the simpler versions of this instrument the impedance was measured internally and converted for display to the corresponding capacitance or inductance value.

  • Industrial Pressure Calibrator

    2271A - Fluke Calibration

    The Fluke Calibration 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator provides a complete, automated solution for calibrating a wide variety of pressure gauges and sensors. Thanks to its modular design, it can be configured to meet different needs and budgets, and expanded to cover a broad workload. The 2271A is ideal for calibration laboratories starting out in pressure calibration because it offers wide pressure measurement capabilities in a single instrument. Everything you need for calibrating pressure is included; just connect supply pressure. And your investment will stand the test of time: as your workload grows and changes, the 2271A can grow and change too. Just add measurement modules.

  • Level Measurement

    Kobold Instruments, Inc.

    Displacer level gauge for liquids from KOBOLD Instruments operates on the Archimedes principle. The level gauge's displacer tube rests inside the tank and is connected to the measuring unit via a spring. As liquid level increases, the buoyant forces of the liquid act on the displacer tube to reduce spring tension, allowing the spring to expand. The spring connects to a magnetic actuator, and the motion of the actuator is picked up by a magnetically linked indicator to yield the tank level measurement. The displacer level gauge is calibrated at the factory for the user's specified liquid density. Special designs with higher pressure or temperature ratings, as well as those made of exotic materials, are always available on request.

  • Positive Displacement (PD) Meters

    AW Gear Meters

    Positive Displacement (PD) flow meters are volumetric flow measurement instruments ideal for low flow rates, highly viscous fluids, and measurement of flows involving starts and stops or pulsing. Positive displacement flow meters are similar in design to the gear pump. The principle of operation is reversed however; instead of the gears driving the fluid, the fluid drives the gears. A non-intrusive hall-effect sensor detects the movement of the gear and as each gear tooth passes the sensor, a square wave pulse is produced and a discrete volume of liquid is measured. The resulting pulse train is proportional to the actual flow rate and provides a highly accurate representation of the fluid flow.

  • Flow Rate Indicator with Flow Retransmission

    IM1913 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Programmable digital Indicator or LED Indicator is suitable for showing process parameters like Temperature, Flow, pressure, Humidity etc.The input is from sources like Rtd, Thermocouple or 4-20 MA, 0-10V etc. Retransmission output 4-20mA or 0-10 V is optional.It can be RS485 / Rs232 input as well.This instrument is useful in all type of industries like: Sugar, Fertilizer, Chemical, cement, Power Plants, Food industries, Pharmaceuticals & other process industries and OEM's. This is manufactured at our state of art manufacturing facility and tested as per various National/International Standards ensuring reliability, consistency and quality to our valuable customers.