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  • Saluki S1131 RF Signal Generator (9kHz to 3GHz)

    Saluki Technology Inc.

    S1131 RF signal generator provides engineers with a “Smaller, lighter and easier” solution for 3GHz signal-generation applications. While it is an entry level instrument, the S1131 provides most commonly used functions an engineer needs such as CW signal generation, AM/FM/PM/Pulse modulation, digital modulation (ASK, FSK, PSK), Up-converting, LF output etc. S1131 is perfect suitable for education, RF component manufacture and maintenance.

  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

    Prisma E - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

    Prisma E scanning electron microscope (SEM) combines a wide array of imaging and analytical modalities with new advanced automation to offer the most complete solution of any instrument in its class. It is ideal for industrial R&D, quality control, and failure analysis applications that require high resolution, sample flexibility and an easy-to-use operator interface. Prisma E succeeds the highly successful Quanta SEM.

  • Shakers


    The Hardy Shaker ensures that the Seismic Sensors and Transmitters that you have installed are working properly and giving you the results you need.  Just like the pressure and flow instruments in your facility need calibration checks every year, so do your Seismic Sensors and Transmitters.  This system puts the calibration check of those Seismic Sensors and Transmitters within your control, and within your budget.

  • Sound Level Meters / Noise Level Meters

    Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt Ltd

    A sound level meter is a measuring instrument used to assess noise or sound levels by measuring sound pressure. Often referred to as a sound pressure level (SPL) meter, decibel (dB) meter, noise meter, or noise dosimeter, a sound level meter uses a microphone to capture sound. The sound is then evaluated within the sound level meter and acoustic measurement values are shown on the display of the sound level meter.

  • Spectroscopy

    Edmund Optics Inc.

    Spectrometers are used to measure the properties of light for a variety of applications including environmental or chemical analysis, fluorescence, or Raman. Spectrometers are optical instruments that can detect spectral lines and measure their wavelength or intensity. Spectrometers are ideal for determining compositional makeup for detecting weak light signals. Spectrometers can also be used to test the efficiency of an optical filter in order to determine whether a filter has properly blocked or transmitted specific wavelengths.

  • Subsea Tensile Link

    SUBT-3.0 - Dynamic Load Monitoring Ltd.

    The Subsea Tensile Link is specially designed for working in subsea conditions and is used for measuring tensile loads. With an optional integral 4-20mA amplifier the load cell is packaged in a wooden case with a subsea rated signal cable to customer specific lengths or alternatively can be supplied with a TW-3.0-S display. Fully sealed with a subsea connector and pressure tested to over 250Bar the load cell is the ideal instrument for easily and accurately measuring subsea loads.

  • Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer

    ASAP 2460 - Micromeritis

    The ASAP 2460 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer incorporates a unique expandable system designed for high-performance and high sample throughput. The base ASAP 2460 is a two-port master control unit. For more throughput, additional two-port units can be connected to the master unit expanding the system to either a four-port or six-port analyzer. The instrument also includes intuitive MicroActive software that combines user-defined reports with the ability to interactively evaluate isotherm

  • System Module AXIe-0

    SMGS AXIe-0 - Holding Informtest

    The SMGS AXIe-0 module is a 14-port unmanaged Ethernet switch. One of the ports of this switch is brought out to the front panel of the module and is used for interaction via the Ethernet interface with external equipment (PC, Ethernet local network), the remaining 13 ports of the switch are used for interaction with the instrument modules of the AXIe-0 standard crate. This architecture of the module allows for the interaction of an external PC with any instrumental module of the AXIe-0 standard crate.

  • Temperature Standards

    ITS-90 - Fluke Calibration

    The defining instruments of the ITS-90 (International Temperature Scale of 1990) are Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs) and ITS-90 fixed-point cells. SPRTs are calibrated in fixed-point cells to provide the highest possible temperature accuracy. Primary standards offered by Fluke Calibration include: long-stem SPRTs; capsule SPRTs; triple point of water cells; metal fixed-point cells; maintenance baths and maintenance furnaces for fixed-point cells; standard resistors.

  • THC-CH4-NMHC Analyzer

    Model N901 - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model N901 is a near-continuous hydrocarbon gas analyzer that measures the concentration of Methane (CH4) and Total Hydrocarbons (THC) in air. The concentration of the non-Methane (NMHC) component is calculated by the subtraction of CH4 from THC, with high sensitivity and accuracy. The hydrocarbons are measured using a Flame Ionization Detector (FID), in combination with gas chromatography (GC). The instruments range and performance are tuned specifically for use in ambient air quality monitoring assessments.

  • Thermomechanical Analyzer

    TMA 450 - TA Instruments

    TA Instruments invites you to experience the finest in Thermomechanical Analyzers, the Discovery TMA 450. Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of performance and a new level of user experience. Featuring advanced testing capabilities and the widest range of fixtures, the Discovery TMA 450 is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. It’s never been easier to get great TMA data!

  • Torque Reaction Sensor

    BMX - Mountz Inc.

    Meeting the demands to test multiple torque ranges for various torque tools used in production, maintenance and calibration labs, the versatile torque sensor is used in conjunction with a torque tester. The torque sensor is a bench mounted calibration instrument designed for torque wrench calibration, torque screwdriver calibration, and electric & pneumatic screwdriver calibration. Controlling torque is quintessential for companies to ensure their product's quality, safety and reliability isn't compromised.

  • Ultra-Compact LPDT2 Dew Point Meter Transmitter

    LPDT2 - Cosa Xentaur Corp.

    The LPDT2 is an ultra-compact, loop-powered (two-wire) dew point transmitter (with a display option available in June).  The LPDT2 is a fully functional instrument operated through a miniature custom LCD display and four push buttons, using the same user-friendly interface of all COSA Xentaur hygrometers.  The analog output is linear to the engineering units selected for display and is user configurable. The unit also provides for a 2-wire RS-485 Modbus Interface.

  • USB GPIB (IEEE-488) Interface

    GPIB-USB-HS+ - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    This compact USB - GPIB interface offers full function, IEEE 488.2 interface support via any computer with a USB port. The interface can control up to 14 GPIB instruments. The small size and light weight of this interface makes it ideal for portable applications using a laptop computer or for other applications in which the computer has no available internal I/O slots. The interface works with any Windows OS.

  • VXI Video Processor System

    Model 65VP1 - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s 65VP1 is a Video Processor System (VPS) on a VXI board. Capable of highly accurate video stimulus and measurements, this state-of-the-art instrument is the culmination of over three generations of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) development programs. It provides increased functional density, and it reduces power consumption, size, and cost of the overall system. The 65VP1 is ideally suited for defense and commercial ATE programs, including television applications.

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