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  • Chemical Resistant Chilled Mirror Sensor

    X3 - Edgetech Instruments

    Edgetech Instruments NEW X3 Chemical Resistant Chilled Mirror Sensor exploits the latest advancements in optical sensing and is specifically designed for demanding Process and Laboratory applications. It also offers the advantages of low dew point detection and rapid response. Available in multiple configurations to accurately measure dew point in aggressive background gases including. Ammonia, HCl, SemiCon Gases, Peroxides, Medical Gases, and other reactants.

  • Conductor Damage Test Set

    CD-2M - Lumetronics

    Is designed to carry out tests specified for Switches used for Domestic and similar applications as included under IS:3854:1997. It is used to ensure that Screwtype terminals of switches are such that they clamp the conductor without causing undue damage to the conductor strands. It is a compact and robust andequipment housed in a bench top enclosure. The CD-2M is motorized to allow easy operation. The Instrument is designed to meet the requirements of IS:3854:1997 and other related specifications.

  • Current Transformer Testing System

    KCTS-8000 - Knopp Incorporated

    The Knopp Current Transformer Testing System (Type KCTS-8000) is designed to measure the accuracy of instrument transformers having 1 or 5 ampere secondaries and primaries of up to 8000 amperes. The system uses a high accuracy multi-range current transformer as a reference standard. All ANSI standard burdens are included. The phase angle and ratio errors of the transformer-under-test (TUT) are measured by the built-in Knopp Automatic Transformer Comparator.

  • Deep-Water Gas Analyzers

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    The Deep-Water Gas Analyzer combines membrane separation technology with LGR's cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy technology to provide in-situ measurements of methane or carbon dioxide in waters at depth to 2500 meters. Designed for applications such as ocean acidification, carbon sequestration, methane hydrate and hydrothermal vent studies, these novel instruments incorporate an automated gas handling system to provide real-time measurements of dissolved gases in oceans and lakes.

  • Differential Scanning Calorimeters

    TA Instruments

    Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC) measure temperatures and heat flows associated with thermal transitions in a material. Common usage includes investigation, selection, comparison and end-use performance evaluation of materials in research, quality control and production applications. Properties measured by TA Instruments’ DSC techniques include glass transitions, “cold” crystallization, phase changes, melting, crystallization, product stability, cure / cure kinetics, and oxidative stability.

  • Digital Clamp Meter

    DER EE Electrical Instrument

    A clamp meter is convenient for measuring instruments that allows the measurement of current simply by clamping a wire while being energized without cutting a circuit. In cases of measurement by a multitester and digital multimeter, the circuit must be cut to measure current. In contrast, with a clamp meter, current can be measured simply by clamping a live wire over its sheath. In addition to its simple operation, it allows safe measurement of a higher current.

  • Digital RPM Meter

    Comet Instruments

    RPM meter, is an instrument that indicates the speed. The most common form of the rpm meteris one that measures the speed of a rotating shaft, as in an engine or other machine. Theycommonly calculate speed based on how fast an engine shaft is rotating. This information isgiven in revolutions per minute. A micro-processor calculates RPM from the time period betweenpulses. Existing rpm meter can give us the rpm value, but with more rpm resolution.

  • Digital Static Locator

    350 - ACL Inc.

    The ACL 350 Digital Static Locator is a non-contact meter that indicates electrostatic field voltage and polarity on charged surfaces. This easy-to-use instrument comes equipped with a "Power On/Hold" button, a "Zero" button and a unique retractable one-inch spacer. The meter automatically shuts off after approximately 90 seconds. The easy-to-read 3-1/2 digit LCD automatically updates three times per second.

  • Digitizer Adapter Module For FlexRIO


    Digitizer Adapter Modules for FlexRIO can be used with a PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO or the Controller for FlexRIO to create a high‐performance instrument with customizable firmware. With sampling rates from 40 MS/s to 3 GS/s and up to 32 channels, these modules cover a wide range of requirements for both time- and frequency‐domain applications. Digitizer adapter modules also provide digital I/O capability for interfacing with external hardware.

  • Eddy-Current Sensors

    Lion Precision

    Eddy-Current sensors are noncontact devices capable of high-resolution measurement of the position and/or change of position of any conductive target. Eddy-Current sensors are also called inductive sensors, but generally "eddy current" refers to precision displacement instruments (or nondestructive testing probes) and "inductive" refers to inexpensive proximity switches. High resolution and tolerance of dirty environments make eddy-current sensors indispensable in today's modern industrial operations.

  • Electrical 2D/3D ERT System

    WGMD-10X/V 5/10 Channels - Langeo Co., Ltd.

    WGMD-10X/V Multi-channel 2D/3D electrical resistivity/IP tomogrpahy system is developed basing on years'experience of studying and manufacturing advanced electrical resistivity instruments. It support up to 16 kinds of electrode arrays as wenner array, sclumberger array, dipole-dipole array, cross-hole dipole array and so on, which is widly applys for different geophysical exploration as underground water insepection, metal source detction, landslide investigation and so on.

  • Elmendorf Tear Tester

    TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Elmendorf Tear tester, a computer controlled falling-pendulum instrument, to decide the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, plastics, paper or board. Tear Strength Tester complies with ASTM D1424/5734, ISO 1974/9290, BS ISO 13937, etc. The tearing tester is further enhanced and supported by the easy to use computer. Elmendorf Tear Strength Tester will show its good performance when you do Elmendorf tear test.

  • Fiber Optic Power Meter

    Huihong Fiber Inc

    Fiber optic power meter is a test instrument used for absolute optical fiber power measurement as well as fiber optic loss related measurement .This hand held type fiber optic test equipment features ingenious appearance,wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self calibration function. Fiber optic power meter is a tool for telecom and CATV network.

  • FiberPal Mini OTDR

    OT-8900 - Radiantech, Inc.

    FiberPal OT-8900 series instruments, with power meter built-in, are new miniature, high performance optical time domain reflectometer which is designed as fiber troubleshooter for locating fiber connector, break and imperfections for access networks. It detects event locations along the optical fiber and displays the results on a 7" color LCD display. FiberPal OT-8900 series are light, reliable and easy to use, hence it is ideal for FTTX testing.

  • Flow Meter

    V-Cone - McCrometer

    The V-Cone Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important. With its DP built-in flow conditioning design, the V-Cone is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations in which the long runs of straight pipe required by Orifice Plates, Venturi Tubes, and other technologies are either impractical or unavailable.

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