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read precision values.

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  • Handheld Oscilloscopes, 200 MHz, 2 Analog Channels

    U1620A - Keysight Technologies

    200 MHz2 analog channelsTroubleshoot in any weather with channel-to-channel isolation and a CAT III 600 V safety ratingIdentify glitches easily with dual window zoomView subtle signal details more clearly with up to 2 GSa/s sample rate and 2 Mpts memoryDebug under any lighting conditions with 3 selectable viewing modes (indoor, outdoor and night vision)Get 3 instruments in 1: a dual-channel oscilloscope, built-in DMM and data loggerEasier start-up with 10 selectable languages

  • Hand-Held Testers

    Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    multifunction test instrument comprise of Single Channel Oscilloscope, High precision Digital Multimeter, Function Generator, LCR Meter and Frequency measurement functions . The compact and hand held size with re-chargeable battery makes it your ideal companion for the ideal for on-field operation. Measuring and testing just became easier and more affordable than ever. The high pixel LCD High Density Back-Lit Graphical display with live auto measure functions makes this tool more valuable in test and repair industry.

  • High End Portable Laser Power / Energy Meter

    Centauri - Ophir Photonics

    Compatible with all standard Ophir Thermal, BeamTrack, Pyroelectric and Photodiode sensors. Large 7" Full Color Touch Display. Single and Dual Channel models available. Choose between Digital with Bargraph, Analog Needle, Line Plot, Pulse Chart, Pass/Fail, Position, Stability, and Real Time Statistics displays. Dual Channel Instrument supports Split and Merged Graphical Displays.Sophisticated power and energy logging, including logging every point at up to 10000Hz with Pyro sensors

  • High Level of Customization at an Affordable Price

    TLP - Impulse Semiconductor Inc.

    The Impulse transmission line pulser (TLP) discharge networks are easily integrated with other instruments for a custom system matched for your device and process applications. Specifications include 1-10 nanosecond rise times, up to 40 amps peak, for 10-500 nanosecond pulse widths. It is a proven design incorporating 15 years of hardware and device development experience. Reliable performance over hundreds of processes, and thousands of products. All TLP systems are built by special request, contact us with your specifications or application.

  • HIgh Performance DSP Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC)

    AMC-4C6678-SRIO - CommAgility Limited

    The AMC-4C6678-SRIO is a high performance DSP card, powered by Texas Instruments SoC TMS320C6678 DSPs. It is ideal for a range of high performance DSP processing applications including image sensor processing, telecoms and stepper control. The card features a wide range of connectivity to the backplane and front panel. The RapidIO and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity use on-board switches for maximum flexibility and access to all DSPs on the card.The cores operate at 1.25GHz and have the combined power to process 640 GFLOPS and 1280 GMACS.

  • Hybrid Rheometers

    TA Instruments

    The Discovery Hybrid Rheometer is available in three models to meet your specific needs of sensitivity and capability. From the world’s most sensitive rheometer – the HR-3 – to general purpose HR-1, every Discovery Hybrid Rheometer is built on a common core of the TA Instruments advanced drag cup motor and second generation magnetic thrust bearing. Find out how the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer will improve your rheological characterization by making better measurements, over a wider range of conditions, with less time in the laboratory.

  • IC Package Probing Adapters

    Probing and Analysis Adapters - Ironwood Electronics

    Probing Adapters - Simplifies system verificationNo matter how well designed a circuit is, there is almost always a need to hook up test instruments to it to verify function, look for bugs, or baseline performance. As IC packages become smaller and pin counts grow this becomes harder and harder. probing adapters are required to alleviate this de-bug problem. Many different types of adapters fall into the test and debug category. The common feature is that they bring the signals of an IC out to a format that is easy to interface with test and analysis equipment.

  • Infrared Temperature Measurement

    Newport Electronics

    Is the state-of-the-art instrument for difficult and demanding high temperature (300ºC-3000ºC) applications. It is ideally suited for measurement and control applications involving metals, glass, semiconductors and more. The iR2 is extremely fast and accurate with a response time of 10 msec and accuracy of 0.2% of full scale. Despite it's extraordinary technological sophistication and performance, the iR2 is also incredibly user friendly and simple to configure. The iR2 is designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards backed by a 5 year extended warranty.

  • Keithley Automated Characterization Suite Software

    ACS - Tektronix, Inc.

    Keithley’s Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) is a flexible, interactive software test environment designed for device characterization, parametric test, reliability test, and even simple functional tests. ACS supports a wide array of Keithley instrumentation and systems, hardware configurations, and test settings, from a few bench-top instruments for use in a QA lab to fully integrated and automated rack-based parametric testers. With ACS, users are ready and able to perform tests quickly without the need for programming knowledge.

  • Laser Analyzing Telescope

    Duma Optronics LTD

    The LAT (Laser Analyzing Telescope) is a powerful measuring instrument enabling direct measurement of laser beams or other light sources.The LAT will analyze and display the angular direction of incoming laser beams with resolutions down to 1 micro-radian and accuracy of 1 millidegree (~20 micro-radian).The built-in back Filter Slider allows control of the laser level impinging the detector area. Moreover, a special version will allow angle measurement of cross-like collimated targets to be examined.Results are clearly displayed by the provided software.

  • Long Range One Man Layout & Control Laser

    QUAD 4000 - Laserline Mfg., Inc.

    The Quad 4000 sets up on a tripod like a standard instrument. It has a downward pointing laser plummet through the center of the unit, allowing you to easily get over your point. No offsets! Once rough aimed within its line adjust limit, the system will create a vertical plane forward of the Quad 4000 that will automatically seek the LineLokr module at your second point, lock on, and then stay locked onto your far point. Line can be locked up to 500 feet!

  • Magneto-Inductive Testing

    MAGNATEST® D-HZP - Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG

    The MAGNATEST D-HZP by FOERSTER is the ultimate magneto-inductive test instrument: the fully automatic system tests materials for their properties. It operates in single coil absolute mode, making a comparator coil unnecessary. The combination of high excitation currents and complex evaluation electronic equipment detects even very small structural discrepancies. The MAGNATEST D -HZP also provides comprehensive options for documenting test results, such as test piece statistics, histogram, and test data export, which are displayed clearly on the large color display.

  • Mercury Analyzers

    Teledyne Leeman Labs

    Teledyne Leeman Labs family of Mercury Analyzers are fully automated instruments that address the analysis of solids, semi-solids and liquids. They are equipped to assist today''''s laboratory technician, chemist or lab manager in meeting the myriad of challenges that face today''''s modern laboratory. Our high-performance fully automated analyzers are the number one choice for laboratories searching for a mercury analyzer with a proven track record. We stand behind our mercury analyzers with a no-hassle support team ready to serve you.

  • Modular Switching Devices

    SMX Family - AMETEK VTI

    The SMX series is an extension of VTI’s award-winning EX1200 series switch family. Designed using the same core philosophy of high-density without compromising on performance, the SMX brings instrument grade switching capability to PXI Express for the first time. In addition, the SMX series uses the same switch driver that’s used by EX1200, allowing seamless integration between the product families. This simplifies transition from a low to medium size switch system in PXI Express, to a large scale switch system in the EX1200.

  • Multicore Digital Signal Processor

    SI-C667xDSP - Sheldon Instruments

    Sheldon Instruments offers a complete portfolio of hardware products for a wide spectrum of real time applications in measurement and digital control systems. Our hardware range includes carrier boards that combine DSPs and FPGAs for various PCI/PCIExpress form factors such as slotted/desktop PCI/PCIe, PCI-104/PCIe-104, PMC/XMC, CompactPCI, as well as stand-alone embedded solutions. The DSP-FPGA carrier hardware is complemented by high performance analog and digital I/O modules as well as all necessary accessories like cables and terminal blocks.