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  • Optical Receiver Stress Test Solution

    N4917BSCA - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight N4917BSCA optical receiver test solution is a complete, automated and repeatable solution for optical receiver stress test. It provides repeatable calibration of the optical stressed eye, saving hours of calibration time compared to manual calibration according to IEEE 802.3bs clause 121 and 122. The N4917BSCA solution software enables control and setting of all required instruments for calibration, receiver sensitivity and jitter tolerance test.

  • PAL / B Color Bar Pattern Generator

    CPG-1367A - Lodestar Electronics

    CPG-1367A is designed for repairing and adjusting any defects on TV set in PAL system. The RF range is covering from VHF CH3-CH4. and including color pattern, white raster and four basic patterns. The unit is used of IC circuit, air variable capacitor inner tuner and crystal controlled progressive scanning circuit. Such design of cute and portable type is really an efficient instrument for TV set servicing industry.

  • PCI Arbitrary Waveform Generator


    The TE5300 is a 125MS/Sec, full performance, Arbitrary Waveform Generator on a PCI plug-in card. The single-channel AWG generates waveforms up to 2MS in length. Clock in/clock out connector provides a synchronized platform for up to six plug-in arbitrary waveform generators, as well as for other plug-in instruments. Built in sequencing technology links up to 99 memory segments and repeats each segment up to 32K times.

  • PCI Module

    AWG - Amida Technology, Inc.

    The AWG-50 instrument is a single-channel PCI-based Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) with built-in digitizer. It is a high performance waveform generator that combines many powerful functions in one small package. With 50MS/s waveform update rate, up to 4M byte (16M byte, optional) of waveform memory per channel, you can use the accompanying waveform editor to create and generate many versatile waveforms. The followings is feature highlights of AWG-50.

  • Photovoltaic System Bypass Diode Tester

    FT4310 - HIOKI E.E. Corp

    Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Bypass Diode Tester FT4310 for Photovoltaic Systems. The FT4310, which is designed to test bypass diodes in strings of crystalline photovoltaic cells, can be used to detect open and short-circuit faults in bypass diodes by string either in daylight or at night. The instrument is the first portable device capable of detecting bypass diode open faults in operating panels (without requiring the panels to be shielded from sunlight).

  • Point Universal Cable/Harness Tester

    CableJoG 1024 - CableJoG Ltd

    The CableJoG 512 and CabeJoG 512 Plus provide a flexible testing system to suit individual customer requirements. The CableJoG 512 and CableJoG Plus 512 can test up to 1024 individual connections of all manufacturers of connectors. This simple to use test instrument stores up to 59 separate cable configurations. Each cable that is tested is compared against the stored details to produce a pass, fail, open/short/crossed indication.

  • Portable Dew Point Meter

    HDPM - Hention Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The dew point transmitter of HDPM with high performance of Finland Vaisala Company is adopted as the core measurement unit of the entire system, it integrates multiple up-to-date research achievement and proprietary technology in measurement of dew point, and it is equipped with precision sampling system for sample gas and intelligent digital processing display, and it is one of existing dew point measurement instruments with the most advanced technique and the most powerful function.

  • Portable Methane Detector

    SEM5000 - LANDTEC

    The SEM5000 Portable Methane Detector is the ideal instrument for landfill surface emissions monitoring, reporting and detecting potential leaks at wellheads and surface penetrations. Thanks to our patented laser technology, the SEM5000 is selective, specifically to methane and is able to detect methane emissions from 0.5ppm to 100% concentration. The SEM5000 is ATEX Zone 1 certified and meets all Method 21 requirements, making it the perfect tool for regulatory compliance.

  • Potentiostat Galvanostat

    EnergyLab XM - Ametek Scientific Instruments

    EnergyLab XM is an application specific XM instrument designed for research of batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. EnergyLab XM’s extreme sensitivity is used for advanced testing of lithium ion batteries and alkaline batteries. This includes research in half-cell configurations and next generation low impedance cells in the sub 100 μΩ range as well as popular battery types such as 2032 coin cell testing and 18650 cell testing.

  • Preamplifier

    2721 - Georg Fischer Signet

    Pre-amplification is required to protect the output signal of pH and ORP electrodes from a wide variety of electromagnetic interferences common in industrial environments. Signet 2721 is used if remote pre-amplification is required (e.g. tank temperature >80oC) or connecting another manufacturer's electrode to the Signet 5700 or 8750 instrument. The Signet 2721 should be used with special order sensors built with cables (Signet models 277X-HT or 277X-1-HT).

  • Printed Fabric Durability Tester

    TF179 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Printed Fabric Durability Tester, to determine the durability of garments and garment components, print durability, pleat retention, waddings and quilted waddings, cockling (differential shrinkage), flock retention, crinkle, seersucker and collars and cuffs. Test samples are immersed into the heated detergent and running machine for a specified time. The instrument is designed to meet the requirements of many leading retail stores standard garment and fabric durability test specifications.

  • PXI Hybrid Dual SPDT Coaxial Switch, DC to 26.5 GHz, Unterminated

    M9155C - Keysight Technologies

    The M9155C operates from DC to 26.5 GHz, providing a low-cost switching solution for measurement and automation of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) systems without compromising RF performance. It is used in applications such as ATE, RF communication and RF parametric measurements where a rugged switching module is needed for signal routing. Typical switching applications for SPDT coaxial switches include signal routing of a single input to dual instruments.

  • SafeOne RF Safety Monitor


    The SafeOne is a RF Safety Monitor covering the requirements set forth in WHO ICNIRP specifications. It has a very wide frequency range covering 30MHz to 10GHz, which makes it suitable for use in almost all antenna installations. Due to the innovative lightweight design, technicians can wear this at all times, without the need to constantly be observant of the state of the instrument. The SafeOne is powered with standard batteries, with 250 days of continuous operation.

  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

    Prisma E - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

    Prisma E scanning electron microscope (SEM) combines a wide array of imaging and analytical modalities with new advanced automation to offer the most complete solution of any instrument in its class. It is ideal for industrial R&D, quality control, and failure analysis applications that require high resolution, sample flexibility and an easy-to-use operator interface. Prisma E succeeds the highly successful Quanta SEM.

  • Sclerometer Hardness Tester

    3092 - Elcometer Limited

    The body of the hardness testing instrument contains a cursor fitted with a screw lock and a round tip, compressed by one of the four springs corresponding to the four printed scales:Grey spring: 0-3N (0.671lbF)Red spring: 0-10N (2.248lbF)Blue spring: 0-20N (4.49lbF)Green spring: 0-30N (6.74lbF)The spring force can be set by the “collar”; compressing the spring increases the force with which the tip is pushed on to the surface of the test piece.