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read precision values.

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  • FTIR Benchtop Systems

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent’s FTIR benchtop instruments provide industry-leading sensitivity and efficiency in a variety of materials research applications. We have the system for your needs, whether you require robust and consistent operation for routine petro-chemical analysis, or high sensitivity and a wide spectral range for research in polymer analysis or material science. Our versatile and intuitive Cary FTIR systems can also be enhanced with an extensive portfolio of accessories and supplies.

  • 150MHz Isolated Oscilloscope

    M774 - ETC

    The M774 is a dual channel USB oscilloscope compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 interface. The computer is isolated up to 500Vp from the measuring circuits of the oscilloscope. The ease of installation and connection to computer makes M774 extremely portable. The device is connected to computer using standard USB 2.0 cable and is powered directly from computer. The maximum power consumption of 2.35W makes this instrument highly usable with battery-powered notebooks.

  • Flow Meter

    V-Cone - McCrometer

    The V-Cone Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important. With its DP built-in flow conditioning design, the V-Cone is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations in which the long runs of straight pipe required by Orifice Plates, Venturi Tubes, and other technologies are either impractical or unavailable.

  • Leak Detection

    700 Series - LeakMaster

    It’s leak detection simplified. LeakMaster’s 700 series is not only extremely fast, it’s repeatable, and, best of all, it’s user friendly. Add the fact that the 700 series is configurable for pressure decay leak testing, mass flow leak testing, or differential pressure decay leak testing and you can be confident you have one of the most versatile precision air leak test instruments available..

  • Digital RPM Meter

    Comet Instrumnts

    RPM meter, is an instrument that indicates the speed. The most common form of the rpm meteris one that measures the speed of a rotating shaft, as in an engine or other machine. Theycommonly calculate speed based on how fast an engine shaft is rotating. This information isgiven in revolutions per minute. A micro-processor calculates RPM from the time period betweenpulses. Existing rpm meter can give us the rpm value, but with more rpm resolution.

  • True RMS Multimeter w/ Temperature and Capcitance

    DM393 - UEi Test & Measurement Instruments

    The DM393 is one of our safest Industrial Duty meters ever made. All inputs, ranges and functions protected to CATIII 1000 Volts. Perfect for HVAC and electrical technicians whose applications require higher accuracy measurements and True RMS precision. Built-in temperature means one less instrument to bring to the job. The DM393 has convenient access to battery and fuses without breaking calibration seals

  • PH Calibrator

    Practical Instrument Electronics

    PIE has an pH calibrator to fit your needs from the PIE 235 Voltage Calibrator to the advanced multifunction calibrator with troubleshooting capabilities of the PIE 830. Have you had issues in the past where you are unable to determine if a pH instrument is malfunctioning or if there is a problem with a pH probe? Our pH calibrators can help you find the real problem and get a better calibration than buffer solutions alone.

  • Panel Mount Calibrators

    Practical Instrument Electronics

    Now you can panel mount PIE 820 & 830 Multifunction calibrators. As part of a calibration bench, the PIE 820PM or 830PM provide an accurate multifunction calibrator that is easy to use and may be removed for annual calibration. Panel mounting a multifunction calibrator is useful whether you are putting a calibration bench in your instrument shop, require a manual loading station in a control panel or for use as a built-in process simulator.

  • Frequency Counter Series

    FCA3000/3100 - Tektronix, Inc.

    Offering up to 20 GHz measurements, the Tektronix FCA3000 and FCA3100 Frequency Counter Series pack many different functions into one feature-rich instrument. With unprecedented resolution, you can capture very small frequency and time changes. And with the industry's most comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots, you have the tools you need to quickly and accurately analyze your signal.

  • AXIe 14-Slot Chassis

    M9514A - Keysight Technologies

    The M9514A AXIe chassis is fully compatible with the AXIe 1.0 and 2.0 specifications. The chassis provides 13 instrument modules slots plus an AXIe system slot. An AXIe system module is required and is available separately. The local bus implemented in the M9514A provides the maximum 62 pairs allowed by the AXIe specification. The chassis is designed to be easily maintained. The power supplies and fan trays can be removed while the chassis remains in the rack.

  • Calibration Kit

    FMCK1000 - Fairview Microwave Inc.

    Designed to withstand daily use in high-traffic environments such as in the testing lab or on the production floor. This cost effective calibration kit provides reliable and accurate instrument tuning for all of your test and measurement requirements. Applications: VNA, Full 2-Port CAL VNA, Thru CAL VNA, Substitution CAL method Test & Measurement Lab Equipment Accessories Engineering Test and Evaluation General Purpose Test and evaluation.

  • Charged Plate Monitor

    Model 158A - TREK, INC.

    The Trek Model 158A Charged-Plate Monitor is the premier instrument to evaluate the performance of air ionization systems. It features a user-friendly large 7 inch screen that is active through either touch-screen control or corresponding function keys. The compact design supports superior data collection and data storage capability. The data is displayed in color and may be stored internally or can be easily transferred to a USB flash drive or other USB device.

  • Chemical Resistant Chilled Mirror Sensor

    X3 - Edgetech Instruments

    Edgetech Instruments NEW X3 Chemical Resistant Chilled Mirror Sensor exploits the latest advancements in optical sensing and is specifically designed for demanding Process and Laboratory applications. It also offers the advantages of low dew point detection and rapid response. Available in multiple configurations to accurately measure dew point in aggressive background gases including. Ammonia, HCl, SemiCon Gases, Peroxides, Medical Gases, and other reactants.

  • Conductor Damage Test Set

    CD-2M - Lumetronics

    Is designed to carry out tests specified for Switches used for Domestic and similar applications as included under IS:3854:1997. It is used to ensure that Screwtype terminals of switches are such that they clamp the conductor without causing undue damage to the conductor strands. It is a compact and robust andequipment housed in a bench top enclosure. The CD-2M is motorized to allow easy operation. The Instrument is designed to meet the requirements of IS:3854:1997 and other related specifications.

  • Current Transformer Testing System

    KCTS-8000 - Knopp Incorporated

    The Knopp Current Transformer Testing System (Type KCTS-8000) is designed to measure the accuracy of instrument transformers having 1 or 5 ampere secondaries and primaries of up to 8000 amperes. The system uses a high accuracy multi-range current transformer as a reference standard. All ANSI standard burdens are included. The phase angle and ratio errors of the transformer-under-test (TUT) are measured by the built-in Knopp Automatic Transformer Comparator.