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  • Universal Measuring

    PROFITEST Series - GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH

    The instrument is capable of executing all measurements for testing the effectiveness of safety measures in electrical systems as required by VDE 0100, part 600, and as specified in the individual sections of VDE 0413. Consequently, it's ideally suited for approvals and periodic testing of stationary electrical installations. Thanks to measuring category CAT IV, the PROFITEST Master provides the user with highest possible safety levels.

  • Universal Testing Machine

    QM-Series - Qualitest International Inc.

    The QM-Series Universal Testing Machine is loaded with technical features, ergonomic design and is produced with the highest quality as a benchmark. This instrument is suitable to be used in production lines, where the operator has to be fast and efficient, and accurately control the test, Testing lab environments, where using the advanced software, the users can analyze the test data, have full control on processing, filing, and test management.

  • Vertical Aerosol LIDAR

    LR111-D300 - Raymetrics S.A.

    The LR111-D300 model aerosol LIDAR is an active laser remote sensing instrument, designed to provide a wealth of information about the atmosphere, including unambiguous detection of volcanic ash. It can also provide detailed information on the Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL), including information for air quality and forecasting model validation. With a minor upgrade, the system can provide remote humidity profiling (dusk-dawn only).

  • XRF Core Scanner


    Avaatech core scanner continues to make it the instrument of choice for reliable, rapid and non-destructive analysis of sediment and other samples for top researchers all over the world. With its high-resolution variable optical system and its straight forward XRF analysis, the Avaatech XRF scanner can be used to measure every type of sediment and other samples, providing optimum results in a very reasonable time.

  • Yellowing Resistance Chamber

    Sataton Instruments Technology CO., Ltd

    Yellowing resistance chamber also called as discoloration meter is the professional testing instrument for measurement of yellow resistance performance by simulating sunlight. It is a useful tool for testing the yellowing resistance property of light color materials or products such as white thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer shoe sole or light synthetic materials. The chamber can also be used for printing and packaging industry for deploying chemical dyes.

  • Continuous Well Loggers

    DMPL-3 - Integrated Geo Instruments & Services Private Limited

    The DMPL-3 Continuous Well Logger is a highly portable, sturdy and easy to operate microprocessor-based Digital Multi Probe Borehole Logger. The equipment can be dismantled and carried to remote areas by head-load. The special design features incorporated make this DMPL-3, a highly versatile instrument suitable for high quality data acquisition, an essential pre-requisite to tackle wide variety of geological and geophysical exploration problems.

  • Scanning Probe Electrochemistry Technique System

    SECM470 - Uniscan Instruments Ltd

    SECM is one of the fastest growing of the scanning probe electrochemistry techniques. Its many application areas include the study of surface modification, monitoring of biological activity and imaging immobilized enzymes.The 3300 bi-potentiostat can make ultra-low current, low noise measurements simultaneously at the tip and substrate to extend the instruments ability to address specialist applications in surface science and the study of living cells.

  • 3-Channel Vibration Analyzer

    HD2070.K1 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2070 is a portable vibration analyzer able to perform spectral (option HD2070.O1) and statistical analysis (option HD2070.O2). The instrument can supply all the measurement parameters required by the current normative concerning the operators protection from the risk connected with the vibrations and is able to measure in hand-arm and whole body modes. It is also possible to evaluate the annoyance of persons due to vibrations in buildings.

  • Optical Laser Source & Power Meter

    Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech. Co., Ltd

    Grandway provide a variety of optical network testing instruments to play a stable performance in the process of optical network construction and maintenance.

  • Single Nano Particle Size Analyzer

    IG-1000 - Shimadzu Corp.

    Voyaging into the Single Nano Region The IG-1000 Plus Single Nano Particle Size Analyzer: An Instrument That Goes Beyond the Single Nano Region and Enters the Sub Nano Region This instrument uses the induced grating (IG) method, which is based on a new principle for measuring the size of nanoparticles using the phenomenon of dielectrophoresis and diffracted light. With dynamic light scattering, the conventional method, the light scattered by particles decreases sharply for particle sizes of less than 100 nm. Furthermore, in the single nano region (i.e., particle sizes of less than 10 nm), there are physical restrictions that make it difficult to detect scattered light, and the measurement of particle sizes also becomes difficult. The IG method does not use scattered light and so it is free from these physical restrictions, and does not require the input of the refractive index as a measurement condition. It therefore allows the size of nanoparticles to be measured simply and with high sensitivity,and is particularly effective in the analysis of single nanoparticles.

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

    SEM - Materials Evaluation and Engineering

    JEOL JSM-6610 LV LaboratoryScanning electron  microscopy (SEM) uses electrons for imaging to obtain higher magnifications and greater depth of field than light microscopes. The instruments at MEE are capable of variable-pressure, or low vacuum, SEM (VPSEM), as well as traditional high-vacuum conditions for sample observation. VPSEM is a specialized method using a variable-pressure sample chamber that allows direct evaluation of samples that are not readily examined with a traditional high-vacuum SEM. Nonconductive or vacuum sensitive samples that would typically require additional sample preparation can be directly analyzed in VPSEM without the need for additional sample preparation, such as carbon or metallic conductive coatings. This reduces both sample preparation time and distractions in microanalysis. Our laboratory also has a field emission SEM (FESEM) for critical high-magnification work and low-voltage (LVSEM) applications. Each instrument has a spacious sample chamber that can accommodate large and irregularly-shaped specimens and accessories for feature dimensional analysis and chemical microanalysis.

  • Digital RF Power Monitor

    3024 - LBA Group, Inc

    The COMM-connect 3024 RF Power Monitor from LBA Technology can control up to 8 external RF Measuring heads. The high dynamic range with external couplers and RF measuring heads cover from 1W to 1MW. The Power conversion algorithms handles multi carrier, multi mode, peak, average and RMS signals. The power readout is auto scaled and VSWR can be calculated between any probes. Also the measured and calculated results along with alarms can be shown in the local LCD. The instrument has SNMP support to allow network management. The instrument can be configured for VSWR and Power limits to give alarms. The alarms can be configured to operate relay drivers or isolated Optcouplers. The alarms can also be configured as SNMP traps sending relevant information to the network control center. The COMM-connect 3024 WEB enabled RF Power Monitor gives an unlimited number of applications to monitor and control the last part of your RF network installation from transmitters to the antenna.

  • High Flux Beam Concentrator Simulator

    High Flux Solar Simulator - TS Space Systems

    TS-Space Systems is now proud to announce its world leading solar simulator technology is now available for concentrator high flux beam simulator applications. Class A Concentrator Solar Simulators Our ''Class A'' high flux beam systems are available with the following specifications: 600 suns @ 10mmx10mm area 1200 suns @ 10mmx10mm area Close Match Concentrator Solar Simulators Modifications can be made to our close match ''Unisim'' solar simulators to provide a concentrator solar simulator. This provides the world leading AM1.5 spectral close-match of TS-Space systems in a high flux beam concentrator solar simulator of 40-50 suns. Product support is very important to us. Training is provided at our premises where customers can take advantage of one-on-one tuition with the instrument designers and learn how to operate and maintain their tools. Extensive support via phone and email for the full lifetime of the instrument is included with every TS-Space Systems product.

  • Laser M² Measuring System

    MS-1780 - Ophir Photonics

    The ModeScan Model 1780 is a laser beam profiling instrument that measures the M² Beam Propagation Ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters instantaneously in real time at video rates to over 20Hz. The measurement technique, patented by Photon Inc., uses 10 reflective surfaces to form simultaneous images of the propagating beam at 10 locations on a Model 2512 CCD array camera. With all ten measurement positions acquired at once, the instrument is suitable for measurement of both CW and pulsed lasers down to single-shot rates. Beam diameters are obtained to better than 2% using the BeamPro software. This translates to M² measurements with accuracy to ~5%. The FireWire system operates under Photon’s BeamPro in Microsoft Windows. The compactness of the system and the IEEE 1394a FireWire interface offers enhanced ease-of-use and portability. The ability to operate in any orientation allows for easy placement on any optical bench and saves valuable bench space.

  • Motor/Generator Test Equipment

    IBEKO Power AB

    Winding ohmmeters RMO-M series measure winding resistance of inductive test objects such as electrical motors and generators. Motor test or generator test of winding resistance is especially important for early-stage failure detection.RMO-M series instruments generate true DC ripple-free current with automatically regulated measurement and discharge process. Even more, test instruments are portable and enclosed in a metal casing.Applications supported by DV Power motor/generator test equipment include:Winding resistance measurement of generators and electrical motorsResistance measurement of high-current bus bar jointsResistance measurement of cable splicesAll of the above-mentioned measurements are performed with the highest accuracy. The advanced DV-Win PC software enables collecting both numerical and graphical results. These features provide an easier and more efficient analysis. After the test, a DV-Win software generates a test report a single click. Finally, a user can easily customize the report and save it in different formats, such as XLS and PDF.