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read precision values.

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  • PXI Express Embedded Controller

    PXIe-3975 - Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    • The ADLINK PXIe-3975 PXI Express embedded controller is based on the Intel® Core™ i5 processor specifically designed for hybrid PXI Express based testing systems. A rugged and stable operating environment is provided for a variety testing and measurement applications.• Combining state-of-the-art Intel® Core™ i5-520E 2.4 GHz processors, and up to 8 GB of 1066 MHz DDR3 memory, the PXIe-3975 utilizes two separate computing engines on a single processor, enabling execution of two independent tasks simultaneously in a multi-tasking environment. With a configurable PCIe switch, the PXIe-3975 can support four links x4 or two links x8 PXI Express link capability, with maximum system throughput of up to 2 GB/s.• The ADLINK PXIe-3975 provides flexible scalability with a front panel-mounted ExpressCard/34 expansion slot. Users can extend system function with easily installed ExpressCard modules, such as ExpressCard to USB 3.0, or a bus expansion kit from ExpressCard to PXI/PCI. In addition, the ADLINK PXIe-3975 also provides ample interface flexibility, including dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, one for LAN connection and the other for controlling LXI instruments, four USB 2.0 ports for peripheral devices and USB instrument control, and a Micro-D GPIB connector for GPIB instrument connection, for hybrid PXIe-based testing systems control.

  • 12 MHz Sine/48 MHz Clock Direct Digital Synthesize

    2910A/01 - Novatech Instruments , Inc.

    The 2910A Direct Digital Synthesizer is a bench instrument with an eleven digit LCD display that sources low phase noise sinewaves from 0.000001 Hz to 12 MHz and low jitter clock signals from 0.000001 Hz to 48 MHz. The output frequency is within 5ppm of setting and can be locked to external standards to provide stability and accuracy equal to the external standards.

  • Single Photon Counting Camera

    LINCam - Photonscore

    LINCam is a solution for scanning-free time correlated single photon counting implemented as a camera. This camera resolves x and y positions of individual photons as precise as a CCD with 1000 × 1000 pixels does together with 50 ps accuracy timing. Being paired with a pulsed light source LINCam turns any conventional fluorescence microscope into a powerful lifetime measuring instrument.

  • PXIe, 400 MHz, 1 GS/s, 14-Bit PXI Oscilloscope

    PXIe-5164/784183-01 - NI

    PXIe, 400 MHz, 1 GS/s, 14-Bit PXI Oscilloscope—The PXIe‑5164 high-speed oscilloscope has two channels that sample at up to 1 GS/s with flexible settings for coupling, voltage range, and filtering. PXI oscilloscopes also feature a number of triggering modes, deep onboard memory, and an instrument driver that includes data streaming and analysis functions.

  • Structural Load Monitoring

    SLM - Integrated Test + Measurement

    Since 2001 ITM has installed structural strain based monitoring systems in the pulp & paper and energy generation industries. For these systems, our engineers and field service technicians turn structures into measurement instruments (load cells). Load outputs from the structural load cells are monitored and published by a realtime controller to its local interface or network historians and HMIs.

  • Isolation Amplifier


    A rugged, solid state device which allows single speed inputs to drive separate electronic, instruments without crosstalk or interference. Impact and water resistant, this product is designed to stand up to the tough railroad environment. Compatible with both passive and active axle alternators, our amplifier removes speed signal distortion and reduces axle alternator loading.


    MPK-203x - MEGABRAS srl

    The MPK-203x high-current micro-ohmmeter is a portable, microprocessor-controlled instrument. Has optimized filters and protections for measurements in electrical substations. Can be used to accurately measure very low contact resistances of high voltage circuit-breakers and switches, busbars, etc., with test currents up to 200A. It employs the 4 terminals-method (U/I measuring principle) to avoid errors caused by test leads and their contact resistances.

  • 200 kHz dual domain audio analyzer

    SR1 - Stanford Research Systems, Inc.

    SR1 Dual-Domain Audio Analyzer is a stand-alone instrument that delivers cutting edge performance in a wide variety of audio measurements. With a versatile high-performance generator, an array of analyzers that operate symmetrically in both the analog and digital domains, and digital audio carrier measurements at sampling rates up to 192 kHz, SR1 is the right choice for the most demanding analog and digital audio applications.

  • Melt Flow Rate Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    This testing instrument is used for determining the melt  flow performance of thermoplastic polymers under high  temperature. Nor only higher melting point engineering plastics, such as polycarbonate ,nylon but also lower melting point material such as polystyrene and ABS can be determined by the apparatus. The apparatus can be widely used in production and scientific research of factories, universities and research institutes structure and principle

  • Thickness Gauges

    Hanatek Instruments

    Precision Thickness Gauge is specifically designed to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of a variety of substrates including film, paper, board, foil, tissue and textiles.Operated via an intuitive touch screen interface the instrument will allow the user to define batch size, dwell time & measuring speed.Full test statistics can be easily viewed or printed to label for easy documentation control.

  • Surface Roughness Gauges & Testers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    Surface roughness gauges are used for measuring the surface roughness of a material. GAOTek’s surface roughness gauges are reliable, high quality, and affordable instruments that provide an accurate measurement. They are an efficient and quick means for inspection or testing. Our gauges are compact, easy to carry and portable, allowing the user to work in complex conditions, and are available for sale to the United States, Canada and globally.

  • Pocket-size pressure logger

    DEFI2-DHG & DEFI2-D - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    DEFI2-DHG and DEFI2-D are miniature pressure recorders (depth meters) for long-term observations (DEFI-D and DEFI-DHG are up to 573 days and 52 days respectively and for 1 minute interval observation). These two recorders can be used attached to fishing nets, underwater instruments and moorings. Also, AAA alkaline batteries used by DEFI-DHG and DEFI-D are easily available, reducing the operating costs.

  • Digital output version optical fast DO sensor

    RINKO II / II D - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    Rinko II is a digital output version with a fast-response optical DO sensor. The instrument can be easily integrated on platforms, because it works with communications by RS-232C or RS-485 and an external power (12 to 24V DC).Rinko IID has not only a temperature sensor but also a depth sensor. Their models can monitor DO in real time, if you have a personal computer and an external power.

  • HF Amplifier

    bsw TestSystems & Consulting AG

    Whether a HF amplifier which is mounted in a 19" rack is viewed as an instrument, a system or a component largely depends on the point of view of the application developer. We list this product family here; however we would like to point out that our 19" amplifiers for rack-mount and benchtop applications, as well as modules without power supply, are listed in the "Components" section.

  • Acoustic Microscope

    GEN6 - Sonoscan Inc.

    The Gen6 C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope is the newest generation of Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) instruments and has the most comprehensive range of analytical capabilities, accuracy and resolution. As the follow on product to the firmly established and well known Gen5, the Gen6 has many new analysis capabilities features as well as the new, intuitive, easy-to-use Sonolytics operating platform.