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read precision values.

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  • VXI Synchro/Resolver Simulation And Measurement

    Model 65CS4 - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s 65CS4 is a Synchro/Resolver Simulation & Measurement Instrument on a single-slot VXI board. The board incorporates up to four Synchro/Resolver measurement channels and up to four instrument-grade Synchro/Resolver simulation channels, or up to eight embedded grade Synchro/Resolver simulation channels that can be used independently and/or simultaneously.

  • VXI Synchro/Resolver Simulation & Measurement

    65CS4 - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s 65CS4 is a Synchro/Resolver Simulation & Measurement Instrument on a single-slot VXI board. The board incorporates up to four Synchro/Resolver measurement channels and up to four instrument-grade Synchro/Resolver simulation channels, or up to eight embedded grade Synchro/Resolver simulation channels that can be used independently and/or simultaneously.

  • Water Level Meter

    4677 - OYO Corp.

    S&DL (Sensor and Data Logger) Water Level Meter has a pressure sensor and a data logger as a unified unit. This instrument consists of the unified probe in the water, the battery case on the top of a monitoring well and the cable with bent tube to connect between the probe and battery case.

  • Xenotest

    440 - Atlas Material Testing Technology

    The Xenotest 440 is a highly versatile xenon weathering instrument for a variety of materials. Designed for fast and economical testing, the Xenotest 440 utilizes XenoLogic™, a revolutionary new twin-lamp operating technology which enables high irradiance levels of 120 W/m2 of total UV radiation.

  • SF6 Gas Analysis Systems

    Weshine Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    Discharges during switching operations in SF6 gas-filled plant lead, over time, to increased concentrations of toxic and highly corrosive decomposition products. The use of gas analysis instruments is absolutely necessary to monitor the concentration of harmful decomposition products, thus ensuring long-term plant safety.

  • Workbenches

    Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    We believe that very few testing requirements are identical. We have created Work benches that are flexible to accommodate any testing setup from general to industry specific requirements. The WorkBenches are ergonomically designed instrument panels in vertical position with sufficient table space for working.

  • 4-channel Anemometer

    1570 - KANOMAX USA, Inc.

    The Kanomax 4-channel Research-grade Anemometer is an airflow measuring instrument designed for high performance and precision. When coupled with our highly accurate probes this four-channel anemometer provides highly accurate and reliable data readings. It features a LCD display that displays the data from each channel.

  • Portable Oscilloscope

    IkaScope WS200 - Ikalogic s.a.s.

    IkaScope is a new kind of instrument: It’s a full featured oscilloscope fitted inside a WiFi connected probe. IkaScope takes no extra space on your desk and follows you everywhere with a 1-week battery life. It connects to your computer, smartphone or tablet to display captured signals.

  • Microwave Frequency Counter (up to 40GHz)

    S4382 - Saluki Technology Inc.

    Saluki S4382 series microwave frequency counter adopts microwave sampling technology to realize microwave measurement. The function control, measurement sequence and data processing of the whole measurement process are completed by the internal microprocessor. It is a new generation of intelligent microwave frequency measurement instrument. The instrument adopts medium and large scale integrated circuits and some monolithic integrated circuits with excellent performance, which makes the design of the instrument more reasonable, with low power consumption and high reliability.

  • Battery Fault Insertion Unit

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The Battery Fault Insertion Unit (FIU) provides intelligent switching of cell-simulation channels for the Battery Simulator 1200. The switching capability enables simulation of open-circuit and short-to-rail fault conditions on any cell channel for the purposes of battery management system (BMS) testing. Additionally, a four-wire auxiliary input allows you to connect an external digital multimeter (DMM) instrument to any cell channel for very high-accuracy bypass current and cell voltage measurements. Each FIU provides 24 independently-programmable cell-switching channels for one or two 12-cell Battery Simulator 1200 units. Additional Battery Simulator 1200 and FIU instruments can extend functionality up to 120 series-connected cell channels.

  • Collaboration, Reporting, And Analysis Platform

    Link-Live™ - NetAlly, LLC

    Serving as a centralized site survey, test results, analysis, and tester management system, the free Link-Live™ Cloud Service transforms team workflows with the ability to quickly and easily log, document, and report test activity from all NetAlly hand-held network testers and analyzers. Once the instrument is connected to the Link-Live Cloud Service, your test results are automatically uploaded to the dashboard for project management, analysis, collaboration and reporting. You have the option of uploading additional files, screenshots, images, profiles, packet captures, location information, and comments anytime. Also, certain NetAlly instruments with AllyCare Support can receive firmware updates “over the network” from Link-Live as they become available.

  • Custom Systems

    Nordson Corporation

    If your needs require it, Sonoscan can modify an existing instrument, or create a completely custom C-SAM® system that meets your inspection needs and precise demands.Typically, custom needs may involve the mechanical handling of odd shape or size components, customized software for specific types of data output, electronics enhancements to perform different scanning patterns and data acquisition and other improvements. Many of the past customizations of Sonoscan tools have had broad applications and were incorporated as features into recent model offerings.Sonoscan’s demonstrated efforts to stay at the forefront of nondestructive internal inspection have resulted in customization being a part of our culture. Contact us today for a custom instrument quote.

  • Handheld RF Power Meter

    V3500A - Keysight Technologies

    The V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter is a compact, handheld instrument that makes accurate RF power measurements in both field and manufacturing applications. With an absolute accuracy as good as 0.21dB, a wide frequency range of 10MHz to 6GHz, and a measurement range of -63dBm to +20dBm, the V3500A is suitable for a wide variety of RF measurement applications. Its built-in power sensor eliminates the need for users to carry both an instrument and a separate sensor module. Truly portable, the V3500A fits easily into your hand or a toolkit. An optional belt loop holster or carrying case with shoulder strap is also available. To optimize flexibility, it is capable of drawing operating power from batteries, an AC-DC converter module, or a computer via USB interface.

  • Handheld RH Meter

    635-1 - Edgetech Instruments

    The Edgetech Instruments Model 635-1 is a robust and reliable measuring instrument with the protection class of IP54. The large back lit display allows the user to easily view the dew point, RH and temperature readings. The 635 offers both standard plug-in probes and optional wireless probes that can measure up to a distance of 20 meters. A maximum of 3 wireless probes can be used at one time and can be retrofitted with the 635 at anytime. All probes are equipped with a patented humidity sensor offering long term reliability and guaranteed accuracy based on results from worldwide laboratory tests. The 635 is equipped with a secured carrying strap for safe transporting and has heavy duty magnets on the back to ensure secure attachment at the measuring location.

  • Oscilloscope

    MOSTS6 - Holding Informtest

    *MOSTS6 is the first Russian instrument (oscilloscope) with a direct sampling rate (8bit ADC), 5 Gigasemp / s per channel. M-module MOSTs6 is designed to work as a part of information measuring systems based on the VXI bus magister as a digital oscilloscope. The M-module is made in the form of a triple-width mezzanine, is installed on a mezzanine carrier and is connected to it via a local information highway.*MOSTS6 is designed to convert instantaneous voltage values ​​of an electrical signal into a digital code, measure instantaneous voltage values, measure time intervals between two instantaneous voltage values ​​through two independent channels.MOSC6, according to the conditions of use, meets the requirements for measuring instruments of group 3 in accordance with GOST 22261-94.

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