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read precision values.

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  • PSS Portable Oxygen Transmitter

    OxyTrans - Edgetech Instruments

    The OxyTrans-PSS uses a special micro-fuel cell to measure the oxygen concentration. The sensor meets the industrial requirements for accuracy, sensitivity, easy to use and has a long operating life.The calibration of the instrument for trace oxygen measurements in gas should be done with a known calibrated gas. The concentration can be chosen freely within the measuring range.

  • PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO


    PXI FPGA Modules for FlexRIO offer up to 132 singleended I/O lines configurable as 66 differential pairs as well as large onboard FPGAs for signal processing. You can pair the module with FlexRIO adapter modules that offer highperformance analog and digital I/O. Together, the two modules create a reconfigurable instrument.



    The PXI PROFIBUS Interface Module connects PC-based controllers to PROFIBUS industrial networks as powerful masters or slaves. PROFIBUS interfaces include a LabVIEW instrument driver for human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications. You can perform PROFIBUS device automated test using these interfaces.

  • Refractometer

    AR9 - Reichert Analytical Instruments

    This top of the line refractometer is exceptionally precise with measurement accuracies of 0.00002 refractive index (RI) and 0.02% Brix. With a built-in Peltier thermostat, the AR9 controls the temperature at the sample interface to an accuracy of 0.03°C. Backed by Reichert’s longstanding knowledge in the analytical instruments industry, the AR9 is the perfect match for research and development applications.

  • Rotation Luminaire Goniospectroradiometer

    LSG-1800CCD - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LSG-1800CCD/LSG-1700CCD Goniospectroradiometer is an automatic goniophotometric instrument for luminous intensity distribution measurements with facility for turning the light source. The LSG-1800CCD can do the spatial CCT test when do the intensity distribution test. It is for industrial laboratory measurements the photometric data of luminaires such as LED luminaries, HID lamps, fluorescent lamps and so on.

  • Shallow Water Ice Profiler

    ASL Environmental Sciences

    The Shallow Water Ice Profiler (SWIP) is a real-time acoustic ice thickness measurement (ice draft) instrument for shallow water applications. The underwater components include a low-cost acoustic transducer, a tilt sensor, a high-precision pressure sensor and a temperature sensor, all providing suitably high resolution for shallow water measurements.

  • Solid State RF Microwave Power Amplifiers

    SMXE-2G Series - Instruments for Industry

    Instruments for Industry, SMXE-2G Series Amplifiers provide outstanding RF performance. These products are available in a wide range of power levels from 10 watts to 200 watts in the 10 kHz – 2.0 GHz frequency range. These state-of-the-art solid-state power amplifiers are specifically designed for laboratory and all testing applications.

  • Temperature Calibration

    Process Instruments Inc.

    Process Instruments maintains primary temperature standards for the calibration of Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers. SPRT''s are measured against a Thomas-type Ten Ohm Standard Resistor (a Leeds & Northrup 4211-B), using a Measurements International automated bridge. Primary thermometry points are maintained at the Water, Tin, Zinc and Gallium points.

  • Terahertz Powermeter

    TAS5500 - Advantest Corp.

    The TAS5500 powermeter draws on Advantest's amassed proprietary terahertz analysis technology to deliver measurement accuracy of > (+-) 8%, as calibrated against a primary standard based on the 10.6um standard set by Japan's AIST. It will be invaluable as a basic measurement instrument to researchers in the fields of terahertz spectroscopy, terahertz communications, and other R&D sectors.

  • USB Multi-Instrument


    HandyScope 4: 50 MHz, 4 Channel, USB Multi-Instrument (DSO, Spectrum Analyzer, Voltmeter, Transient Recorder). The Handyscope-4 is the successor of the popular Handyscope HS3. Built for customers that want to extend their measuring capabilities even further, this powerful computer controlled measuring instrument now features four input channels.

  • Leather Thickness Gauge

    UI-FT43 - Unuo Instruments

    Leather Thickness Gauge is used to measure the thickness of leather. Place the sample in a thickness meter under a specified load for a certain time and them read the thickness. Unuo Instruments supply film thickness gauge, film thickness gauge, rubber thickness gauge and etc. Shore Durometer for rubber is also available.

  • AED Analyzer

    DELTA 1500 - Netech Corp.

    The DELTA 1500, AED Analyzer is a unique instrument designed to verify the operation of any Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The arrhythmia recognition and energy charge and discharge functions of the AED may be quickly and easily checked. The DELTA 1500 also measures the delivered energy through an input load that simulates the human thorax

  • Data Analysis Software

    QUICK LOG - ZOGLAB Microsystem Co., Ltd.

    Adopt the leading interactive interface in industry· Fast parameter set and graphic operation interface· Automatically recognize connected instrument, more vivid· Unique auto mode provides immediate report once connected· Support high and low limit alarms statistics· Upport unchangeable report file in PDF format

  • 8-Channel, 10 MHz Precision ReferenceWith Sine and Logic Outputs

    ITS-6200 - Innovative Technical Systems

    The ITS-6200 is a versatile 10 MHz laboratory frequency reference useful for synchronizing test instruments to a common standard. Eight outputs are provided, each which can be configured independently as sinewave or logic level square-wave signals. Additionally, CMOS logic levels can be set for 5V, 3.3V, or 2.5V logic family compatibility. A 10 MHz reference input is provided to phase lock the ITS-6200 to an external reference, such as a GPS or Rubidium standard, or cascade multiple ITS-6200 units for additional outputs. The low phase noise and high stability OCXO within the ITS-6200 is suitable for the most demanding applications, whether free-running or phase locked. The compact size and low power consumption makes the instrument highly portable and suitable for AC-powered operation in the lab or battery operation in mobile or field applications.

  • Digital Power Meter (High Accuracy Model)

    LS2050 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LS2050 digital power meter is a new generation intelligent product which adopts digital sampling technology to analysis of the waveform. It has the following features: • Three windows digital display which reduces reading error, intuitive and convenient • Adopts high speed MCU and high precision A/D to control and measurement • All measured data as virtual value, also suit to signal waveform distortion • Fast test • Equipped with RS232 communicate function, can use upper computer software to carry on remote operation, control and read corresponding data, the test data and waveform could be displayed in the PC, Chinese and English operation interface, high intelligent instrument • This instrument provides two kinds of method to calculate total harmonic distortion (THD), IEC and CSA.