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Generation of electrical, mechanical, data, electrical, vapor or gas states.

See Also: Waveform Generators, Frequency Generators, RF Generators

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  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    T3AWG2K - Teledyne LeCroy

    he T3AWG2K series consists of two affordable dual-channel arbitrary waveform generators, 16-bit vertical resolution, 6 Vpp output voltage (50Ω to 50Ω), 128 Mpts/ch memory, a maximum sampling rate of 600 MS/s and a maximum sine wave frequency of 150 MHz. The T3AWG2152-D mainframe adds 8 synchronized digital channels to the analog outputs, ideal for debugging and digital design validation.

  • Measuring Receiver

    FSMR3000 - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®FSMR3000 is a microwave measurement receiver to calibrate signal generators and attenuators with one single instrument. Most important features provided are tuned RF level measurements, level measurements, analog modulation and spectrum analysis. Additionally, the R&S®FSMR3000 can be equipped with powerful hardware for high-end phase noise test supplementary to the standard phase noise test with the spectrum analyzer.

  • Meter Test Benches


    *A Three-Phase Voltage Generator EE-500 V for voltages up to 500Vac;*Five identical Modules EE-120A, each comprising three-phase current generators from 1 mA to 120A each) and Energy Standard Class 0.04;*Meter Suspension Rack with 5 positions for hanging the meter, Scanning Heads, Electronic Readers, Tariffs, Panic Button, Lamp;*PC with EE Software for control, memorizing, search and print of Reports.

  • Pulse Adapter

    CV30 P300 - Frothingham Electronics Corporation

    The CV30 P300 test station is the highest current 30KW pulser in a series of exponential pulse generators that can be connected to our FEC200E tester. This gives you all the versatility of the proven FEC200 with the addition of high power exponential pulses. For exponential pulses up to the 10/1000, the station can produce 30KW, 1000A, or 300V whichever is the most limiting. The station can also include all of the usual FEC200 tests in the same test program.

  • Full-automatic Capacitance and Inductance Tester

    SFH166 - Shanghai Launch Electric Co., Ltd.

    Full automatic capacitance and inductance tester is specially designed for shunt reactor groups, single reactor in SCV equipment, under the instruction of reactive power compensation experts.Measure capacity of shunt capacitor, assembling single capacitor or group capacitors without removing the windingMeasure inductance of reactor and wave trapper without removing the windingMeasure run-in capacitance of transformers and generators without removing the windingMeasure shunt (discharge) resistance

  • AC Load Bank (Resistive & Inductive)

    K-1000 Resistive & Inductive - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    Kongter resistive & inductive AC load banks are used to simulate the motor loads or other electromagnetic devices working at their rated power factor. Many backup generators and turbines are rated at 0.7, 0.8 or 0.85 power factor and need to be commissioned at nameplate capacity using a combination of resistive and reactive load to fully qualify their operating capability. Using a resistive & reactive load bank enables comprehensive testing from a single unit.

  • AccuDyne™ AC Dynamometer Systems

    SAKOR Technologies, Inc.

    SAKOR Technologies offers the AccuDyne™ series of AC motoring dynamometers. These 4-quadrant dynos offer full motoring as well as loading capabilities. AccuDyne dynamometers can be used for testing active components such as engines and electric motors as well as passive components such as transmissions, generators and alternators. AccuDyne dynamometers are available in models from 5 kW through 3 MW. SAKOR Technologies configures each AccuDyne system to meet customer-specific requirements.

  • Test Executive for Visual Development, Database Storage, and Run-Time Execution of Test Strategies

    TestBase - Spherea Technology Ltd.

    TYX TestBase is a test executive that supports the visual development, database storage and run-time execution of test strategies (also known as test plans or test sequences).TestBase integrates third-party applications such as: test programming languages, document viewers, report generators, database engines, Configuration Management systems and diagnostic tools.Its modular and open architecture enables system integrators and end-users to customize and extend the product and to integrate additional third-party applications.

  • Digital Insulation Testers

    The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    Motwane is India’s first company to design and develop an intelligent digital insulation tester that conducts insulation resistance tests on high voltage electrical equipment. Products like transformers, generators, motor cables, bushings, LAs, and switchgear, are prone to gradual degradation over time due to the adverse effects of temperature, humidity, and dust. The gathered test data allows clients to verify the current quality of insulation, and take appropriate action.

  • AC Load Bank (Resistive/Reactive)

    K-1000 Resistive/Reactive - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    Resistive/reactive load banks are great choices for testing turbines, switchgear, rotary UPS, generators and UPS systems. They can also be used for integrated system testing of utility substation protection systems, particularly for more complex relays like distance, directional overcurrent, power directional and others. A resistive/reactive inductive and/or capacitive load is often required to test solar inverters to ensure solar panels can be stopped from producing electricity in the event of a power outage.

  • Load Banks

    Power Test, Inc.

    Power Test Dynamometer offers a complete high capacity load testing solution with our load bank and gen set testing systems. Capable of testing generators and AC/DC power sources, our load bank systems safely apply electrical loads across the entire spectrum of operation. By offering a one-stop-shop for your Load Bank and it's accompanying data acquisition software, Power Test is committed to Making Your Testing Easy.

  • Multi-Mode Test Transmitter to 6 GHz

    WTX-610 iLLUMINATOR - Consultix

    Wideband operation up to 6 GHz allows the iLLuminator to address all your future needs of signal generators / test transmitters even over unlicensed bands for LTE-U and LAA or the CBRS Band. These features combined with the ultra-portable handheld form factor and innovative touch interface for maximum ease of use make the WTX-610 iLLuminator a convenient choice for laboratory users as well as field applications such as DAS & Small Cells radio planning and testing.

  • Load Bank

    RLB - RARA Electronics Corporation

    RARA manufactures load banks, ranging from small portable units for testing generators to multi-megawatt designs for larger applications. Regular load testing, along with correct battery maintenance, is the best way of ensuring the reliability of standby power systems. It is routine for all newly-installed generating sets to have a load test during the commissioning process in order to prove the performance of the set and all ancillaries-cooling system, exhaust system, switchgear and protection schemes.

  • Partial Discharge Measuring System

    LDS-6 - Doble Engineering

    The Doble LDS-6 is a highly sophisticated digital measuring system for partial discharge detection and analysis. It is trusted as a valuable tool for factory and laboratory testing.The LDS-6 can be used to test a variety of high voltage apparatus. Use the LDS-6 to perform PD quality tests on motors, generators, transformers, MV and HV cable systems, switchgear and additional HV accessories.The LDS-6 complies with IEC 60270, VDE 0434 as well as various IEEE and other standards.

  • PXI Base Module


    The PA72 platform is a platform of flexibility. It consists of a base board and one or two daughter boards. In daughter boards there is choice from several different generators, digitizers, filters, and Flexible Digital I/O modules. Also custom daughter boards can easily be created. This allows you to configure a data acquisition card exactly tailored to your needs. The PA72 concept provides a flexible and cost effective solution for medium and high end analog functions.

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