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  • High Voltage Op Amplifiers ≥12V

    Analog Devices Inc.

    High supply voltage op amps are used in systems that demand the widest dynamic range with the best signal-to-noise ratio. Engineers turn to Analog Devices for high voltage amplifiers that deliver industry-leading performance. Increasingly, new high voltage amplifiers also offer features to improve system performance, cost, and robustness while easing the complexity of system design. New features include integrated input overvoltage protection (OVP), on-chip electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering, higher electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity, and greater resistance to latch-up in both powered and unpowered operations.

  • Electrodynamic Shakers | Electrodynamic Shaker Systems

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    Your product descElectrodynamic shakers makes use of an electro-mechanical assembly to product vibration through electromagnetic force. These electrodynamic shaker systems can precisely generate either single, or multi-axis vibration using sine, random, sine-on-random, or random-on-random accounts. Usually these ED shakers are utilized to figure out the products ability to either run within it’s intended environment, or to target resonance in the product to determine weakness.Any type of product moved by road, sea or air, is subjected to vibration tests throughout its manufacturing procedure. These tests supply essential details relating to the behavior of the manufactured part before advertising and marketing, in order to prevent them breaking in the future.All the vibration tests, both vertical and also horizontal, may furthermore go through temperature as well as relative humidity tests, integrating the vibration test with making use of a climatic chamber. The electro dynamic shakers from Wewon attach to any kind of electrodynamic vibration system.

  • Capacitive Proximity Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Sometimes you need to know what is hidden beneath a surface. Behind a wall, for example, inside a storage container, inside a shipping container, or behind a cover. Capacitive proximity sensors are ideal for level and feed monitoring. From solid material, such as paper or wood, to granules or liquids, they can be relied upon to detect what is happening in the production process and during final inspection. Is there something behind that cover? Is the finished package really full? How much paint is still left in the tank? For capacitive proximity sensors, these are easy questions to answer. SICKs capacitive proximity sensors are never far from the action. Sensing ranges between 1 and 25 mm allow them to be used in nearly all installation situations, making them extremely adaptable for a wide range of applications. These sensors are also remarkably resistant to interference. Impurities, contamination, dust, and airborne spray particles have little effect on them, nor does electromagnetic interference. No wonder they are installed in a wide range of industries, such as food and automotive, or in storage and conveyor systems.

  • Precision Impedance Analyzer (20Hz to 10MHz)

    ST2839 - Saluki Technology Inc.

    ST2839 series precision impedance analyzer is a new generation impedance test instrument by adopting the current international advanced automatic balance bridge principle. Its basic accuracy of 0.05%, the fastest test speed of 5.6ms, the frequency range of 20Hz-10MHz, and the impedance test range of up to 1GΩ can meet the testing requirements of components and materials, especially for low-loss (D) capacitors and high-quality Measurement of Factor (Q) Inductors. The four-terminal pair port configuration method can effectively eliminate the influence of the electromagnetic coupling of the test line, and expand the lower limit of the low-impedance test capability ten times lower than that of the conventional five-terminal configuration instrument.

  • Test Fixture, Shielding Effectiveness

    EM-2108 | 1.5 GHz – 10 GHz - Electro-Metrics Corp.

    The EM-2108 is a standard test fixture for evaluation of the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (SE) of planar materials. The fixture is a section of coaxial transmission line broken to allow the insertion of planar test materials. Although ASTM D4935-10 is currently limited to an upper frequency of 1.5 GHz, the EM-2108 meets and complies fully with both the impedance and SE requirements called out in ASTM test method D4935-10 up to 10 GHz. These results are shown in Figures 1 & 2. The measured data relates to the shielding effectiveness due to a plane wave (far field EM wave) from which near field values for magnetic and electric fields may be inferred.

  • Surge Generator

    SGTEL-168 - Com-Power Corporation

    The SGTEL-168 is a versatile surge generator designed to simulate all the environmental surge transients as described in FCC TIA-968-B (formerly known as Part 68) and Industry Canada CS03 standard. It provides a single box solution Type A, Type B (metallic and longitudinal) and Powerline surges. These surges simulate the effect of lightning on telecom equipment under test. So it is also referred to as Lightning Simulator. The electromagnetic energy from the lightning couples into the equipment by powerline or telecom cable exposed to the lightning directly or indirectly. This model is an upgraded version of SG-168 with windows software control and a user friendly front panel for manual operation.

  • TWTs - Traveling Wave Tubes

    Insight Product Company

    Travelling wave tubes remains a valuable type of amplifier for high output power in the microwave range. Its main advantages are of high output power, big bandwidth-duration and reliability. Insight Product Co. offers TWT packaged tubes providing output power from tens to several hundred watt in a continuous mode and to 1.5-2.0 kw in a pulse mode, and frequency bandwidth of 1.5 octaves. TWT applications include satelite communications (transponders) both on land and on satelite installations, radio relay communication lines, electromagnetic compatability (EMC) testing industry for immunity testing of electronic devices, and radars (maritime, weather, airplanes, land).

  • Basic Heating Module

    QWED Sp. z o.o.

    Microwave heating analysis including loads rotation and translation, frequency tuning, heat flow and material parameters modification as a function of dissipated power. QW-BHM (Basic Heating Module) for QuickWave 3D provides a novel regime of operating the FDTD solver: the possibility of simulating microwave heating problems.The software has been prepared to work in sophisticated regimes, modelling rotation and movement of the heated load(s) even along complicated trajectories, etc. Transfer of the heat generated by electromagnetic fields can be modelled with external or internal Heat Transfer Module or by coupling QuickWave 3D simulations to external computational fluid dynamics packages.

  • Spiral Antenna UHF Trafo

    Techimp HQ S.r.L

    UHF Spiral antenna is a partial discharge sensor designed to receive electromagnetic (EM) emissions from a PD occurring in the monitored asset. It is a broadband antenna with a flat response which makes Spiral antenna suitable in a number of different applications. It has been optimized to operate in a frequency range typical for PD activity and it was designed to provide maximum sensitivity and high gain. Its compact and robust design (passive sensor) makes Spiral antenna the optimal sensor for direct installation on high voltage Transformers. It can be virtually applied in any electrical equipment provided that it has apertures or EM transparent surfaces. Contact our sales department for consulting.

  • Belimo Energy Valve

    BlueLight Technologies

    The Energy Valve is a pressure-independent valve that measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electromagnetic or ultrasonic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors. The Energy Valve also has the patented Power Control and Belimo Delta T Manager logics built-in that monitor coil performance and optimize the available energy of the coil by maintaining the Delta T. In addition to the standard analog signal and feedback wiring, it communicates its data to the building management system via BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP. The built-in web server collects up to 13 months of data that can be downloaded to external tools for further optimization. Some of these features contribute to LEED points.

  • EMCTD Broadband RF Safety Systems

    LBA Group, Inc

    The EMCTD analog Smart Fieldmeter® is easy to read and to operate. The EMCTD broadband electromagnetic probe covers the 0.2 to 3000 MHz spectrum where most common industrial, communications, medical and government RF emitters are found. The ANGPE-3000  system enables checking of home, office, and workplace RF levels. The system is designed to conveniently measure RF levels around WiFi access points, RFID systems and rooftop antennas; to find transmitter cabinet radiation, locate transmission line leaks, to identify non-radiating antenna elements, and much more. With the supplied NIST-traceable calibration, this system supports laboratory testing of RF devices in compliance with present EMC and RF safety standards.

  • EMPro Core + FEM + FDTD + Compliance Bundle

    W2404BP - Keysight Technologies

    The W2404BP Bundle provides you with both time domain and frequency domain simulation technology in one package. This bundle enables you to draw arbitrary 3D objects, import existing 3D CAD objects and run both Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulations and Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations, all from the Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) 3D EM Platform. You can also perform regulatory compliance testing for applications such as hearing aid compatibility (HAC) and specific absorption ratio (SAR). The FEM simulator license included in this bundle can also be used to run FEM simulations from the Advanced Design System (ADS) circuit design environment.

  • Instrumentation Amplifiers


    electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) high-intensity radiated field (HIRF) testing, military testing, electronic warfare simulation and scientific applications are based on the same switched-mode power supply technology as its rugged amplifiers. As a result, these instrumentation amplifiers have all the same performance and reliability advantages as the rugged product line, but have been neatly re-packaged into compact, lightweight and affordable rack-mountable units more suitable for less demanding physical environments. CPI TMD's new modular design (the PTCM range) has many user benefits, including advanced self-diagnostics, ethernet interfaces, remote management, VSWR protection and plug and play field replaceable power supplies.

  • Relay And Protection Testing

    Ponovo Power Co., Ltd.

    As the first protection relay test set manufacturer in China, PONOVO has been always offering reliable protection relay testing equipment for customer for more than 20 years. More than 20,000 relay test kits has been supplied to users in China and other countries, including 6-phase, 3-phase, single phase relay test sets, capable of testing all kinds of protection relays, from electromagnetic relays, solid state, numerical, microcomputer relays and digital relays based on IEC61850 as well as other testings, such as, energy meter, transducer, etc. With various models with different specifications, users can definitely choose the model suitable for their testings.

  • RF Conducted Immunity Test System

    RFCI61000-4-6 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    RFCI61000-4-6 RF Conducted Immunity Test System is an automatic test system which is for the conduction sensitivity testing, it is fully meets IEC61000-4-6.2006, ISO11452-4, GB/T17626.6-2008 and GTB152B-CS114 etc standards. RFCI61000-4-6 internal source and broadband power amplifier can be generated 3 voltage test levels: 1v, 3v and 10v, and has the function of the real detect output level. It has two operation software which is calibration software and test software. When measuring, the signal is in 1 KHZ sine wave amplitude modulation system (80%) to simulate the actual harassment, and can through the coupling/decoupling network (CDN or electromagnetic clamp) to make the harassment signal coupled to the device.

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