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  • Preamplifier

    2721 - Georg Fischer Signet

    Pre-amplification is required to protect the output signal of pH and ORP electrodes from a wide variety of electromagnetic interferences common in industrial environments. Signet 2721 is used if remote pre-amplification is required (e.g. tank temperature >80oC) or connecting another manufacturer's electrode to the Signet 5700 or 8750 instrument. The Signet 2721 should be used with special order sensors built with cables (Signet models 277X-HT or 277X-1-HT).

  • 19" Enclosures for 6U VME VPX Boards

    R4U8S - Kontron AG

    The R4U8S is a 4U height 19'' Rack Mount Industrial Chassis featuring 8 slots of either VME or cPCI 6U size boards. The R4U8S has successfully passed the mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic EMC/EMI qualification tests required by our customers. Its modular design enables to fulfil the requirements of application areas ranging from the environmentally benign right through to deployed industrial, airborne and naval applications.

  • Antenna, Loop Sensor

    EM-6873 | 20 Hz – 100 KHz - Electro-Metrics Corp.

    The EM-6873 Loop Sensor Antenna uses passive circuits to transform magnetic field components between 20 Hz – 100 kHz to an equivalent open circuit two-terminal voltage on the receiving instrument. Use of the conversion Factor Chart, supplied with each antenna, will yield the strength of the magnetic induction field referenced to a uniform field. The loop is electrostatically shielded and therefore is sensitive only to the magnetic component (B-field) of the electromagnetic fields.

  • RF Safety Monitoring

    MVG EME Guard XS 6GHz - LBA Group, Inc

    The EME Guard XS is an RF measuring device to alert workers near RF emitters for protection of climbers and other RF-exposed workers. It continuously scans for electromagnetic waves and, via its built-in alarm and visual system, alerts users whenever the acceptable pre-selected limits have been exceeded. This RF Safety PPE is extremely easy to use and supports a safer working environment in the areas of installation and maintenance.

  • Modeling Capacitors, Inductors, Insulators, Coils, Motors, and Sensors

    AC/DC Module - COMSOL, Inc.

    The AC/DC Module is used for simulating electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields in static and low-frequency applications. Typical applications include capacitors, inductors, insulators, coils, motors, actuators, and sensors, with dedicated tools for extracting parameters such as resistance, capacitance, inductance, impedance, force, and torque.

  • Helmholtz Coils


    Helmholtz coils is a candidate test apparatus for low frequency magnetic field susceptibility testing on military equipment and subsystems. Use of this coils reduce electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) qualification tests time, and subject the equipment under test (EUT) to a relatively uniform field.

  • Compliance Test Systems

    LMG Test Suite - ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH

    The ZES ZIMMER test system LMG Test Suite tests in accordance with the currently valid version of EN 61000-3-2/-12 or EN 61000-3-3/-11 and also supports measurements per ECE R-10.4 Annex 11 (e.g. electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles). As a manufacturer of precision power measurement technology, we are represented on the international standards committee. As a result, changes in standards are immediately incorporated into our test systems.

  • High Frequency Transformers

    Osborne Transformer Corp.

    Osborne High Frequency Transformers are isolation transformers and auto-transformers that operate at frequencies higher than 50/60 Hertz. Osborne recommends high frequency operation for certain applications that demand a significant reduction of the physical size of electromagnetic components. Osborne helps our clients take advantage of higher frequency designs by identifying and accommodating (or preventing) high frequency loss characteristics, such as skin-effect losses, proximity effect losses and stray losses.

  • Horn Antenna

    Techimp HQ S.r.L

    Horn antenna is a partial discharge sensor designed to receive electromagnetic (EM) emissions from a PD occurring in electric assets like GIS and GIL or MV and HV power transformers. It is a broadband antenna with a flat response which makes Horn antenna suitable in a number of different applications. It has been optimized to operate in a frequency range suitable for PD activity monitoring and it was designed to provide maximum sensitivity and high gain.

  • Shallow TEM Magnetic System

    WTEM-2Q - Langeo Co., Ltd.

    WTEM-2Q time domain shallow TEM system is one of our latest researchers, with all functions and advantages of domestic and oversea shallow transient electromagnetic survey systems, integrated with WTEM-1J/GPS TEM system receiver and WTEM-1X low-power transmitter. It features high transmitting power, short turn-off time, high reliability, strong anti-interference performance (atmospherics, 50Hz or 60Hz industrial frequency interference), lightweight and low power consumption.

  • Signal Conditioning

    Acces I/O Products, Inc.

    Sensors that are used to collect the data from the environment often don’t produce signal of characteristics optimal for an analog to digital converter (ADC) to translate to digital data. Additionally, these signals can be subject to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that introduces noise, having a negative impact on the reliability of the data. To make this analog input readable for the processing unit and dependable enough to give the desired quality of data the signal has to undergo a process of signal conditioning.

  • Temperature Data Logger

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    The temperature recording in a process is the most common and widely required application in any process. The commonly used temperature sensors are RTD Pt100 / Pt1000/ Cu53 / Thermistors and different kinds of Thermocouple. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference, the temperature signal is converted to 4-20mA and is carried to the logger. Our range of Temperature Data Logger includes Temperature Humidity Logger, RTD Data Logger, Thermocouple Data Logger and Flameproof Data Loggers.


    Type RAS-1 - National RF, Inc

    Called the RAS-1, the receiver is designed for ultra low and very low frequency scientific research work, including the exploration of low frequency emissions due to seismic and earth-quake activity, study of atmospheric phenomenon such as "whistlers", and low frequency Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID) and electromagnetics phenomenon. The RAS-1 will receive signals from under 200 Hz. To over 250 KHz in both narrow bandwidth modes as well as broad badnwidth reception.

  • RFID Software

    GAO Tek Inc.

    Radio Frequency Identification technology, commonly referred to as RFID, uses electromagnetic fields for the purposes of identifying and tracking objects. More recently, the technology has moved into mainstream applications that speed up the handling of manufactured goods and materials by attaching RFID tags to them. RFID technology has been around since the 1970s but its high cost and limited practical applications have discouraged its use up until recently.

  • ICon EMI

    Virginia Panel Corporation

    *VPC's iCon EMI connector features all of the same benefits as the iCon, but with Electro-Magnetic Interference Protection*"Mate First, Break Last" feature connects the earth ground circuit*Earth ground terminal prevents user shock and injury*Threaded metal coupling adapter on ITA allows for max cable bundle of 1.50 sq. in.*Fully wired connectors are available with flying leads*Note: Click here for info on ITA backshells and conduits.

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