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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Professional Handheld

    ST5S - Advance Devices Corp.

    *Built-in high-precision LCR probe*Convenient one-hand operation*Ideal for Surface Mount Devices*Automated component identification*Automated test range selection*Manual C, R, L, Z and ESR modes*Test signal levels 0.5 and 1.0Vrms*Swiss-made precise test leads*Diode Polarity/Short Testing*Secondary D, Q, ESR parameters*Portable and ergonomic design*Built-in Li-Ion battery*Universal Micro USB charger*High visibility OLED display

  • GHW Series 13.56 MHz, 1.25, 2.5, And 5.0 KW High-Reliability RF Plasma Generators

    MKS Instruments

    The GHW Series RF power generators deliver maximum rated output powers of 1250, 2500 and 5000 Watts at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. The GHW generators offer field-proven reliability, exceptional stability, and unsurpassed repeatability for high uptime and process yield. They are ideally suited for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), High Density Plasma CVD (HDPCVD), etching and other thin film applications during the manufacture of integrated circuits, flat panel displays, and data storage devices.

  • Dissolved Gas Systems

    MKS Instruments

    Dissolved gas in deionized water has been widely adopted in manufacturing processes in Electronics, Semiconductors, Flat Panel Displays and Solar applications. These wet techniques increase manufacturing productivity in particle lift-off and wet clean operations. Dissolved gases such as Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide and Ozone are environmentally friendly alternatives to heavy chemicals like sulfuric acid and peroxide acid solutions. MKS offers a large product line of Dissolved Gas systems that improve wet cleaning operations.


    MDTT9107 - Matco Tools

    *Tests truck-side brake controller output and all towing-lighting functions without a trailer*Displays real-time brake controller output gain and timing*Quickly troubleshoots electrical circuits and ground condition*For use with aftermarket and integrated brake controllers*Microprocessor controlled; simulates trailer brake loads*25' cable allows one-man, in-cab testing of brake controller and all truck-side tow circuits*Use to verify that the vehicle’s adaptive (speed/load sensitive) brake-controller output is functioning properly

  • Single Phase Reference Standard Meter

    Signals & Systems India Private Limited

    The Single Phase Portable Reference Standard (SPRS-1102) from SANDS is a portable meter test equipment that helps to calibrate the error present in the single-phase energy meter i.e. the meter under test (MUT). The SPRS supports both static and electro-mechanical types of meters. It can also be used to compute the voltage, current, energy, phase angle etc of the meter under test. It has an LCD display and an alphanumeric keypad to suit the user. It can be interfaced with the PC for analysis. It has the capability of storing 1000 test results.

  • SureTest® Circuit Analyzer

    61-164 - IDEAL Industries, Inc.

    *Measures voltage drop under load**Hot and neutral conductor impedances*Estimates Load on Line (ELL) up to 15A*Tests GFCIs and EPDs for proper operation*Super-bright OLED display*High accuracies*True RMS*Line and peak voltage*Identifies proper wiring in 3-wire receptacles*Identifies false (bootleg) grounds*Tests without disturbing sensitive loads*Verifies isolated grounds (with 61-176 adapter)*2-year warranty*12A, 15A, 20A load tests

  • Signal Analyzer

    bsw TestSystems & Consulting AG

    The simplest way to measure the phase noise is to compare the Device-Under-Test (DUT) to the source of a spectrum analyzer. With the SA set at the same frequency as the OUT, you see the sum of the SA's and DUT's sideband-power spectrum on the SA display. It is a simple and straight forward method well suited for free running VCO's where the SA is easily an order better.You can improve on this method by establishing a Phase Lock (PLL) between the DUT and the Local Oscillator and create a zero-IF or base-band spectrum analyzer system.

  • 350 MHz RF Frequency Counter, 10 digits/s

    53210A - Keysight Technologies

    Single-channel, RF frequency counterOne 350 MHz input channel, plus optional second channel (6 GHz or 15 GHz)10 digits/second resolutionBuilt-in math analysis and color, graphical display (trend and histogram)LXI-C/LAN, USB, GPIBOptional: Lithium Ion BatteryBenchVue software enabled: Do more with your PC and instrument together, no programming required. Easily control your counters, quickly build automated tests and log data for faster analysis and save precious time.

  • Digital (1kV below) Insulation Tester

    1161 IN - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● Measures insulation (MΩ), Continuity (Ω) and AC voltage.● Three insulation test voltages(DC V) : 250V, 500V, 1000V.● 3½ digital LCD (2000 counts).● 68 × 34mm (2.677” × 1.338” ) large LCD display.● Waterproof design, protection class : IP54.● Automatic circuit discharge.● Test insulation at rated voltage into a 1mA load.● 200mA short circuit testing current for continuity.● Auto ranging.● Fuse protection.● Data hold function● BS 16 edition.

  • Pendulum Impact Testers

    NI Series - NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    NI Series Pendulum Impact Testers are used to detect the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic loads. It can conduct large quantities of metal impact tests continuously, display the impact absorbing energy and pre-elevation rotation angle of the pendulum and print test reports. It is useful not only for manufacturers of metal materials and quality inspection organizations, but also for research institutes for analsysi of new materials. It can use automatic sampling system to greatly improve the test efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of testers.

  • SMR Insulation Resistance Tester

    Xi'an Sifang EM Co.,Ltd

    1.Used for testing the insulation of the kinds of electrical device; 2.With the fucntion of Automatic testing the insulation resistance,porlarization index,absorption ratio; 3. Automatic transfer the testing range,easy to read; with the large output current,and can charge the Capative load quickly; 4.Battery power ,with the self-check function; 5.Large capacity, strong antiinterference, simulate the pointer and digital synchronous display, AC and DC, automatic calculation of various insulation index (absorption ratio, polarization index)


    EMSYST Ltd

    The Phantom Load consists of two units: Unit 1 EE-120A-3 Three-Phase Current Generator up to 120A Unit 2 EE-500V-3 Three-Phase Voltage Generator controlled from unit 1 via RS485The Phantom Load is able to generate three-phase voltages and currents with unprecedented stability and measurement accuracy. The amplitude and phase-shift of each current and voltage is individually adjustable. The generated values of voltage, current, power, power factor, phase shift, THD and frequency are indicated on the LCD display.

  • Automotive Power Supply Immunity Test System

    SKS-3750 - Shanghai Sanki Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.

    The automotive power supply immunity test system is operated by the 7-inch touch screen front panel, and the 485 host can control multiple slave devices; EUT voltage and current real-time display and compensation function; waveform P1, P2a and P3 combined integrated equipment ; new ISO7637-2.2011 The standard and the standard of many car manufacturers; Ethernet interface, can use the upper computer software to control the waveform output; Built-in 50V/30A coupling decoupling network, the network has a higher capacity of 60A.

  • Function Generator

    FG-109 - PINTEK Electronics

    *FG-109 is a function generator with a high resolution of 10MHz DDS.*Various output waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse, Anti-Pulse.*Variable DC offset control : ±10V(no load).*Store / Recall. 20 settings*Counter up to 60MHz high frequency.*AM with internal and external carry.*Sweep mode with Linear and Log slope.*FM wide modulation range up to 10 times.*The signal Attenuate can be -20dB or -40 dB.*USB terminal for computer operation.*LCD Display

  • Network Sensor Interface for USB Pressure Transducers

    SI314 - Validyne Engineering

    The Validyne model SI314 is a network interface that connects our model P61 USB pressure Transducer to your smart phone or network web browser. The SI314 supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections and will display current pressure readings and transducer status on any web browser or via smart phone. The SI314 also displays the transducer temperature, date of calibration, model and serial numbers and these can be viewed wirelessly or by Ethernet connection. The SI314 makes your P61 accessible from anywhere in the world. Data logging of pressure data is configured via a web browser or smart phone and readings may be stored once per minute to once per hour. A thumb drive or memory card collects the data in comma separated file format(csv) for download to your computer. The data may also be accessed via the network. A graph of the data is also generated on request. A Twitter function allows pressure data to be tweeted from the SI314 at user-defined intervals. The transducer zero and span calibration adjustments are password protected and operated via browser buttons. No potentiometer adjustments are required to calibrate the P61 transducer. Contact our Sales Department for a link to the Demo!