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illuminates image signaling.

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  • High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber

    GDJS/GDJW - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    •The chamber is produced by SUS304 Steel, the temperature keeping material is produced by Polyurethane hard foam and ultra-fine fibre glass, the doorframe heat insulated by Double high temperature aging silicone rubber door sealing strip. •The temperature controller is used by Korean TEMI display in English/Chinese and German Siemens PLC, it can be communicated to PC via RS-232. The temperature accuracy is 0.1℃ and humidity is 0.1%R.H •The temperature sensor is platinum PT100 Ohms/MV resistor •The heating system is full separately system which produced by Nickel chromium alloy electric heating type heater •The cold system is applied by fully enclosed fan cooled single-stage and cascade refrigeration mode, the compressor is from France TECUMSEH brand which can allow you get after sales support from many countries •The cyclical system is applied by High temperature low noise air conditioning type motor and Multi blade centrifugal wind wheel •The safety self-protection function include Electric leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, compressor pressure, overload, over-current protection •Working Power: AC380V±10% 3phases and frequency 50Hz/60Hz •Working Environmental: Temperature is 5℃~+30℃  Humidity ≤85%R.H

  • Media Files Player/Viewer/Analyzer/Converter

    VQV - VideoQ Inc

    VQV is a compact, but powerful program, featuring: Raw YUV/Y4M/BMP files player with sophisticated viewer/analyzer functionality Wide range of frame sizes, input and output formats; powerful "Save as" file format converter Displays XY positions, YUV and RGB levels of every pixel; switchable zoom ratio and signal gain Automatic measurement of Active Image size and position – LetterBox and PillarBox detector YUV and RGB levels display, video frame information, Black Crash and White Crash statistical analysis Built-in high-gain spatial and temporal high-pass filters reveal even hardly visible artefacts Selectable RGB, Y, UV, R, G or B view channels, adjustable filter mask size and position Right-click submenu allows fast creation of snapshots or thumbnail .BMP images Running multiple VQV instances provides for quick frames/profiles comparison and benchmarking Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video camera, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance Input and output uncompressed video material data – bit by bit, pixel by pixel, frame by frame Fast and effective tool for 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI/HDMI/LAN/WAN equipment testing and video data fidelity verification Ideal tool for development labs, software developers and high volume manufacturers

  • SMARC Short Size Module with NXP i.MX 6 Multicore Arm® Cortex®-A9

    LEC-iMX6R2 - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    The SMARC ("Smart Mobility ARChitecture") is a versatile small form factor computer Module definition targeting applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance. The Modules will typically use ARM SOCs similar or the same as those used in many familiar devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. Alternative low power SOCs and CPUs, such as tablet oriented X86 devices and other RISC CPUs may be used as well. The Module power envelope is typically under 6W. The Modules are used as building blocks for portable and stationary embedded systems. The core CPU and support circuits, including DRAM, boot flash, power sequencing, CPU power supplies, GBE and a single channel LVDS display transmitter are concentrated on the Module. The Modules are used with application specific Carrier Boards that implement other features such as audio CODECs, touch controllers, wireless devices, etc. The modular approach allows scalability, fast time to market and upgradability while still maintaining low costs, low power and small physical size. To stress on its low power consumption feature, ADLINK has named SMARC products as LEC (Low Energy Computer on module) series.

  • Voltage Variable Attenuators

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    Our portfolio of voltage variable attenuators includes models covering octave broadband frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz while boasting low insertion loss and wide dynamic range. Moreover, these modules display excellent VSWR over all attenuation levels. CW input power is rated up to +23 dBm. Each unit is designed into rugged coaxial packages to meet MIL-STD-202 environmental conditions. In most communications systems, the RF components used (transmitters, receivers, mixers, multipliers, attenuators, amplifiers, VCO's, phase locked loops, etc.) may require specific power levels to run optimally. These power levels may differ from one component to the next in a system network and may require the attenuation level to be finely adjusted to account for changes in received signal levels or to optimally match the input power into a sensitive circuit. Pasternack's new PIN diode-based voltage variable attenuators (VVAs) provide accurate control and broadband flatness where the output level can be adjusted continuously by varying an analog voltage on the input control line. These VVA's are ideally suited for use with variable gain amplifiers, power level control, feed-forward amplifiers, and automatic level control (ALC) circuits.

  • Data Logger Software Module

    Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.

    *Data logger and monitor*Records binary or text files which can be processed by other software*Bar graph and numeric display*Level recording if signal exceeds threshold*Adjustable trip delay*Pre- and post-triggering*Recording of vibration acceleration*VM-REC+ also for velocity and displacement*RMS, positive, negative and unsigned peak values, instantaneous value*Up to four signals per window*One VM-REC license can be operated simultaneously up to four times with different settings *External Messengers*Offline measurement

  • Signal Conditioners

    Load Cell Central

    Our load cell signal conditioners / amplifiers are just the thing when a digital display is not required, for example, applications in which the weighing system is controlled or monitored by a computer or PLC. These units supply the needed excitation voltage to power up the load cell(s). The wide range of models offered provide a variety of accuracy and frequency response levels, and signal outputs such as 0-10VDC, +/-10VDC, 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, USB, and frequency. Both AC & DC powered units are available.

  • Output Fiber Optical Node

    SR802P - Hangzhou Softel Optic Co., Ltd.

    SR802P is our latest high-class CATV network optical receiver. 2-way output FTTH CATV optical receiver. Compact and reasonable structure, ABS cover. high performance and low price is available for your network engineering. Optimized circuit design coupled with our 10 years professional design experience, make the equipment achieve good performance indexes. Microprocessor control, digital display the parameters, the engineering debug is especially easy. It is the main equipment to build the CATV network.

  • Laboratory Freezer

    FZ Series - Darwin Chambers Company

    The FZ series laboratory freezer chambers are designed for performance specifications exceeding FDA and ICH requirements. The FZ series freezer chambers comes standard with the following performance: Solid- State Temperature Control. Autodefrost. Standard Microprocessor Controller with PID, Autotuning, programmable alarms (hi/lo), ability to ramp/soak, process variable and setpoint variable offset, dual display of actual temperature and setpoint temperature (process variable and setpoint variable). Controls are able to be quickly exchanged for future upgrades or repair.

  • 1310nm Direct Modulated Optical Transmitter

    ONT-8600AR - Hangzhou Huatai Optic Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Huatai 1310nm direct modulation optical transmitter, adopts high linearity DFB laser of famous brand in the world, and builds-in perfect pre-distortion adjustment circuit and laser APC, ATC closed loop control circuit. All the operating parameters are controlled by microprocessor, and the LCD screen on the front panel can display relative operating status and the fault information. ONT-8600AR has all the technical characteristic and function of ONT-8600AS. For its rainproof structure, it can be installed outside and its power supply is 220VAC or 60VAC optional.

  • T8997 Air Leak Tester/Flow Tester ALL IN ONE

    ForTest Italia Srl

    A touch of innovationThe new T8997 leak tester was designed with the idea of combining two different types of measurement in a single instrument, making it suitable for leak tests and flow tests.The new video controller “ForTest MMI” brought a superior level of human-machine interaction, thanks to an innovative capacitive panel in tempered glass, around a splendid 6.2” colour display.Parameter programming is much faster thanks to the new numerical keyboard integrated in the menus, and the big display makes viewing even clearer of the test cycle.

  • Digital (1kV below) Insulation Tester

    2751 IN - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Timer for test function (count 3-5 minutes).● Three insulation test voltages(DC V) : 250V, 500V, 1000V.● 3½ digital LCD (2000 counts).● 68 × 34mm (2.677” × 1.338”) large LCD display.● Automatic circuit discharge.● Test insulation at rated voltage into a 1mA load.● 200mA short circuit testing current for continuity.● External voltage warning indication.● Fuse protection.● Data hold function● Auto power off function.● BS 16 edition.

  • Noise Dosimeter

    doseBadge5 - Cirrus Research plc

    The doseBadge5 is the next generation doseBadge noise dosimeter from Cirrus. It provides all of the unique features of the original doseBadge such as no controls, cables or displays with a range of new functions and features allowing it to be used for compliance with any occupational noise standard. Wireless communication to the dBLink App (for Android and iOS) or the doseBadge5 Wand allows the instrument to be configured and controlled without user intervention. Measurements can be scheduled to start, pause and stop automatically with the timer functions allowing the doseBadge5 to be deployed quickly and easily.

  • Electrical / Air / ABS Tester

    Inspector 925 - LITE-CHECK

    The Advanced ABS diagnostic trailer tester with brake and light testing takes the guesswork out of trailer repairs. LITE-CHECK 3-Step ABS Process will cut ABS troubleshooting time in determining ABS problems. The Inspector 920 includes all of the PLC ABS codes dating from 2001 and with the latest Roll Stability codes eliminating multiple operations and tools in one simple process. The tester automatically identifies the ABS ECU issues and displays the necessary information to make repairs.

  • Imaging Photometers

    Westboro Photonics

    Westboro Photonics offers an intelligent selection of imaging photometers. With a wide range of resolutions, an assortment of lenses, flexible software, and cooled systems, our products are unmatched in the marketplace. We provide three series of photometers to satisfy almost any 2D luminance-based measurement need. Applications including Graphics Testing, Beam Pattern Distribution, Flat Panel Displays and Avionics Panel Balancing are handled with ease, thanks to our robust design, extensive calibrations, and flexible, intuitive analysis software.

  • EHC-09 Ultrasonic Corrosion Thickness Gage - Color

    EHC-09C - Danatronics Corporation

    Danatronics offers our EHC-09 Color Wave series as the top of the line gages for corrosion applications. The EHC-09 Color Wave offers many standard and practical features including a sunlight readable color display with live A-Scan, echo to echo to ignore coatings, B-Scan, 100K thickness reading datalogger with interface to Microsoft excel. The Color Wave is available in 4 models including the EHC-09C, EHC-09DLC, EHC-09CW and EHC-09DLCW. The vibrate on alarm is a world’s first and is great for loud environments!