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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Ambient Light Sensors & Proximity Detection

    ams AG

    ams supplies a family of products which combine an Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) and proximity detection in a single device. The ALS provides measurements of ambient light intensity which match the human eye’s response to light under a variety of lighting conditions, and through a variety of attenuation materials. The proximity detection feature allows a large dynamic range of operation for use over short distances and behind dark glass. These devices are intended for use in mobile phones, and over longer distances for presence detection in computer displays and monitors.

  • Light-to-Frequency

    ams AG

    Light-to-Frequency (LTF) sensors convert measurements of light intensity to a digital form for direct interfacing to a microcontroller. The output of the device is a square wave or pulse stream the frequency of which is linearly proportional to the light intensity. LTF converters are designed for applications such as ambient light measurement, light absorption/reflection in products such as white goods, photographic equipment, colorimetry, chemical analyzers and display contrast controls. They may be used in any system that requires a wide dynamic range, and/or high resolution digital measurement of light intensity.

  • Automated Digital Ground Continuity Tester

    Educated Design & Development, Inc.

    1 Button Testing - No setup required, just plug right in!Digital LED display reads out in OhmsAlso performs the Low Current Ground Continuity test, at the same time!Auto Test Time (1 sec. / 60 sec.)+ - No need to set a timer or clock watchCustom universal receptacle accepts both 120V and 240V plugs.Zero feature allows you to "zero-out" the test lead impedance.Meets UL, CSA, CE, EN, IEC, MIL and all other international safety agency requirements.

  • Relay Test Set Rnt 5

    Neutronics Manufacturing Co.

    NMC: Relay testing Kit in one unit, is suitable to test different types of Relays like over current, over voltage,under voltage,earth fault etc. The Test Kit will be in one unit. Meters, Terminals ,Indicators, Regulator Knob,Timer Display etc.will be fitted on the horizontal panel of the cabinet which can be approached by opening the top hinged lid. An input chord of 2 meters length with 3 pin plug will be provided. Loading transformer,Measuring CT & protection circuit will also be housed with in the same unit

  • Fast Photo-Electric Tester

    LS616S - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    The machine is made up of three main parts: measuring circuit of electric parameter, measuring circuit of photometric parameter and circuit of CPU system. Voltage and current signals are amplify and sent to high speed A/D transform, and the transform digital signals are sent to microprocessor, the input current signals of brightness detector are sent to A/D transform via I/V convert, and the transform digital signals are sent to microprocessor. Microprocessor processing the input photometric and electric data, it automatic switch between different range and calculate and display the data in the mean time.

  • Wire Rope Flaw Detectors

    WedgesDGT-WR11S series - Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

    *This kind machine can test various external broken wires online in the wire rope, corrosion, deformation, loose share jump wire.*The test report can meet various industry standards. At the same time, it can also form the root of the broken wires number and the broken wires of the area with total basal area ratio.*The machine can test the wire sample and analysis the sample with the computer system.*The machine design with USB interface which can connect with computer directly. The machine is designed with real- time display online sound and light alarm function.

  • Handheld Oscilloscope

    Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

    An all-new handheld oscilloscope-Hantek2000 series, it continues the compact and lightweight concept but with a new generation of 3 in 1 multifunction tester: oscilloscope, signal source and multimeter; A small volume of the non-profit grip by a single hand; The suspendingstand was designed to support multi-angle adjustment; Ultra-low-power, Type C charging interface, each 2 hours battery charge allow working one full day or standbytwo months; High-definition color LCD screen display clear and delicate; Minimalist keyboard design simplifyoperation, easy to use.

  • 20Hz Injection Kit Monitoring System

    Signals & Systems India Private Limited

    The Display used to monitor the 20Hz and 50Hz current passing through NGT transformer. This could help to monitor the stator earth fault and could record the current every minute. The current shall be displayed in milliamps for both 20Hz and 50Hz. If an earth fault occurs in the generator star point, the 20 Hz voltage drives a current through the fault resistance. The current can be measured using clamp-on CT which would be clamped between load resistor and NGT. It gives an indication of the current values are lower or higher than the set threshold.

  • Frequency Counter

    FC-2500A - MRC ltd.

    High sensitivity for the VHF & UHFfrequency measurement, useful for theCB amateur.* Handheld & pocket size instrument.* Wide measuring range up to 2.6 GHz.* Good resolution, 0.1 Hz min. displayunit for 10 MHz range.* Used the exclusive Microprocessor ICoffered the intelligent function:Frequency, Period, Multi resolution,Data hold, Relative measurement, Datarecord( Max., Min., Average reading).* Auto power off & manual power off.* LCD display for low powerconsumption & clear read-out even inbright ambient light condition.

  • Programmable Electronic AC Loads

    ELP / ACP 3250 series - ET System Electronic GmbH

    *The 3250 series AC & DC load modules are suitable for sine, square and step wave tests*Each AC & DC load has its own control and display field, which can be plugged into the 3302C or 3300C*CC, Linear CC, CR and Crest Factor Modes.*Dual 4 1/2 V / A / W / VA meters on each module.*Memory for the last setting on each module.*Five memories on the mainframe.*GO / NG limit value test.*Protection against V, I, W and ℃.

  • 160W DC Programable Power Supply

    MCH Instruments Co.,Ltd.

    *Source effect: CV≤0.01%+3mV(mA)*Load effect: CV≤0.01%+3mV(I≤3A) CC≤0.2%+3mA(I≤3A) CV≤0.02%+5mV(I>3A) CC≤0.2%+5mA(I>3A)*Ripple and noise: CV≤1.0mVrms(I≤3A) CC≤3mArms(I≤3A) CV≤2.0mVrms(I>3A) CC≤6mArms(I>3A) *Protection Type: Overcurrent Protection (OCP) Overvoltage Protection (OVP)* Display accuracy: Voltage indication accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 words)

  • 160W Programming Laboratory Grade Power Supply

    MCH Instruments Co.,Ltd.

    Source effect:     *CV≤0.01%+3mV(mA) *Load effect:   CV≤0.01%+3mV(I≤3A)    CC≤0.2%+3mA(I≤3A), CV≤0.02%+5mV(I>3A)     CC≤0.2%+5mA(I>3A) * Ripple and noise: CV≤1.0mVrms(I≤3A)      CC≤3mArms(I≤3A), CV≤2.0mVrms(I>3A)       CC≤6mArms(I>3A) * Protection Type: Overcurrent Protection (OCP) Overvoltage Protection (OVP) * Display accuracy: Voltage indication accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 words)

  • Electric Brake Force Meter With Dynamic Load Simulation And Circuit Testing

    9107A - Innovative Products of America

    The #9107 Electric Brake Force Meter with Dynamic Load Simulation and Circuit Testing (patents pending) is designed for use on 7-spade equipped vehicles. This new technology automatically recognizes the electronic signature of both Integrated (ITBC) and aftermarket Trailer Brake Controllers, simulates trailer load and displays real-time, brake-controller output gain and application time. It can quickly troubleshoot truck-side tow circuits, e.g., tail lights, turn signals, 12V+, reverse and ground condition and the 25 ft. cable allows for one-man, in-cab testing.

  • DC Electronic Load

    M9822/M9822B - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    M9822/M9822B is newly designed circuit adopts rapid AD and DA technology to achieve rapid measurements with high accuracy. And the resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA can effectively display the minor change of voltage and current, so the instrument has a wider application field and achieves better test results. Meanwhile your operation becomes much more comfortable and easy by equipping the high-light VFD, the simple menu and displayed contents and the operation state indicators on all keys. Otherwise the complete and humanized test functions will greatly improve your productivity.

  • Digital (1kV below) Insulation Tester

    2151 IN - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● 68 × 34mm(2.677” × 1.338”) large LCD display.● 3½ digital LCD(2000 counts) a LCD indicated instrument for    insulation.(MΩ), continuity(Ω) and AC voltage.● Three insulation test voltages(DC) : 250V, 500V, 1000V.● Automatic circuit discharge.● Test insulation at rated voltage into a 1mA DC load.● >200mA short circuit testing current for a resistance tests.● Auto ranging.● REL function.● Auto power OFF.● Fuse protection.● Auto data hold.● BS 16 edition.