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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Clamp Meter


    • Non - intrusive AC and DC current measurement• 10mA resolution• Average responding, RMS calibrated• Auto ranging /Auto zeroing• Data Hold • Low battery indicator• Auto Power OffMeasuring Range: 0 - 500A DC or ACAuto ranging : 50A/500AResolution: 10mA in 50A range, 100 mA in 500A rangeBasic Accuracy: ±1.3% rdg ±5 digitsTemperature coefficient: ±0.05% of rdg /°CFrequency range: DC in DC: 40 HZ to 400 HZ in ACOverload capacity: 500 ADielectric strength: 3.7 KV RMS.50 Hz 60s(EN61010-2-032 Cat III, 300V Pollution Degree 2)Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°CBattery removed: -20°C to +60°COperating Humidity : <80%RHPower supply: 9V alkaline batteryBattery life: 20 hours dependent duty cycle Display.: 5000 countDimensions: 184×71×31mmMax jaw capacity: 21mm ø CableMax jaw opening: 25mm

  • Connector Board for Cable and Harness Tester

    CB49 - CAMI Research Inc. (CableEye®)

    Populated with solder pads to accept a suite of TE-Connectivity Micro-MaTch connectors, this board addresses markets plagued by vibration and fretting corrosion, and requiring "miniaturized connectivity". Rated to 500Vdc/350Vac, the CB49 may be used on all CableEye models. The CB49, sold without connectors, contains nine sets of 20 solder pads accommodating numerous configurations of Micro-MaTch connectors. There are nine preset locations for automatic detection & display of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20-pin connectors. Yet, any single set may be fitted with any combination of lower pin count connectors that total to 20 or less (e.g. a 14-pin with a 4-pin). Connectors soldered in non-preset positions will also appear graphically correct once they are mapped with PinMap (optional software). Sold as a set of two boards, each Micro-MaTch test board may be paired with other CableEye adapter boards to accommodate any combination of connectors.

  • Debugging Toolset

    Five Wire - Five Wire

    LiveLogic™ Digital Capture - Captures and displays digital signals with 2.5ns resolution for critical timing measurements. Two channel, 400Ms digital capture using scope probes. Includes activity LED and DVM allowing you to quickly browse your signals.Logic Source Pattern Generator - Take control of your inputs with 9 channel 100Ms digital capture, start and loop control, and editing using human-readable text files.Logic Analyzer - At 125MHz, the Logic Analyzer allows you to quickly gather and analyze up to 2,048 samples. 9 Channel 100Ms pattern generator with settable high and low logic levels.Waveform Source - Generate arbitrary waveforms or emulate battery discharge profiles or electrophysical signals with FiveWire's arbitrary waveform generator with waveform synthesis.Protocol Interactive - Trigger I/O protocol probe for external input and output signals. Master or Slave controller for I2C or SPI or trigger I/O.

  • Digital Colorimeter & Illuminance Meter

    CHC-I - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    This Digital Color Meter & Illuminance Meter is based on all digital integral photometric and colorimetric measurement technology. It has no analogue unit, thus it is very simple to overcome the zero drift which is impossible to be avoided in current colorimeter. The digital X (λ), Y (λ), Z (λ) sensor has large dynamic range so that there is no range-changing error in it; moreover, it possesses strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy. The CHC-I contains internal RS232 computer interface, the calibration is done by software. It is suitable for monitoring and remote applications. The CHC-I software can calibrate the instrumentation, sample the data through RS232 interface and print out the results. It can also be calibrated by other standard light sources to obtain very high measuring accuracy of x, y color coordinate and color temperature. It is a real-time measuring system and run under Windows System. 128*64 lattice LCD display, RS232 computer interface and software, Data hold function.

  • DSP-based 4/8-axis Advanced Pulse-Train Motion Controllers

    AMP-204C/AMP-208C - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ADLINK"s new AMP-204C/AMP-208C DSP-based 4/8-axis advanced pulse-train motion controllers incorporate up-to-date floating-point DSP and FPGA technology, enabling high pulse output and encoder input frequency up to 6.5 MHz and 20 MHz respectively. Leveraging ADLINK" s Softmotion technology, the AMP-204C/AMP-208C offer impressive comprehensive and application-oriented motion functionality to reduce development time while maintaining superior throughput and accuracy. Superior synchronous motion control performance combines with point-table function integrating multi-dimensional interpolation, such as 3D linear/circular/spiral interpolation with enhanced trajectory and velocity planning, for contouring applications in semiconductor, display and conventional manufacturing industries. The AMP-204C/AMP-208C also support PWM control with three different control modes for frequency or duty cycle, benefiting laser engraving/marking/cutting applications. Moreover, hardware-based position comparison and trigger output are applicable in AOI applications.

  • Harmonic/Flicker Analyzer for IEC61000-3-2/3/11/12, IEC61000-4/7/15

    KHA3000 - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    KHA3000, in addition to the complied standards and features of the KHA1000 (dedicated for single phase), is equipped for the harmonic and flicker compliance test exceeding 16A of the single-phase and three-phase equipment. With this unit alone, you can take highly accurate simultaneous three-phase measurements up to 40A/phase*. Furthermore, the KHA series is compliant with two measurement technique standards, the existing and the latest versions, so you can simply select to take measurements for the latest standard including interharmonics and for the conventional integral multiple harmonics without using any other device. In addition to the real-time display that can be used like an oscilloscope and FFT analyzer, the unit offers the real-time judgment of compliance with standards. Using this unit alone, you can judge test results and prepare result reports without the use of a PC. On top of that, you can easily set up a test system by combining KHA3000 with an AC power supply (PCR-LA Series) and a line impedance network (LIN40MA-PCR-L).

  • Intelligence-Driven Data in Motion Analytics

    NikOS Everest - Niksun

    NIKSUN NikOS Everest provides highly flexible, automated views on the data specific to you. No longer is the visualization tied to the data. You have complete freedom to filter, display, visualize, export and even run analytics right within the Everest GUI itself without having to perform ad-hoc special studies to obtain the data you want. Early adopters and testers have attested to NikOS Everest's expert value in the continuously evolving and highly competitive security industry. "NIKSUN NikOS Everest is one of the most robust unified platforms among cybersecurity tools today, providing the ability to render data at every level from a macroscopic view down to each individual packet," said Dr. Peter Stephenson, Chief Technology Editor at SC Magazine. "Not only does NikOS Everest have the ability to pull up this information at rapid speeds, but it also makes it far simpler to view and classify that data than ever before."

  • Leeb Hardness Tester

    THL210 - TMTeck Manufacturing Limited

    LCD display of 128×64 matrix with back-light, showing all functions and parameters. Converts to all common hardness scales (HV,HB,HRC,HRB,HRA,HS). English displaying and easy and convenient menu operation. Powerful PC Software available and USB 1.0 interface and USB with Protective Membrane. 7 types of Impact Device optional, which don't need to be recalibrated when changing them. Memory of 600 groups data(impact times:32~1). Lower limit setting and sound alarm. Material of “cast steel” is added; HB values can be read out directly when D/DC impact device is used to measure “cast steel” work piece. Printer be separated from main unit and copies of testing results can be printed as required. Normal battery AAA and big power store while USB connected and charging controlling circuit. Inbuilt function of Software Calibration.

  • Magnetoresistive Milligauss Meter

    MR3 - Alpha Lab, Inc.

    The MR3 Magnetoresistive Milligauss Meter measures and displays the three vectorcomponents (X, Y, Z) as well as the magnitude (M) of the static magnetic field. Update is two times per second. The three sensors are in a 25 mm (1") cube at the end of a flexible 100 cm (40") cable. It can be powered by 4 AA batteries (included) or a Worldwide AC adaptor (included). It can collect and store data (X, Y, Z and M) for later download or stream data live via USB connector. Both the instantaneous values of X, Y, Z and M, and their peak values, are displayed on the meter screen. "Peak" values are the highest values seen since the peak reset button was pressed. Maximum error of sensitivity is +/- 0.5 % of the reading, and the maximum error of the offset is +/- 0.50 milligauss. Range is +/- 1999.99 milligauss with resolution 0.01 milligauss (or 1 nT) over the full range, displayed simultaneously for X, Y, Z and M.

  • Muzzle Velocity Radars

    MVR Series - Innovative Technical Systems

    The MVR Series of Muzzle-Velocity Radars are Doppler-CW transceivers that measure the velocity of viewed objects such as projectiles. They use phase-locked millimeter-wave transmitter-receivers along with an integrated radome-protected antenna to illuminate objects under investigation. An optical boresighting aid provides alignment assistance for the narrow radiation patterns. Reflected signals from the target are received by the antenna and mixed to produce a video output equal to the Doppler spectrum of the target. A low-noise, variable gain video amplifier can drive a 50-ohm cable up to +1 volt output. The video amplifier has a feed-forward DC offset compensation circuit that extends the Doppler frequency response from under 1 Hz to over 2 MHz. An integrated DMM and LCD display on the front panel monitors various test points within the sensor to verify proper operation. The extremely rugged design allows the MVRs to withstand high acousitic shock environments so they can be located in close proximity to the projectile source.

  • Pico-ITX SBC With Intel® Pentium® N3710 & Celeron® N3060 Processor, HDMI (VGA)/LVDS, LAN And Audio

    PICO300 - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The PICO300, an extreme-compact fanless pico-ITX motherboard, is built with the Intel® Pentium® N3710 or Celeron® N3060 processor (codename: Braswell SoC). One SO-DIMM socket is provided to support up to 8GB of DDR3L-1600 memory. The PICO300 is supported in dual display configurations along with one 18/24-bit single/dual-channel LVDS and a choice of VGA or HDMI. Furthermore, the tiny 2.5” pico-ITX embedded board features Intel® integrated Gfx graphic engine to build excellent media and graphics performance capability. In addition, the compact size of the pico-ITX form factor also makes the PICO300 suitable for space-constrained embedded applications. It runs fanless operation, and supports -20°C to +60°C operating temperature. Combined all features as above, the PICO300 is ideal for any media editing, imaging, graphics and video intensive applications that be applied for a wide array of industrial IoT industries.

  • Pico-ITX SBC With Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 & Celeron® Processor N3350, HDMI/LVDS And LAN

    PICO312 - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The PICO312 is a palm-sized fanless pico-ITX motherboard built with the latest 14 nm Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 or Celeron® processor N3350 (codename: Apollo Lake SoC). One 204-pin DDR3L-1867 SO-DIMM socket supports system memory up to 8GB. The tiny 2.5” pico-ITX embedded board features Intel® Gen9 graphics engine bringing a true high definition visual experience with dual display configurations through one LVDS and HDMI. In addition, it was designed for special needs of fanless operation under temperature from -20°C to +70°C. The PICO312 features a full-sized PCI Express Mini Card slot in support of mSATA and a pair of expansion connectors with additional signals including one PCIe x1 lane, one LPC, one DDI, four USB 3.0 ports, one SMBus and one HD audio, giving this SBC high expandability to meet all requirements.

  • Premium Automotive DMM

    597IR - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    *Highest Quality Auto-Ranging DMM Designed for Automotive Trouble Shooting *18 Test Functions, 48 Test Ranges *Peak Min/Max records transient voltages as fast as 1 millisecond *Min/Max Mode records variations in all functions *Exclusive Non-Contact IR Thermometer Adapter Included - 1022F/550C max temp readings *Also measures Temperature via Temp Probe in Both F and C *Milliseconds Pulse Width Measures Fuel Injector ON-TIME *Inductive RPM Readings for both DIS and Conventional Ignitions *Desirable 20 Amp Test Range - Dual Fuse Protection *Modern Design, the Protective Holster is Built Into the Housing *Data Hold, Auto Power-Off, + Trigger Adjust *Large LCD Display w/White LED Backlighting and 40 Segment Analog Bargraph *Blow Mold Case, Test Leads, IR Thermometer Adapter, K-Type Temp Probe, Inductive RPM Clamp and Instructions included

  • Premium Automotive DMM

    597 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    *CATIII 1000 Volt / CATIV 600 Volt Approved & Safety Rated *Safe For Use on Hybrids and EV's *Highest Quality Auto-Ranging DMM Designed for Automotive Trouble Shooting *18 Test Functions, 48 Test Ranges *Peak Min/Max records transient voltages as fast as 1 millisecond *Min/Max Mode records variations in all functions *Also measures Temperature via Temp Probe in Both F and C *Milliseconds Pulse Width Measures Fuel Injector ON-TIME *Inductive RPM Readings for both DIS and Conventional Ignitions *Desirable 20 Amp Test Range - Dual Fuse Protection *Modern Design, the Protective Holster is Built Into the Housing *Data Hold, Auto Power-Off, + Trigger Adjust *Large LCD Display w/White LED Backlighting and 40 Segment Analog Bargraph *Blow Mold Case, Test Leads, K-Type Temp Probe, Inductive RPM Clamp and Instructions included *Waterproof to IP67 Standards

  • Sophisticated Audio and Video Test Patterns

    VQL - VideoQ Inc

    VQL Instantly reveals your video display, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance VQL test patterns cover all 3 levels of video QA/QC: Instant visual-aural Quality Estimation Objective Measurements of video and audio performance Fully automated (unattended) Quality Control VQL features: Compatibility with all commonly used software or hardware codecs and media players VideoQ VQV / VQMA / VQTS / VQDM compatible tests Wide range of video frame sizes: from 192x108 to 4096x3072 Variety of bit rates up to uncompressed 4:4:4 4K @60 fps, 48 bit per pixel Variety of video and audio formats, color spaces and level schemes All test patterns remain suitable for accurate measurements even after low bitrate coding, heavy scaling and/or cropping, e.g. after down-conversion for mobile devices Standard, custom and semi-custom tests for development labs, content processing facilities, CDN systems, software developers and high volume manufacturers