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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Force Gauges

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    Digital Force Gauge with a 5 digit LCD display and peak hold. Exclusive load cell measurement transducer. Over range, low battery and advanced function indicator. 5kg/176oz/49 Newtons measurement capacity. Basic accuracy of 0.4-percent. Complete with tension rod, carrying case and 4 adapters (flathead, cone, chisel and hook for tension), and 6 AA batteries.

  • Hardness Testers

    YHT500 - Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

    *color Display (320x240 TFT) with adjustable backlight*Add 4 new hardness scales, HRA, HB for D impact device of alloy tool steel; HV for cast aluminum*Add new user material function, to meet the need of user can test the special material*Converts to all common hardness scales (HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, HS)

  • Battery Tester


    Test with mobile phone,automobile,autocycle and AA,AAA size bettery. Power with 3V button Li-ion. DC.inner resistance range:0-1.999/19.99¦¸ Display battery,know battery capacity or life. Test battery voltage from 0 to 19.99V. Fit to different type battery:lead-acid,Li-ion,Ni-HM,etc. Mini size, Easy to bring out ,high performance and low price

  • Wireless Energy Monitoring Solution

    PowerCost Series - Blue Line Innovations

    The PowerCost Series system is a wireless energy monitoring solution. Your energy usage data is transmitted in real-time from your electricity meter via the Blue Line optical sensor and sent to your portable In-Home Display and via the WiFi Bridge to your Energy Cloud account. You can monitor usage remotely on-line as well manage your energy use.

  • Eight-Channel Portable Data Acquisition and Logging System

    DaqPRO - Fourier Systems

    DaqPRO is battery operated and is capable of sampling, processing and displaying measurements without connecting to a computer. Designed to serve the needs of professional data loggers, DaqPRO is a professional, cost-effective, compact and stand-alone data logging system that can be used with a wide variety of applications. This 16-bit, high-resolution, eight-channel data logger offers the pros graphic displays and analysis functions for measuring voltage, current and temperature in real-time.

  • Microprocessorized Instrument

    MP-100 - R&J Measurement

    Mobile meter designed to measuring the magnetic permeability lower as 3 and allows to control the elements with small overall dimensions and the elements with complex shapes as well as it allows the evaluations of heterogeneity of the elements with big overall dimensions. The meter contain the measurements memory and all obtained date could be display on LCD. The meter contain also RS232 interface which allow the data transmittion to PC.

  • Portable Digital Load Meter +/-4.5 Digit

    SY031 - Synectic Electronics

    SY031 Portable Digital Load Meter is a handheld battery powered instrument. The 4.5 digit 24 bit instrument displays measurements from load cells, torque transducers and other strain gauge bridge transducers. The meter offers peak and trough hold and up to 16 channels of stored (load cells or other sensor) calibration data, stored in non-volatile memory.

  • Electromechanical Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

    ETT Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    ETT series electromechanical horizontal tensile testing machine for material of metal, wire, rubber, polymer is useful for testing various specimens. The load cell measures test force and display on the digital controller. Displacement is measured by photoelectric encoder. The horizontal tensile testing machine for material of metal, wire, rubber, polymer can also do the compression, bending and shearing test when it is equipped with related accessories. The horizontal tensile testing machine for material of metal, wire, rubber, polymer has high stability and high precision. Functions including test result real-time display, printing and data processing can be achieved if it is equipped with PC system & printer for graph. The horizontal tensile testing machine for material of metal, wire, rubber, polymer is widely used in manufacturers such as industry factories, research & development, test institutes and training centers.Materials to be tested: metal, wire, rubber, elastomer, polymer, film, plastic, timber, ceramics, wire and cables, fabrics.

  • Hardness Testers

    MH600 - Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

    hardness IP65 protection, can effectively prevent oil, dust and other corrosion in harsh fie d environments; with color LCD display, it. can also display clear testing results in dim light and strong sun light environment which greatly enhance the visual experience; special multi- point calibration function for convert. curve to reduce errors;it can automatically identify the measuring direction when testing, automatically alarm when out of range, to meet the inspection requirements with high precision and multi-angle material collected and support free conversion between hardness scale, Ow power consumption design by two AA batteries, support multiple languages, it is widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, special equipment or permanent component failure analysis in service, inspection and other fields, Particularly suitable for large non-removable part of the site hardness testing. It is necessary professional precision instrument to improve the pass rate of production and cost savings

  • HF Analyzer

    HFA-3 - ROM-Elektronik GmbH

    PC connection precision measurements using the latest microprocessor technology Long-term recording simplest operation Measurement display in W / m or mV / m Frequency filter for major mobile phone networks and other services (GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS, DECT, WiFi, Bluetooth) precision EMC -LogPer antenna sound latest circuit technology best quality supported by universities confirmed by reports

  • Single Phase Impulse Winding Tester 3 kV

    SME1203 - Scientific Mes-Technik Private Ltd

    Single Phase , 3 kV Impulse winding testing Low inductance impulse test: down to 10 μH Low energy test without damaging the coil Fast detection of winding insulation at a speed of 5.5 Meas/sec 4 kinds of waveform comparison methods Up to 40 MSPS sampling rate 320×240 dot-matrix graphic LCD display Multi-trigger mode programmable Voltage, Time and Frequency measuring functions Direct display of comparison result

  • Air Micrometers

    Shimpo Instruments

    Air gauge measurement has been around for decades. It is a non-destructive testing method that utilizes air flow and the resistance created between an object under test and the air gauge's sensing probe. The air resistance or back pressure changes with distance between the air probe and device under test. This change in back pressure in the sensor is scaled on a display to determine dimensional analysis as well as product acceptance.

  • Water Manometers

    DP Measurement

    The AC6 Manometers are available in standard or high pressure versions. The AC6-SP Manometer can be used to measure differential pressure in the range 0.5-200 KPa and the AC6-HP Manometer operates in the differential pressure range 2-600 KPa. These electronic water system commissioning test sets have in built valve and orifice plate Kv values which enables the instrument to calculate and display flow rates during commissioning.

  • Digital ELCB Tester

    6220 EL - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor technology ensures high performance accuracy and reliability.● Fully programmable via tactile key pad.● Direct readout of disconnection, time or current.● Voltage measured during test.● Housed in a heavy duty carry case.● Suitable for all industrial, mining and domestic environments.● Display can be customized for special orders.● Indicate voltage and trip Current/Time.● Use binary principle.● True resistor switching.

  • Hardness Testers

    DGT-HT720 - Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

    *Customaries curve for a specific testing material*DGT-HT720: OLED display of 128×32 matrix*Converts to all common hardness scales (HL, HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, HS).*Easy to use Menu driven system*With mini USB interface, multiple communication modes are adopted to meet customized requirements of various users.*Max 600 groups of data can be stored in memory.