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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Handheld Oscilloscope

    MS200 Series - Shenzhen Micsig Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Compared with other oscilloscope brands, Micsig oscilloscope more focus on details quality guarantee and good user experiences. In terms of HHO oscilloscope MS200, high quality double injection mould not only makes people feel good on hardness & elasticity, also has functions of high IP level; This series has two designs including oblique leather belt design & carried in neck design; Meanwhile, it takes 5.7’’ TFT LCD, 640*480 pixels industry touch screen so that it shows clearer and more delicate in waveform; Moreover, it also supports indoor & outdoor display mode, making it more convenient in field operation. Furthermore, easy disassembling 6000mAh Li-on battery  can make user continue to work up to 7 hours even though in outages situation.

  • Millimeter Wave Continuously Variable Waveguide Attenuators

    Fairview Microwave Inc.

    Our millimeter wave variable waveguide attenuators allow designers and engineers to test their systems at various signal strengths and attenuation values to determine the optimum signal performance of the system. The key feature of these waveguide attenuators is that the attenuation level is adjusted using a built-in micrometer which enables repeatable and rapid re-setting to different attenuation levels without the need for additional external components. Our waveguide attenuators handle varying attenuation levels from 0 to 30 dB over the specified band allowing the designer to tune the attenuation level needed for the application. These continuously variable waveguide attenuators cover a broad frequency range of 33 to 110 GHz in five bands and also display flat performance across a wide band with low insertion loss.

  • Milliohm Meter

    16502 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    Basic accuracy : 0.05%Pulsed test current output mode is used to reduce thermal EMFs affection on milliohm measurementDC test current output mode is used to fasten measurement speed for inductive DUTDry-circuit test current output mode (limited Max. 20mV) is used to measure such contact resistances where the maximum open-circuit voltage must be limited to 50mVTemperature correction (TC function) regardless of material or temperatureUseful temperature conversion function for motor/ coil evaluation4 channels R scan with balance check function for fan motor (combined with A165017 option)0.001mΩ~1.9999MΩ wide measurement range with 4½ digits resolutionStandard RS-232 interfaceOptional GPIB & Handler interfaceBin-sorting functionComparator and pass/fail alarming beeper functionLarge LCD display (240 x 64 dot-matrix)Friendly user interface

  • Mini-ITX SBC With LGA1151 Socket 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor, Intel® H110/Q170, HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA/LVDS/eDP, Dual LANs And USB 3.0

    MANO500 - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The MANO500 is based on the new 14nm 7th/6th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 and Pentium® processors in the LGA1151 package. Featuring the new Intel® H110 Express chipset with DDR4 2133MHz memory support, this motherboard is built to perform. Its three SATA 6G ports, four USB 3.0 ports, and two RS-232/422/485 ports provide robust storage and I/O options. Users also can increase board functionality with PCIe x16 slot and PCI Express Mini Card slot. The high quality MANO500 allows the connection of up to four display interfaces via HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and LVDS/ Embedded DisplayPort (eDP), making it an ideal solution for gaming, workstation, digital signage, medical and other IoT&M2M applications.

  • Multimeter

    KT7060 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    *Analogue multimeter in a handy and compact housing*Large display with mirror scale for accurate reading *20 ranges in 5 functions*Manual range selection*AC Voltage measurement up to 500V(±4% full scale)*DC Voltage measurement up to 500V(±3% full scale)*DC current measurement up to 10A(±3% full scale)*Resistance measurement up to 20M ohm(±3% full scale)*Capacitance measurement up to 20uF(±10% full scale)*LED test*Acoustical continuity check*Input resistance: 20K ohm /VDC, 9K ohm /VAC *Overload protection*Power supply: 1x9V,IEC 6F22 2x1.5V,IEC LR6 AA*Fuse: F500mA /250V,10A /250V*EN 61010, CAT III 600V

  • Multimeter

    KT7050 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    *Analogue multimeter in a handy and compact housing*20 ranges in 5 functions*Manual range selection*DC voltage measurement up to 500 V (±3% full scale)*AC voltage measurement up to 500 V (±4% full scale)*DC current measurement up to 10A (±3% full scale)*Resistance measurement up to 20 M ohms (±3% full arc)*LED Test*Acoustical continuity check*Battery test 1.5V and 9V*Large display with mirror scale for accurate reading*Input resistance 9k ohms/VAC 20k ohms /VDC*Overload protection*Power supply: 1x9V, IEC 6F22 2x1.5V, IEC LR6 AA*Fuse 0.5A/ 250V, 10A /250V*EN 61010,CAT II 600 V

  • Multimeter

    KT7080 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    *Analogue multimeter in a handy and compact housing *23 ranges in 7 functions*Large display with mirror scale for accurate reading*Manual range selection*AC Voltage measurement up to 600V(±4% full scale)*DC Voltage measurement up to 600V(±3% full scale)*AC current measurement up to 10A(±5% full scale)*Resistance measurement up to 20M ohm(±5% full arc)*Capacitance measurement up to 20 uF*Frequency measurement up to 20kHz(±4% full scale)*Temperature measurement up to 150 oC(±5% full scale)*Input resistance for voltage measurement 10M ohm /V*Overload protection*Power supply: 1x9V, 6F22 *Fuse F500mA /250V, 10A /250V*EN 61010, CAT III 600V

  • Offline Viewing and Analysis: Data Import Tool

    B4610A - Keysight Technologies

    The B4610A data import tool allows you to import external data into the logic analyzer application for analysis just like data acquired by logic analyzer acquisition hardware. The application runs on a logic analyzer or an external PC. Virtual import modules read data from a module CSV or module binary (ALB) file and make it available to a wide variety of display windows and analysis tools. Module CSV files can be created by external tools or saved from any logic analyzer module. Module binary (ALB) files are created by Keysight InfiniiVision 7000 Series, 6000 Series, or 5000 Series oscilloscopes. Data import modules are a licensed feature. You can evaluate the data import capability on up to 16 rows (states) of imported data without a license.

  • Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player With LGA1151 Socket 7th/6th Gen Intel® Core™ I7/i5/i3 & Celeron® Processor And Intel® H110

    OPS500-501-H - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The OPS500-501-H is an OPS compliant digital signage player supporting dual displays with 4K at 60Hz resolution. The smart cableless open pluggable digital signage module is powered by the latest 7th/6th generation Intel® Core™ and Celeron® processors (codename: Skylake) with the Intel® H110 chipset, providing outstanding performance at a lower cost. It supports LGA1151 socket-type CPUs to offer greater flexibility for CPU selection. In addition, the OPS signage module has one 260-pin DDR4-2133 SO-DIMM socket with up to 16 GB memory capacity. The high-performance OPS500-501-H is a perfect solution for multi-display applications in airport information board, shopping mall, corporate, education, hospitality, religious organization, bank, retail store, restaurant, performing art center, and many more.

  • Optical Power Meter

    POP-350 - TSH (Guangzhou) Technology Development Co., LTD

    Self calibration by user himself. Linear indicators (mW) and non-linear indicators (dBm) display in one screen  Unique FC/SC/ST universal port (see Figures 1, 2), no complex conversion Optional auto power-off ability  Backlight ON/OFF Specifications Model POP-350 POP-350A measurement range -70~+10 -50~+26 Type of probe InGaAs Range of wave length 800~1700 Uncertainty ±5% Standard wave length (nm) 850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550 Resolution Linear indication: 0.1% Logarithmic indication: 0.01dBm Working temperature (℃)-10~+60 Storage temperature (℃) -25~+70 Auto power-off time (min) 10 Continuous working hours. At least 240 hours Dimensions (mm)190×100×48 Power supply AA battery Weight(g)310

  • Oscilloscopes

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    A Digital Oscilloscope offers a range of capabilities for effective troubleshooting of electronics and electronically controlled electrical systems. With 20 MHz bandwidth and conveniences like auto-set which optimizes the position, range, time base, and triggering to assure a stable display of virtually any waveform, this can be used in field repairs or bench duty. To identify subtle problems, Peak Detect features a fast 50 ns glitch capture. Core functions like XY Mode, FFT function, Trigger Hold off, Waveform Math, Averaging Mode and Persistence Mode all ensure you can confidently troubleshoot problems using a variety of approaches. To start up recurring testing routines, you can store and recall up to 4 waveform screens and setups to save time from job to job.

  • Pitot Static Tester / AoA TESTER

    ADSE 744 - ATEQ Aviation

    This tester was specifically designed for the new-generation pitot tubes that integrate sensing probes, pressure sensors and powerful air data computer processing to provide all critical air data parameters including Pitot and static pressure, airspeed, altitude, and angle of attack. This Pitot Static tester is designed primarily for flightline use to cover the testing of all barometric and manometric pressure instrument systems. The AoA Channel behaves as a second Ps channel, in order to create a differential pressure between the 2 Ps Channel, allowing to performsimulations of different Angles of Attack. The large touch screen display, with on-screen help, enables all checks to be carried out easily on the flight deck or in the cockpit, by a single operator. The ADSE 744 is robust and housed in amobile weatherproof case. An attached bag contains the pressure hoses and electrical cables.

  • Pressure Transducers

    Newport Electronics

    Incorporate a rugged, 316 Stainless Steel enclosure that is designed specifically for wash-down, sanitary and marine applications. The large backlit LCD display features 25 mm (1 in) high digits that make reading at distances up to 10.7 m (35 ft) easy. DPG models are available with integral standard or sanitary pressure sensors that incorporate highly stable silicon wafer technology which is micro-machined to precision tolerances and then has strain gages molecularly embedded. Standard features include: internal battery or external DC power supply operation, analog output and user programmable alarms. The wireless transmitter option allows for remote monitoring, chart recording and data logging. A variety of user-configurable options and settings include: update rate, dampening, units, backlight, and auto-off.

  • Programmable Low-Ohm Meter

    DU5210/5211 - Delta United Instrument Co., Ltd.

    20m ~ 2Mtest range, 0.1% accuracy Provided Level and Pulse measurement modes, can be lower temperature influence in Pulse Mode Provided HI/LOW limit and BIN Sorting comparator function, to meet your needed 100 sets of memory, can be saved test parameter and comparator setting, easy to use. Auto Calibration Program Function, to easier your calibration procedure. (Specificity calibrator needed) Cover up free, system firmware upgrade can be update via RS-232, easy to maintenance High speed FADC, max. test speed up to 80 meas./sec, faster your automation equipment 240*64 Graphic LCD display, can be read the reading clearly and easier. User friendly programmable interface, easy to use Provided RS-232C and Handler combinatorial interface option, to meet your needed

  • Protocol Converter

    MACC - Excalibur Systems, Inc.

    When designing or upgrading avionics systems we are often faced with the task of integrating components that were not originally designed to work together.A control computer that communicates using RS-232 may need to control component that expects MIL-STD-1553 messages or an INS may put out ARINC-429 labels, which are needed by Multi function Display designed around RS-422.Faced with problems like these, integrators must choose between two poor options. They must either give up on one of the units in favor of another unit that may be less suitable but uses the appropriate communications spec; or they must add a computer system – often PC104 – which can translate from one unit to the other. These computers are generally large, heavy, hot, and require substantial power.