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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Charpy/Izod Pendulum Impact Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    Qualitest offers a wide range of pendulum Charpy / Izod impact testers for tests according to the relevant test standards such as ASTM D256, ASTM D6110, ISO 179, ISO 180, as well as other DIN, ASTM, and ISO standards. These pendulum Izod / Charpy impact testers cover a range from 0.5 Joules to 50 Joules, and we can even go up to 800 Joules with the models in the Metals category. The Plastics Pendulum Izod / Charpy Impact Testers are available in a variety of models, e.g. for instrumented or non-instrumented tests, with analog or digital displays and with a range of different options especially made for your tests.

  • Clamp Meters

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Measures AC current via the clamp and AC/DC voltage, resistance and continuity via test-leadsBuilt to withstand a 3.3 ft. (1m) dropCAT III 600V, Class 2, Double insulation safety ratingBacklit display for clear readingsPowers off automatically after 15 minutes of non-use to conserve battery lifeIncludes a carrying case, test leads and 3 'AAA' batteriesLow battery indicator and easily accessible battery compartmentMeets requirements for use in basic and controlled electromagnetic environments like residential, office and light-industrial locationsOperating altitude to 6,562 ft (2,000 m)Operating temp: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

  • Compact Temperature Calibrator

    CTC Series - AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    CTC Series Compact Temperature Calibrator from AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibrations is engineered for “advanced simplicity,” incorporating a number of useful features that greatly extend the range and functionality of the popular temperature calibrator. The CTC Series offers an easy-to-read, full-color display with improved navigation that provides easy access to the calibrator’s latest features. The CTC Series now contains an auto step function with up to 12 preset temperature points, an optimized switch test with automatic up and down test runs, assisted manual calibration using pre-defined temperature points, and memory to store up to 5 calibration processes.

  • Contactless Laser Extensometers

    Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    Model LE-05 and LE-15 extensometers measure strain optically, without contacting the specimen, using laser diode technology. The extensometers are self-contained and portable. They may be interfaced with a variety of testing machines and data acquisition systems using the ±10V analog output or bi-directional RS-232 serial port. Operation may be local or remote. A digital display is included. The scanning beam is always perpendicular to the specimen, unlike most laser extensometers. This eliminates errors when viewing through windows in chambers. It also minimizes sensitivity to the distance between the extensometer and the sample. Because the unit measures reflected light, no receiver is required behind the sample.

  • CPCI

    Data Patterns Pvt. Ltd.

    Modules in compact PCI from Data Patterns are available for Data Acquisition and Control, Simulation, Communication Automatic test equipment, Rugged systems, Fail-safe systems, Computer controlled logic controls, Plant automation and similar requirements. Other I/O functions available from our IP and Mezzanine Module families can be directly integrated into our cPCI systems.Data Patterns has also pioneered cPCI derivatives such as 9U High Voltage systems, Multiple backplane support with Hot Standby Switchover capabilities. Continuous innovation enables MMI options such as CRT & LCD displays, Keyboards, Pointing devices, Finger print security devices and so on.

  • DC Ground Fault Locator

    SAT-JD200 - Shaanxi Aitelong Technology Co., Ltd

    SAT-JD200 DC Ground Fault Locator is applicable for any voltage in DC system, provided high accuracy clamp, to process multiple signals efficiently and increase detecting range and anti-interference capacity, to display the insulation level of the tested circuit branch in the forms of insulation index and wave, to indicate the relative ground point direction of the testing point. The users can customize an equipment with a proper insulation alarm threshold value within the insulation alarm threshold value limit according to requirement, only need to correspond the clamp meter gear with the measuring range on the tester so as to accomplish the direct ground testing or insulation level analysis.

  • DC Power Systems

    Advanced Energy

    Mainly used with physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes—both complex metallic sputtering and in combination with a reactive gas to form thin-film dielectric layers—AE’s DC power products have been used in varied manufacturing markets, including: Semiconductor (copper, aluminum, tantalum, titanium, and newer exotic materials) Flat panel display (thin-film transistor, color filter, organic LEDs) Data storage (optical storage, magnetic storage, and combinations of magneto-optical storage) Solar photovoltaic cell (transparent conductive oxides and Si deposition) Architectural glass Advanced product applications (thin films for optics, tool coating, plastics, etc.)

  • Digital Multimeter

    KT7202 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    *3 3 /4 auto-range digital multimeter *Unit symbol display. Back light *Full overload protection *Frequency response: 40Hz - 400Hz *DC / AC voltage measurement up to 600V(0.8%) *DC current measurement up to 10A(0.8%)*AC current meansurement up to 10A(1.0%) *Resistance measurement: up to 40M ohm(0.8%) *Capacitance measurement: up to 40uF(2.5%-3.5%)*Frequency measurement: up to 10MHz (0.5%) *Duty cycle: 0.1% - 99.9% *Temperature measurement: up to 1000C(0.75%) *Diode check *Fuse: F0.2A/ 250V,F10A /250V *EN61010,CAT III 600V


    M3900 - Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd. CO.,LTD

    · Display: 26x60mm LCD · DC Voltage: 200m/2/20/200V/1000V±0.5% · AC Voltage: 200mV±1.2%, 2/20/200V±0.8%, 700V±1.2% · DC Current: 20μA±2.0%, 200μ/2mA/20mA±0.8%, 200mA/2A±1.2%, 10A±2.0% · AC Current: 20μA±3.0%, 200μ/2mA/20mA±1.0%, 200mA/2A±1.8%, 10A±3.0% · Resistance: 200/2K/20K/200K/2MΩ±0.5%, 20MΩ±1.0% · Continuity checking with buzzer · Diode test: Test current 1mA, Test Voltage 2.8V · Transistor hFE Test: 1 ~ 1000 · Power: 6F22(9V) x1 · Size: 88x172x36mm · Weight: 340g(Including battery)

  • Dual Space Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

    WAW-E Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    WAW-E series computer control servo-hydraulic testing machine is suitable for testing tension, compression, bending and shearing strength of various metallic & non-metallic materials. Equipped with the electronics, computer &software packages, the servo-hydraulic tester of dual space is capable of controlling the test procedures by the predetermined programs. The computer control servo-hydraulic testing machine can also display, record, process and print the test results. The test curves can be drawn automatically in real time. The servo-hydraulictesting machine is easy to operate and is versatile in the applications of metallurgy industries such as steel mills & alloy, reinforced bar, aircraft manufacturer, research institutes, laboratories, calibration institutes etc.

  • Handheld Test Instrument

    700AH - Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata

    The Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 780AH Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI® is a battery-powered, portable video and audio generator and HDMI analyzer that enables you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of your HDMI system and analog video displays. 780AH supports testing of HDMI 2.0 devices up to 300 MHz pixel rate for testing 4K Ultra HDTVs with 4:2:0 pixel encoding on sources and sinks and HDMI 2.0 EDID emulation for testing HDMI 2.0 sources and distribution devices. The 780AH also supports testing of HDCP 2.2/2.3 authentication on both HDMI 2.0 sources, sinks and repeaters.

  • High Voltage Digital Ammeter

    HVA-2000 - HD Electric Company

    The HVA-2000 is a high voltage digital ammeter designed for taking AC current measurements up to 2000 amps, 25-500Hz. The HVA can be used on system voltages up to 500kV. The large, bright LED display allows real time or peak current monitoring of current from the longest of telescoping hotsticks. The HVA-2000 will store the last 4 readings – no need to bring the unit up to the conductor and then back down for each reading! To clear the readings simply press and hold the ON button. The High Voltage Ammeter is capable of taking spot-load studies at transformers or any mid-span location, as well as phase balance studies on primary or secondary lines.

  • LCR Meter, Hand Held, 100 kHz, 2 kH, 20000 µF, 0.2 Gohm

    72-10465  - Tenma

    The 72-10465 from Tenma is a LCR meter in orange and grey colour. It features an easy to read dual LCD (40mm x 63mm) display measurement of 19999/1999 (main/auxiliary). It also has series and parallel measurement modes which can be used to select quality factor, loss factor, phase location angle and equivalent resistance of measure articles. Intelligent detection and five different test frequencies enable accurate readings for all sizes of capacitors and inductors. The user can also access the stored data on a PC with the included USB connection and interface software. The compact size and case make this unit far more portable than a benchtop meter.

  • Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

    TF210 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester. To determine the abrasion and pilling resistance of all kinds of textile structures. Samples are rubbed against known abrasives at low pressures and in continuously changing directions. The amount of abrasion or pilling is compared against standard parameters.The unique design of our Martindale tester allows removal of individual sample holders for examination without lifting the top motion plate. It provides individual counters and parking function, interval time settable and a large touch-screen display. Standard sample holders and 9 and 12kpa Weights are included.Our Martindale Tester is available with 4, 6, 8 or 9 test positions.

  • Milk Analyzers

    MRC ltd.

    Measuring parameters: FAT 0.01% - 25%SNF 3% - 15%Density 1015 1040kg/m3Proteins 2% - 7%Lactose 0.01% - 6%Water content 0% - 70%Temp. of milk 1C 40CFreezing point - -0.400 0.700CSolids 0.4 1.5%1. Sample visualization onLCD display(green)2. Possibility to measure 1 sample 90 seconds(option 60 seconds)3. Adapter 220-110 V 4.Spare silicone tubes5. Syringe6. Plastic sample holder7. Calibrations Cow, Sheep, and UHT milk8. Operation Manual9. Cardboard transport case10. CD Service PackMeasuring time 30s