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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Cable Tester

    Finero OY

    FST-500 High Voltage Cable Tester is a modular and customizable cable tester that can be easily adapted to various cable test or cable harness test applications. The electronics is based on Finero’s rugged industrial grade FST range of standard test equipment. All set and measured values are shown on alphanumeric display, additionally there is an analog panel meter for output voltage. Other cable paramerter like L, C and R can also be tested by using optional test and measurement equipment. The tester can be ordered with a build in PC and it can be used in conjunction with Finero’s Quality Control software.

  • Compressed Air Monitor and Alarm

    SENTRY - Edgetech Instruments

    The Edgetech Instruments Model SENTRY detects upset conditions in compressed air systems by constantly monitoring dew point and pressure at the system header or dryer output. The SENTRY alarms when a loss in pressure or high dew point is detected. This information is valuable in detecting compressor failures, system leaks, or drops in dryer performance. A pulsing audible alarm and strobe lamp provide quick notification of upset conditions. The SENTRY also provides a local display of pressure, dew point and system status as well as 4-20mA analog output and alarm relay contacts.

  • Digital ELCB (RCD) Tester

    1813 EL - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● 2 Lines × 16 characters LCD.● Very low consumption.● Suitable for domestic version.● Better than 3% accuracy (current).● Menu-driven.● Accurate digital readout of disconnection time.● Accurate digital readout of disconnection sensitivity.● Automatic data hold function.● Zero crossing circuitry permit testing at 0° or 180°.● Disconnection phase polarity shown on LCD display.● Auto off and off override.● Polarity trip indicator (positive or negative phase)● Wiring polarity indicator.● Measure voltage between Line and Earth before testing.● 60Hz available.

  • Digital ELCB (RCD) Tester

    2712 EL - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● 2 Lines × 16 characters LCD.● Very low consumption.● 50Hz and 60Hz operation.● Menu-driven.● Accurate digital readout of disconnection time.● Automatic data hold function.● Over temperature protection.● Over voltage protection.● Fuse protection.● Zero crossing circuitry permit testing at 0° or 180°.● Disconnection phase polarity shown on LCD display.● Auto off and off override.● Polarity trip indicator (positive or negative phase)● Wiring polarity indicator.● Measure voltage between Line and Earth before testing.● Frequency measurement indication.

  • Digital Insulation Testers

    Bestone Industrial Ltd.

    This professional Voltage Insulation tester is designed with voltage overload protection and high voltage indicator to safely measure voltage in 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V,1000V and 2500V. It has a dual display when measuring under Insulation Resistance, it simultaneously show the selected voltage range and insulation resistance measured reading. These measurements can be use to evaluate insulation integrity. This troubleshooting tool is a quality control measure at the time a piece of electrical equipment is produced and an installation requirement to help ensure specifications are met and to verify proper hookup. It also use as a periodic preventive maintenance task.

  • DMX Tester

    DMXter 2U - Goddard Design Company

    Here's the DMXter 2U, a Lil'DMXter2 for bolted down applications. All the hardware and software features of the standard Lil'DMXter2 in a 2U 19" rack box, plus many new features.The user controls, the XLR connectors, and the LED illuminated LCD display are on the front panel. The 2U is equally at home as the back up controller in a theatre or TV studio, running a trade show booth, the background lighting for themed entertainment or as the built in test controller in a touring show DMX distribution rack. Its increased I/O capabilities will make it a useful addition to your test bench.

  • Enhanced Vision Systems

    Elbit Systems of America®

    Elbit Systems of America’s Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) solution uses intuitive 3D grid symbology along with a helmet tracker to provide critical helicopter/tilt-rotor cues during brownout operations. This system, which is an upgrade to the head-up display installed on many military helicopters, removes weight or drag penalties by eliminating nose-mounted sensors. The helmet tracker provides numerous ancillary benefits such as depicting the other pilot’s Line of Sight (LOS) for improved crew coordination, as well as providing the ability to slew weapons or optical payloads to the pilot’s LOS, hands-free and heads-up.

  • Entry Level OTDR

    palmOTDR-S120 Series - ShinewayTech

    ● The cost effective and the fully functional OTDR ● Graphic display of test results PC Software Download ● Quick start: <5 seconds USB Driver Download ● Perfect user interface, handheld & lightweight (1kg) ● Hotkeys: Easy to use, push-and-test ● 1000 test records storage ● Bellcore file format (.sor) ● PC software for batch data processing ● USB data interface, driver-free ● Multiple languages: EN/DE/IT/FR/ES/PT/RU/KR/VN/CN etc. ● 10 hours continuous operation with battery ● Dust-shock proof (2m drop test)

  • EOS Tester

    KT-200SG - Kast Eng Co. LTD.

    This test instrument stands for the EMI(Electro Magnetic Immunity) ability test to the electric devices, electronic circuit boards & electric equipments. Recently this instrument is widly used in many companies in Korea & other countries to test the immunity to thier products-power supply, drive PCBs, communication systems, LCD display panels whether they are safe or not against the impulse & noise.All for the purpose, of this object, it generates 4 ~ 5 kinds of different impulse test waveforms.Output test voltage level : 5 ~ 200 V ImpulseOutput voltage polarity : Positive, NegativeType of waveforms

  • Exacting Electric Motor Testing

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    The Taylor Dynamometer Electric Motor Test Stand is designed to provide maximum reliability, excellent durability and flawless performance. Using our extensive line of Water Brake engine dynamometers, Taylor Dynamometer has systems available for testing electric motors from 5 to 13,000 hp (3.7 to 9,694 kW). Include an instrumentation package to achieve your testing requirements. From simple speed, torque and power display systems with manual control to completely automated testing solutions, Taylor Dynamometer has a system to meet your testing requirements.

  • For Flaw Detection, Thickness & Dimensional Measurement In Tube & Bar.

    ECHOMAC® FD6 MULTICHANNEL UT - Magnetic Analysis Corp

    *Versatile Ultrasonic tester with superior performance and versatile, intuitive operation.*For full inspection of tubes, pipes and bars, plate and weld.*Operate on or off line.*Upgrade and/or replace older ultrasonic testers.*Use with rotary, spin-the-tube, squirter and bubbler installations.*Vivid, real time, flicker free full color display of test signals, thresholds and settings.*Up to 32 independent channels in one instrument.*Model 6A is GE Qualified as of 9-6-16 for P3TF31 Class A & B, & P29TF82 Class A & B, typical requirements for nuclear and aerospace applications.

  • Graphic Products

    AdTEC Electronic Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

    The AdTEC new dual display graphics module is a versatile, high performance graphics subsystem featuring high speed switched XMC Mezzanine module for Graphics card solutions, with PCIe as the Bus interface. A ruggedized, high-performance, low power dissipation, flexibility and other features makes it ideal for use in various high reliability embedded systems. These high-density high-performance cards are suitable for applications ranging from test equipment to rugged deployable systems. Every graphic module is available in a number of different configurations, to accommodate the wide array of specific video I/O requirements.

  • Guardian Hipot Tester AC/DC/IR/SCAN

    19050 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    AC/DC/IR 3 in 1 hipot testerAC 5kV and DC 6kV output1kV insulation resistance testInsulation resistance measurement: 1Ω~50ΩGround continuity checkOpen Short Check(OSC) functionGFI shutdown the instrument when imbalance current > 0.5mAFlashover (ARC) detectionQuick discharge of DUT in IR and DC testPause modeLarge LCD display (240 x 64 dots matrix)UL and TUV approved (*see spec)CE markProgrammable ramp/fall and test timeProgrammable high/low limitSave/Recall program test functionRemote control and interface support2-Year factory warranty

  • Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer

    S3101 - Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    S3101 is a new Cable and Antenna Analyzer that boosts your troubleshooting and testing speed while optimizing usability. Utilizing the latest advancements in technology, the S3101 has been optimized for field conditions, ease of use, and efficient sweep management capabilities. It delivers 8 hours of continuous battery operation, the most ever offered in a handheld cable and antenna analyzer. With its large outdoor viewable 7” LCD touch screen display, new intuitive GUI, and classic mode, the S3101 is not only easy to use, but also significantly increases a user’s efficiency in the field.

  • Hazardous Location Transmitter

    X80 Series - Electro-Chemical Devices

    The ECD Hazardous Location Transmitters – Model X80 Series provides the same capabilities and general feature set as the general purpose T80 Universal Transmitter. Various configurations are available as single or dual channel for the continuous measurement of pH, ORP, pION, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity or Resistivity. The Model X80 transmitter digitally communicates with any ECD Model S88 and/or S80 Intelligent Sensor, automatically configuring the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the measured parameter. The X80 is designed with a durable stainless steel enclosure for explosion proof/exd hazardous applications.