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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Real-Time Spectrum Analysis up to 160 MHz, Optimum Detection

    N9020A-RT2 - Keysight Technologies

    Capture elusive signals as short as 3.57 swith 100% POI and a complete set of advanced triggers, such as frequency mask trigger and time qualified triggerView signal dynamics with displays; digital and swept density, spectrum, spectrogram, power vs. time, gap-free real-time analysis, and moreMaximize your investment by adding RTSA to your MXA at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated solutionEasily integrate the 89600 software and thoroughly analyze omplex signals Industry-leading 3 year warranty Every spec verified, adjustments included Lock in support & peak performance from the start

  • SDI Rasterizer

    LV 7390 - Leader Electronics Corp.

    The LV 7390 is a rasterizer that can measure up to four SDI signals simultaneously.It supports 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI input signals.The measurement screen can be output at full HD resolution to SDI and DVI-I. The SDI output supports 3G-SDI and HD-SDI.The LV 7390 is equipped with a free layout function that enables the displayed screens to be arranged freely. It can be customized according to your application. An enhanced layout function, which is an advanced version of the free layout function, comes standard.Further, the new operation keys allow quick operation.Additional options are available for 4K formats and loudness display.

  • Semiconductor Package Wind Tunnel

    WT-100 - Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc.

    The WT-100 Forced Convection (Moving Air) Wind Tunnel is designed in accordance with the EIA/JEDEC JESD51-6 standard for thermal characterization of semiconductor packages and devices. The vertical design minimizes laboratory floor space requiements. Air is drawn in at the bottom and exhausts at the top. The test section is large enough to accommodate the largest JEDEC and SEMI thermal test boards. Air velocity can be adjusted over the range of 0.5 to 5 m/s; air velocity is monitored with an included hot-wire anemometer connected to a digital display. A Type-T thermocouple is mounted in the test section for monitoring the moving air temperature.

  • Sensors

    Tri-Tronics Company Inc.

    Ultrasonic technology coupled with digital signal processing makes the detection of clear and opaque labels on clear or opaque backing material easy. The introduction of the OLED graphic display in place of simple indicator lights offers the user has an unprecedented view of the sensor's performance, options, program modes, and helpful simple instructions never before offered in a clear label sensor. A stainless steel removable gap plate and anodized aluminum housing makes this sensor rugged. Setup is fast with one press of a button for the label and one press for the label gap.

  • Sentry Hipot Tester AC/DC/IR

    19070 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    AC/DC/IR 3 in 1 hipot testerAC 5kV and DC 6kV output1kV insulation resistance testInsulation resistance measurement from 1M to 50Ground continuity checkOpen Short Check(OSC) functionGFI shutdown the instrument when imbalance current > 0.5mAFlashover (ARC) detectionQuick discharge of DUT in IR and DC testPause modeLarge LCD display (240 x 64 dots matrix)UL and TUV approved (*see spec)CE markProgrammable ramp/fall and test timeProgrammable high/low limitSave/Recall program test functionRemote control and interface support2-Year factory warranty

  • Telephone Line Monitor

    AI-5120 - Advent Instruments Inc.

    The AI-5120 is a compact device designed for monitoring and analyzing signals present on the telephone line. By sensing the voltage present on the telephone line it detects and measures ringing, DTMF & pulse dialing, FSK (Bell 202 and V.23) signals, line polarity reversals, and open switching intervals (OSI). Working in conjunction with the TRsSim software on a PC, the AI-5120 becomes a valuable tool in analyzing and debugging Caller ID and SMS (Short Message Service) data transmission. Like an oscilloscope, it can capture and display waveforms showing various signals present on the telephone line.

  • Temperature Transmitters

    Rotronic Instrument Corp.

    A temperature transmitter is an electrical instrument that interfaces a temperature sensor (e.g. thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor) to a measurement or control device (e.g. PLC, DCS, PC, loop controller, data logger, display, recorder, etc.). Typically, temperature transmitters isolate, amplify, filter noise, linearize, and convert the input signal from the sensor then send (transmit) a standardized output signal to the control device. Common electrical output signals used in manufacturing plants are 4-20mA or 0-10V DC ranges. For example, 4mA could represent 0°C and 20mA means 100°C.

  • Temporary Bonding andDebonding Systems

    EV Group

    Increased demand for applications based on thin wafers and thin microelectronic-substrates result in the need for processing and handling of thin- and ultra-thin substrates during the manufacturing step. Thin substrates in the area of IC manufacturing (like memory, CMOS, 3D-TSV integration or ChipCard applications), power devices (e.g. IGBTs), compound semiconductors (e.g. for high brightness LEDs or RF-power amplifiers), as well as emerging technologies that also involve thin or flexible substrates (MEMS; RFID-tags, flexible displays, etc.) require reliable handling and support techniques in order to ensure safe processing.

  • Three Phase AC Voltage Source

    EAC-TAVS - Electronic Test & Power Systems

    The EAC-TAVS is a series of programmable high power AC voltage sources. Each system provides a three phase true sinewave output as standard. Each unit is built in a freestanding cabinet. The output frequency is adjustable in the range of 45 - 105Hz. Different frequency ranges are optional, with up to 805Hz possible. An RS-232 and CAN interface are provided as standard. The high resolution TFT front panel displays a host of measurement and setting functions. Besides standard models, other nominal power levels and voltages can be user specified. Single phase and bidirectional versions are available on request.

  • Two Channel Phase and Amplitude Noise Analyzer

    DCNTS -190 - Eastern-Optx

    The DCNTS is a two channel Phase and Amplitude noise analyzer. Its dual demodulator architecture allows the system to use cross-correlation to cancel its internal noise and limitation; it is like comparing the outputs of 2 systems and only display the similarities while rejecting differences. Its main extension is the Residual Noise measurement front-end which includes all necessary hardware to automatically measure residual noise on 2-ports devices either in RF frequencies or microwave. It could be a frequency multiplier or divider, an amplifier or any other phase coherent input to output device.

  • Utility Locator

    vLoc3-Pro - Vivax-Metrotech Corp

    With two sets of screened 3D antennas signal distortion is easily detected and displayed on the bright full color display. Along with classic locate screens the vLoc3 series locators offer new locate perspective screens of Vector Locate for fully automatic non-walk over locating, Transverse Graph showing both peak and null simultaneously providing immediate measurement of signal distortion, Plan View showing the relative orientation of the cable at any angle, and a new graphical Sonde screen with guidance arrows leading to the sonde location even when it is vertical.

  • Validating electronic warfare radar warning receiver systems

    Model 527 - Textron Systems Corporation

    Determines the status of electronic warfare (EW) radar warning reciever systems on operational aircraft through free-space radiation functional testing. Handheld and portable with an extensive battery life. The Model 527 Radar Signal Simulator is designed to determine the status of electronic warfare radar warning receiver systems on operational aircraft through free-space radiation functional testing. The Model 527 delivers organizational-level flight line verification of the operational status of an aircraft and its EW systems. Operational readiness and threat recognition are verified from antenna to cockpit display.

  • Digital Insulation Testers

    Bestone Industrial Ltd.

    This professional Voltage Insulation tester is designed with voltage overload protection and high voltage indicator to safely measure voltage in 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V,1000V and 2500V. It has a dual display when measuring under Insulation Resistance, it simultaneously show the selected voltage range and insulation resistance measured reading. These measurements can be use to evaluate insulation integrity. This troubleshooting tool is a quality control measure at the time a piece of electrical equipment is produced and an installation requirement to help ensure specifications are met and to verify proper hookup. It also use as a periodic preventive maintenance task.

  • Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Digital Signage Player With LGA1151 Socket 8th Gen Intel® Core™ I7/i5/i3 & Celeron® Processor, Intel® H310 And TPM 2.0

    OPS500-520-H - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The OPS500-520-H is powered by the newest 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 and Celeron® processors (code name: Coffee Lake S) with the Intel® H310 chipset. The smart cableless digital signage module has two DDR4-2400 SO-DIMMs for up to 32GB of system memory. Axiomtek's OPS500-520-H supports the LGA1151 socket-type processors offering greater flexibility for CPU selections, which is easily configured to meet various performance requirements. The OPS signage module is connected to OPS-compliant display via a standardized JAE TX-25A plug connector interface which supports DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.1, audio and UART signals. It also has one M.2 Key E for Wi-Fi modules and one M.2 Key M supporting PCIe, SATA and SSD interfaces for storage. We believe that this new smart cableless open pluggable signage module with simplified installation, maintenance and upgrade can help you develop creative display solutions that increase your sales and improve your customers' experiences. With the enhanced multimedia performance, the Intel® Coffee Lake S-based OPS500-520-H is well suited for a wide range of digital signage applications in retail, transport, entertainment, education, and more.

  • Dynamometer Control, Data-Acquisition, and Analysis Software

    DYNO-MAX 2010 - DYNOmite Dynamometer

    Only DYNO-MAX puts this advanced, full-function engine dynamometer lab console onto your Windows-equipped PC or laptop. It features on-screen analog and digital gauges, real-time graphical displays, and supports complete engine and cell-control options