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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

    USonic-R - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook family of ultrasonic technology products offers a line powered version for non-contact level measurement of liquids and slurries for level, distance, volume and open channel flow.The USonic-R multifunctional level measurement system can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from simple indication of level to more demanding two channel inputs such as differential level and submerged flow.This ultrasonic level transmitter is easy to use. Simply set the measurement range directly in inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters or meters via the menu driven display.

  • WaferPro Express Core Measurement Bundle

    W8580BP - Keysight Technologies

    The W8580BP Waferpro Express Core Measurement Bundle includes all the necessary capabilities to perform automated DC, CV and RF on-wafer measurements. The table below illustrates the key feature components included with the bundle. The bundle includes the user interface environment, including the wafer map environment, the data display, and the SQL Database. All the instrument drivers and their capabilities are included. Drivers for Cascade Microtech probers are also included. Pleaserefer totheWaferPro Express brochure for details about supported instruments, wafer probers, thermal chucks and switch matrixes.

  • Weather Detection Systems

    General Tools & Instruments

    General offers weather detection systems that use a base station to display inputs received wirelessly from remote sensors. The RGR150 can track rainfall amounts as well as temperature and/or relative humidity. WS821 & WS831DL Weather Detection Systems are full-featured wireless weather stations that add wind speed readings and track trends in barometric pressure that can serve as the basis of a short-term weather forecast. Barometric pressure is also available from a dedicated wireless station (the DBAR880), and the original weather forecasterthe ABAR300 Analog Barometer.

  • Photometer & Colorimeter Solutions

    Photo Research, Inc

    Fully automated filter photometer available today. We''ve automated the measuring apertures (5 standard sizes), the filter turrets, the measuring (zero) shutter and viewing (eyepiece) shutter. All of these features are controlled by an on-board computer and are accessed via 8 push buttons on the integral control panel. After setting up the measurement from menus on the 4 x 20 back lit LCD display, making a measurement is as easy as pushing a button. The corrected measurement value (e.g. luminance) is automatically displayed following the measurement. T

  • Meter Active Peak Reading Wattmeter

    HF/6 - Dishtronix Inc.

    Active peak reading wattmeter with simultaneously variable hold time on both the forward and reflected meter movements. This variable delay can be adjusted for quick action for high speed CW, or for longer periods more appropriate for the display of SSB and AM voice peaks. The peak detectors sport a new fast attack design capable of capturing quick pulses such as a single dit. Beautiful industrial design with tri color meter scale and brilliant LED illumination make the DWM series wattmeter a beautiful addition to any station.

  • Analog Speed Indicator


    This solid state speed indicator maintains a traditional analog presentation, yet incorporates the accuracy of microprocessor control allowing constant display accuracy to be maintained. It is designed for the harsh and rugged environments of locomotives and other rail vehicles. Our analog indicator is interchangeable with the electrical connections and mounting brackets of older analog models, which makes this unit a convenient and economical replacement. Available in base-mount or console mount models. Options available include a wide variety of speed scales, an odometer as well as multiple speed controlled relay outputs.

  • Digital Signage Player With Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 & Celeron® Processor N3350, DisplayPort++, HDMI, 2 GbE LAN And 4 USB

    DSP300-318 - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The DSP300-318 is powered by the onboard Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 and Celeron® processor N3350 (code name: Apollo Lake). It can deliver dazzling visual images and video advertising in 4K resolution. Measuring only 20 mm in thickness, the ultra slim DSP300-318 is sleek enough to fit in a small area behind signage displays and its fanless and cable free design enables easy installation without any environment limitation. The super slim DSP300-318 is designed to be fanless and cableless, which ensures solid reliability and easy maintenance. It supports HDMI and Dual-Mode DisplayPort (DP++) outputs with support for dual displays. The system also has one M.2 Key E 2230 for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, one M.2 Key B 3042 for 4G LTE and one SIM card slots for 3.5G radio connectivity. Additionally, one M.2 Key M 2280 and one optional 64GB eMMC 5.0 are available for storage. The Intel® Apollo Lake-based DSP300-318 offers a cost-effective, compact yet powerful computing platform that allows plenty of digital signage solutions for advertising, brand promotion and digital menu board applications.

  • Electronic Ballast Tester

    WT4000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Measure parameter: 1) Input: Vrms, Lrms, W, PF, Hz, Phasic angle, total harmonic and 0-39 component of harmonic. 2) Output: Lamp voltage, Lamp current, Filament current, Guided cathodic current, Lamp power, crest factor and oscillatory frequency, single high frequency analysis. • Startup: Startup lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current curve and parameter, preheating time; • Simultaneously display on 8 windows for input and output parameters, convenient for comparison and analysis; • Test preheat energy, filament preheat time. And the parameters changes from 0 to 5s of filament voltage, filament current and filament power; • Up to 1MHz lrms test content to every EB; • Analysis symmetry of high Frequency curve of lout; • 12-bit high-speed A/D, sampling rate up to 10MHz, can easily analyse signal curve of output; • Finish an input and output testing at the same time within 1 minute; • Portable, can test, display, print without computer. Test report include data and curve, comply with international standard; • Communication port for PC, run under Windows98 or Windows2000, English Version available.

  • Hardy Shaker

    HI-903 - Metrix

    This is our top of the line Hardy Shaker. It provides the ability to set the amplitude and change the frequency range without the amplitude changing. This automation makes conducting vibration tests easier. Tests can be conducted on multiple vibration transducers, and then the saved data can be transferred via USB Flash Drive to be displayed in an automated and customizable report using an Excel template on your computer. In manual mode, the vibration test level and test frequency can be set from 7 Hz to 10,000 Hz. The high accuracy instrument can display the vibration level in terms of g’s peak, velocity peak (in/sec or mm/s) or displacement peak-to-peak (mils or µm). The unit can support payloads up to 800 grams (see frequency limits in the manual). A built-in display reads the output sensitivity, which can be stored in memory. Complete testing sequences and data can be stored in memory for each tested sensor, the unit logs the data on the spot or stores it for later use. For testing of heavy transducers or at high frequencies, the HI-903 automatically corrects the sensitivity calculation for the effects of transducer mass loading. A built-in self-test program checks for accuracy of all calculations. The HI-903 has a built-in battery charger that can operate on 120 or 240 VAC. The unit comes in a rugged Pelican case.

  • Board Test Adaptor (BTA)

    MS 1104 - Meltronics Systemtech

    BTA is used to test and validate TARANG (RWR) boards. The BTA has PC interface through RS232 / USB communication port. GUI based Test Software is used to test the UUTs and displays the result.

  • LCR & Component Tester

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Digital LCR measuring device for resistance, capacitance and inductance with high-resolution dual multifunction display. Components can be measured in series or in parallel and the LCR meter also offers the choice between automatic and manual range selection.

  • Meter Software Module

    Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K.

    *Level display as five digits number*Display selectable between acceleration, velocity and displacement*RMS, positive, negative and unsigned peak values, instantaneous value *Rotary speed measurement with Photoelectric Reflex Switch (only VM-METER+)*Main frequency (only VM-METER+)*Measurement at rotation speed or multiples (only VM-METER+)*Sound level meter (A and C weighted) and noise dose meter (only VM-METER+)*THD (distortion) measurement (only VM-METER+)*One VM-METER license can be operated simultaneously up to four times with different settings*Offline measurement

  • Digital Shirley Hydrostatic Head Tester

    SG-F06C - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    Digital Shirley Hydrostatic Head Tester. To determine the resistance of dense fabrics, like canvas, linoleum, non-woven fabric, apparel waterproof fabric, etc, to water penetration under pressure whilst firmly clamped in the test rig of 100cm2 area. Water pressure is applied by means of compressed air and distilled water with a range of 0-1500cm water gauge +/- 0.1% full scale recorded on a digital display. The rate of rise is adjustable by digital control and display and recorded in centimetres per minute.Pore Size Attachment. To determine hole size in textile structures under pressure of water.

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    PQM-710 - Sonel S.A.

    PQM-710 power quality analyzer is an advanced product for wide type of measurements, analysis and recording of network parameters 50/60 Hz and the power quality diagnostic according to European standard EN. PQM-710 is an innovative model with a wireless communication Wi-Fi , which allows for automatic pairing with the included tablet, with a large 10" touch screen. Tablet allows full operating of the analyzer, live data preview and the reading and analysis of data stored in the internal memory. With this solution, the PQM-710 is an unique device that combines the advantages of the analyzer with built-in display and typical portable analyzers (known as Black Boxes).With the tablet you can very fast checked the device under test. On the other hand, you can leave the analyzer module for multi-measurements as a typical logger without display. You can very fast diagnose the machine under test using the tablet. On the other hand, you can leave the analyzer module itself for many days measurement as a typical logger without display.

  • LCR Meters

    Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    A type of electronic test equipment used to measure the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of an electronic component. In the simpler versions of this instrument the impedance was measured internally and converted for display to the corresponding capacitance or inductance value.