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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Barcode Verification Systems

    REA PC-Scan LD4 - REA Elektronik GmbH

    The REA PC-Scan LD4 is a barcode verifier made in Germany which was developed in conformity with international standards. It is especially designed for measuring barcodes with highest precision. The combination of state-of-the-art technology, process reliability and intuitive operation makes the REA PC-Scan LD4 globally unique in its class. Final statements "Pass" or "Fail" are central display elements and enable an immediate result. The simultaneously displayed details allow for an immediate and exact barcode quality analysis.

  • Bat swing sensor

    Impact™ - Garmin International, Inc.

    Bat swing sensor with on-device display delivers instant metrics, feedback and coaching tips to help shape the ideal swing. Get immediate, accurate key swing metrics, including bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, elevation angle and attack angle.App provides detailed coaching tips and drills developed by professional hitting coaches. Download the free Impact app to a compatible smartphone to view swing analysis and 3-D swing.

  • Bench Power Supply, Single, Adjustable, 1 Output, 3 V, 15 V, 25 A

    72-7670 - Tenma

    High current switching mode DC regulated power supply for radio equipment and high power car stereo work.*3 digit LED display of voltage and current*Overload, overtemperature, overvoltage and short circuit protection*High efficiency with light weight and small size*Current fold back circuit with LED indicator prevents overloading*Variable speed thermally controlled fan*12-month limited warranty *view Terms & Conditions for details

  • Bluetooth Activity Monitor

    BluetoothView v1.66 - NirSoft

    BluetoothView is a small utility that runs in the background, and monitor the activity of Bluetooth devices around you. For each detected Bluetooth device, it displays the following information: Device Name, Bluetooth Address, Major Device Type, Minor Device Type, First Detection Time, Last Detection Time, and more. BluetoothView can also notify you when a new Bluetooth device is detected, by displaying a balloon in your taskbar or by playing a small beep sound.

  • Brinell Hardness Tester

    Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Ltd.

    ◆ Equips with OS Win10, and already installed BrinScan V3.0 Auto Brinell Measurement software.◆ Apply vision measurement technology, one key operation, realize auto loading, dwell, unloading and indentation measurement.◆ AutoBrin AB-3000V can display data statistics, hardness conversion, limitation setting, graph, measurement mode setting, etc.◆ Loading by high accuracy force sensor , and can compensate force loss during loading by micro central processing unit.

  • Cable Continuity Tester, VGA Link Tester

    72-9270  - Tenma

    The 72-9270 is a VGA In-Line Signal Link Tester. Quickly test VGA connections with this handy tester. No need to carry bulky, expensive cable testers to test only one or two cable types. Mini link tester fits easily in your pocket or tool box and requires no external power. Connects in-line and displays signal data connectivity on LED's per each conductor. Save time and money by diagnosing connectivity issues.

  • CAT-5 Video Variable Filters

    Analog Devices Inc.

    It is often beneficial to use a video driver at the output of a video encoder for power savings, line driving, and additional circuit protection. The video driver is typically configured as an active filter, also known as a reconstruction or anti-imaging filter. The purpose of the reconstruction filter is twofold: it blocks the higher frequency components (above the Nyquist frequency) that were introduced into the video signal as part of the digitization process and provides gain to drive the external 75 Ω cable to the video display.

  • Channeling Decoder, Nav/Comm/Control Head

    RCD200 - Tech-Aid Products

    Designed to provide the Avionics shop a simple and expeditious method for testing general aviation radio tuning. Provided are front panel mounted LED's as well as a digital display to provide the quickest code recognition while testing. With this simple method of testing you will soon find yourself testing all your radios and finding those troublesome intermittents. This unit also decodes altitude and ARC 1000 serial data. Click on picture for larger view.

  • DC Laboratory Power Sullies

    Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co.KG

    Adjustable, programmable, 19” 3U rack-mount formatGorilla glass TFT touch display, versatile function generator, user profiles, resistance regulation, solar (PV) simulation, fuel-cell (FC) simulationAuto-ranging outputOn board 2-way interface (USB/analogue), Plug N’ Play slot for retrofitting additional interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN, CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, RS232 and moreVoltages 0-60V up to 0-1500VDCCurrents 0-20A up to 0-510A Powers 5kW up to 15kW

  • Digital ELCB (RCD) Tester

    1811 EL - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● 2Lines × 16 Characters LCD.● Very low consumption.● Suitable for industrial applications.● Better than 3% accuracy (current).● Menu-driven.● Accurate digital readout of disconnection time.● Accurate digital readout of disconnection sensitivity.● Data hold function.● Zero Crossing Circuitry permit testing at 0° or 180°.● Disconnection Phase Polarity shown on LCD display.● Auto off and off override.● Polarity Trip indicator (Positive of  Negative Phase).

  • Digital Infrared Thermometer

    Model IRL-151 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Distance/Spot Ratio 15:1(calculated at 95% energy)• Simply operated by one navigator and one trigger only.• Precise laser pointing indication of measured area and the distance.• Compact UV refrigerant leak detector with 5 UV / Blue LEDs.• Bright flashlight with 5 White LEDs• Ergonomically designed pistol grips• Display MAX, MIN, AVG or MAX-MIN Difference• Hi and Lo alarms for measurements outside the limits• CE Approved.

  • DMX Tester

    DMXter4 RDM - Goddard Design Company

    The DMXter4 RDM takes the next step in protocol testing. It provides expanded DMX testing along with growing support for RDM testing and configuration. Who else would you trust to support the new standard? The DMXter4 is simple to use. Eight buttons run its menu-driven software. The DMXter4 uses a back lit 40-character display. Some functions can drive a PC using the USB port. Software updates are done via the USB port.

  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope

    KM-20-10 / KM-20-20 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Dual channels / dual traces, X-Y mode• 6” display, high brightness oscilloscope tube• High sensitivity triggering, upto 1mV / division clearer displaythan ordinary oscilloscope.• TV synchronous separation circuit to observe stable TV signal.• Triggering mode : AUTO / NORM / AV-V / AV-H• Vertical : ALT / CHOP / ADDX-x10 / Y-x5; Polarity reversal; CH1 Sync output• Power Supply : AC 220V ADN (110V optional)

  • Electrical Safety Tester

    Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Basic testing methods of Glow wire device> and UL 746A, IEC829, DIN695, VDE0471, the Glow wire tester ZRS-3H/ZRS-3HS is suitable for resistance to abnormal heat and fire test on lighting lamps, electronic products and household appliances. Adopting high-temperature coating spraying on steel structure and imported instrument display, with easy operation, stable performance the equipment is applicable to flame resistance tests of all levels of QC departments and corresponding enterprises.

  • Electricity Monitoring System

    TED Pro Home - Energy, Inc.

    Our NEW state-of-the-art electricity monitoring system allows you to view real-time electricity usage on your computer, locally or remotely. Now you can perform your own household energy audits, project monthly bills, and reduce and manage your electricity usage. New and improved accessories allow you view data easier with two display options, and include the ability to monitor individual breakers with the new TED Spyder.