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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Thermapen®

    Mk4 - ThermoWorks

    With full readings in only 2 to 3 seconds, the Super-Fast® Thermapen is the world’s best in speed and accuracy. Advanced technology makes the new Thermapen Mk4 even more intuitive than previous models. Hold it in any direction and the display automatically rotates right-side-up so you can read it in any position—in either hand, straight up or down; read temperatures without cocking your head.

  • Transmitters and Monitoring Systems

    Balmac Inc.

    Economical vibration transmitters use the "industrial standard" two-wire, single-loop technology with a 4-20 MA ouput that is proportional to the vibration level. Balmac transmitters are used with either Model 1112 Vibration Monitors to provide alarm and shutdown capabilities, or wired directly into PLC's, DCS or most standard commercial and industrial control systems. Model 401 Monitor is a dual channel, continuous monitor with display that measures in velocity or displacement.

  • Transport Expert

    TX Series - VeEX Inc.

    The VeEX® TX product series offers a complete test solution for Next Generation of Transport, Metro and Carrier Ethernet Testing. Color graphical display assisted with touch panel enables users tapping through the test configuration and accessing complex overhead bits and bytes. Features include APS, TDM, pointer adjustment, pulse mask analysis, G.821/G.826/M.2100, histogram, and overhead access.

  • Ultrasound Detector

    D240X - Pettersson Elektronik AB

    Very popular heterodyne and time expansion detector with backlit, large digit, accurate digital display, showing the tuned frequency in the heterodyne mode. The frequency and volume controls are on the side of the case, making it easy to adjust. Using stereo headphones, the heterodyne signal is heard on the left channel and the time expansion signal on the right channel. When the built-in speaker is used, a switch is used to select the heterodyne or time expansion signal.

  • USB PDF Temperature Logger

    UTRIX-16 - LogTag

    The LogTag® UTRIX-16 satisfies the growing need for a cost effective and reliable multi-use temperature logger. It requires no special hardware or proprietary software to access the recorded data and can generate a fully detailed PDF report. The UTRIX-16 stores real-time temperature readings over a measurement range of -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F), displays user-configurable alerts, and comes with an integrated, long-life USB connector.

  • Vamp Measurement and Monitoring Units

    Schneider Electric SA

    Power quality measuring and monitoring with IEC 61850 communication. Vamp 96, Vamp 260 and WIMO 6CP10 measurement and monitoring units. VAMP measuring and monitoring units offer complete analysis of consumption and power quality monitoring in generation and distribution applications. The range, including VAMP 96, VAMP 260 and WIMO 6CP10 cover a number of functions such as measuring, calculations, transducer, alarm handling, information display and communication.

  • Waterproof Ecotestr pH 2 Tester

    WD-35423-10 - OAKTON Instruments

    Simply dip and read the orientation of the display means no need to turn your head or tilt the tester. This low-cost meter is perfect for most applications. The single-junction electrode is recessed to protect against breakage. The unit offers up to three-point calibration with auto-buffer recognition for quick calibrations, automatic temperature compensation for accurate reading under changing conditions, hold function to lock measure value, and auto-off to prolong battery life.

  • Gas Detection Controller

    MGS-408 - Bacharach, Inc.

    Bacharach’s MGS-408 Gas Detection Controller centralizes the status of up to 8 gas detection channels in a single location. The digital display provides a real-time view of the gas concentration and status at each gas detection point. It also allows for the controller to be configured in minutes vie the intuitive menu system. A bank of LEDs corresponds to each connected gas detector; showing power, alarm status and fault indicators.

  • Optical Power Meter

    ST800 - Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    With a wide range of functions, ST800 optical power meter is a powerful tool for use in fiber-optic installation and maintenance. Its rugged, durable construction makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of field applications. It is also aimed to a very low cost optical power meter.ST800 Optical Power Meter can test optical power within the range of 800~1700nm wave length. There are 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm, six kinds of wavelength calibration points. It can be used for linearity and non-linearity test and it can display both direct and relative test of optical power.This meter can be widely used in the LAN, WAN test, metropolitan network, CATV net or long-distance fiber net and other situations.roduct description goes here.2. Functions1) Multi-wavelength precise measurement2) Absolute power measurement of dBm or μw 3) Relative power measurement of dB4) Auto off function5) Low voltage indication6) FC adapter7) Handheld, large LCD backlight display, easy-to-use

  • Vector/Magnitude Gaussmeter

    VGM - Alpha Lab, Inc.

    The Vector Gaussmeter displays the true magnitude of the field at any location as well as the X, Y, Z components of up to 800 gauss. Also separately displays peak values of X, Y, Z, and magnitude. There is a sound alarm that determines the locations where the field magnitude exceeds user-set threshold. Because magnitude is measured, the orientation of the sensor (E-W, N-S, and up-down) is not important; this is unlike a 1-axis gaussmeter. With the VGM the user can set the alarm to 15 gauss (for example) and it will sound (simultaneous with a red light) whenever the field exceeds 15 gauss for at least 5 milliseconds. Using the meter this way, it is easy to make a map of the 15 gauss line (or for whatever threshold is set) around a strong magnet. When using the alarm, of a steel part can be rapidly scanned to show if any areas exceed the set threshold. Then the "peak hold" function can be interrogated, showing the peak values of X, Y, Z (including polarity) and magnitude that occurred during the scan. Peak hold also has a 5 millisecond response time.

  • Peak Track Instrument

    90323 - HITEC Sensor Solutions Inc.

    The model 90323 Peak Track Instrument is a general-purpose sensor readout device designed to complement our AutoID line of load cells and torque sensors. AutoID is a term that indicates that the calibration information for a sensor is stored on a chip inside the sensor’s connector.  AutoID allows true “plug and play” operation without manual calibration procedures of any kind. The unit is also equipped with a 2-line alpha-numeric display and single button operation for simplicity.

  • DC Load Banks / Capacity Testers

    SBS Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    The SBS constant current load banks are an easy and affordable way to perform accurate IEEE450 (Vented Lead-Acid), IEEE1106 (Ni-Cad) and IEEE1188 (VRLA) load tests. These units are quick and easy to set up. They display the voltage, current and Ah removed during the test. Since this is a constant current load bank, the user also does not have to constantly adjust the current during the test like many other load banks.


    MX-2 - Dakota Ultrasonics

    The MX-2 is ideal for the person that tests a few different materials regularly. The MX-2 contains 8 velocities of common materials and two velocities that the user can set using a simple sofware program. The tool's backlit display is easy to read, even in dim light, and the unit operates for up to 200 hours on a single set of batteries. The MX-2 comes complete, ready to use, and is protected by Dakota Ultrasonics 5 year limited warranty.

  • Battery-Powered Flow Totalizer

    8150 - Georg Fischer Signet

    The Signet 8150 Battery Operated Flow Totalizer is compatible with the Signet 515 and 525 flow sensors, and will provide years of dependable operation. The large digital display indicates flow rate and totalized flow volume simultaneously. One of the three totalizers is resettable from the front panel or a remote location, while the second resettable totalizer can only be reset by entering a user-selectable security code. Meanwhile, the third is a permanent non-resettable totalizer.

  • Samples Preparation (Polisher/Grinder)

    MRC ltd.

    * LCD displays all the cutting data.* The diameters of specimens to be cut range from 5 to 8mm (1008:100mm) and the cutting capacity reaches 100x200mm.* Manual cutting and automatic cutting can be changed over at random. * Large cutting chamber & tempered-glass view window.* Non-burnt movable cutting mode which greatly improves cutting quality.● Automatic retract at the end of cutting operation.● Dual-direction feed which increase the depth of cutting.