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  • Developer Tools


    With IP technology, systems manufacturers and service providers can build new communications services and features into their solutions. Spirent’s developer tools offer proven solutions to rapidly add voice, video and messaging services to their applications and devices.

  • Developers' Toolkits

    EnTech Taiwan

    If you are a hardware developer, using RapidDriver Explorer with just a couple of clicks, you can easily start testing and debugging your USB, ISA, PCI or Parallel Port device. You do not have to perform any additional steps - everything is already done!If you are a software developer, you can write your own application with the help of RapidDriver Developer, TVicHW32 or TVicPort without writing a device driver and being a DDK expert - we have already built-in generic device drivers for you! Our toolkits include many test examples on direct port i/o access, interrupt handling, physical memory access, reading specific hardware registers and USB pipes to help you getting started. We also allow redistribution of drivers and DLL's as part of your software without having to pay royalties.For the software developers, we also offer an option to purchase the drivers and DLL source code. The source code can be directly edited and compiled with MS Visual C/C++ or with the DDK "build" utility.Not sure what product to choose? Compare them by features or contact us.

  • Biosensor Developers' Kits

    Zimmer and Peacock AS

    Zimmer and Peacock are all about getting our collaborators, partners and customers to the market with their biosensors and medical diagnostics ASAP.This is embedded within our philosophy, products and services.As part of this we provide the Biosensor Developers Kit, which is everything you need in one box for starting on your biosensor development including

  • OEMs and CAE tool developers.

    DFTDirect® - Source III, Inc.

    The DFTDirect API provides direct access to vector data, flow information, and structural information for WGL and STIL files. This interface allows Developers to access cycle-based or event-based WGL/STIL patterns through a consistent, easy to use API. DFTDirect is delivered as a linkable static library with header files, full documentation and application examples.

  • IoT Developer Device

    Thingsee One - Haltian Oy

    Thingsee One is a smart developer device for Internet of Things (IoT) application and solution development. The device is designed for the easier and faster deployment of new IoT applications and services at a fraction of the current cost. Thanks to its robust structure, wide variety of fully programmable sensors and extensive cellular connectivity, Thingsee One is an ideal host for a multitude of different applications.

  • Functional Testing for Developers

    TestLeft - SmartBear Software

    TestLeft is a powerful yet lean functional testing tool for dev-testers working in Agile teams. It fully embeds into standard development IDEs. A built-in access to object and method library is also available with TestLeft. Dev-testers can thereby easily and quickly create robust functional automated tests without leaving their favorite IDEs such as Visual Studio. It also works well with other tools in dev eco-systems such as source control or continuous integration systems.

  • Fully Automatic Industry Film Developer

    TQ-14TZ - Testech Group Co., Ltd

    TQ-14TZ fully automatic filling agent hing-speed industry film processor is our new product. Its quality is very high and it is also very reliable. It has carried out a fully automatic high-speed processing of filling agent, refilling agent and automatic heating up and film developing- washing-fixation-washing-drying. It is one new product instead of one now.

  • Productivity Software for Database Developers, DBAs, & Analysts

    Toad - Quest Software Inc.

    There's a database revolution changing the way you develop, access, manage, and analyze data. But here's the good news: Toad has you covered, whether you're working with relational databases or emerging technology. Toad solutions support Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Netezza, Hadoop, SQL Azure, and more.

  • 6-ch Input/Output IoT Wireless I/O Module for IoT Developers

    WISE-4012E-AE-WA - B+B SmartWorx

    2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLAN2-ch 0~10V Input, 2-ch DI, and 2-ch Relay OutputIncludes WebAccess with demo project for developerIncludes extension board for simulating sensor statusIncludes micro USB cable for power inputSupports Modbus/TCP with RESTful web serviceSupports wireless client and server mode that can be accessed directly without AP or routerSupports mobile device web configuration with HTML5 without the platform limitationSupports file-based cloud storage and local logging with time stamp

  • Agile Application Performance & Security Resilience Test Tool

    Developer - Ixia

    Ixia Developer is an agile application performance and security resilience test tool that helps developers find bugs early in the development cycle. Ixia Developer features an integrated debugger that helps locate the primary source of defects. An easy-to-use, fast, and responsive web-based user interface significantly reduces the time it takes to move from test configuration to actual packets on the network. And by leveraging a robust ATI engine, Ixia Developer always includes the most up-to-date apps and security strikes.

  • Toolbox

    Crypto - 3am Systems Ltd.

    Symmetric cryptography, hashing and PIN block sanity checking for EftPos developers

  • BLE Peripheral Simulator

    Web Bluetooth Community Group

    The BLE Peripheral Simulator is an Android app that allows developers to try out new features of Web Bluetooth without the need for a BLE Peripheral Device. You can build it from source or install it from the Google Play Store. A developer can use the app to simulate a BLE Peripheral with one of two services: Battery Service, Heart Rate Service. The developer can use the new Web Bluetooth features to connect to the app to Read and Write Characteristics, and Subscribe to Notifications for when the Characteristics change.

  • Bus and Device Analysis Tool

    busTRACE 10.0 - busTRACE Technologies

    busTRACE 10.0 is a comprehensive bus and device analysis tool in use by leading system OEMs, peripheral OEMs, software developers, USB developers, and storage developers all over the world. busTRACE 10.0 provides a suite of applications designed to help you perform advanced bus and device analysis. Click on one of the features listed below for additional details.

  • Test Application Kit

    X-Ware Platform - Express Logic, Inc

    Express Logic's X-Ware Platform is a fully integrated set of X-Ware products, ported to a particular development board, so developers can begin work on their application immediately, and save time to market. With other RTOS and Middleware solutions, developers face time, effort, risk, and cost before they can even begin application development. Developers must not only find an RTOS that’s ported to their chosen development board, but they also must port their Middleware to that board, even if the board vendor has provided an “example” driver for the peripherals needed by each Middleware product.

  • Responsive and Reconfigurable Vision Systems

    reVISION - Xilinx, Inc.

    Leading system developers are using All Programmable Devices in next generation vision guided machine learning systems. To accelerate productivity, Xilinx has created the reVISION Zone to aggregate useful resources for software, hardware and system developers. For developers who wish to share their reference designs, libraries, and experience, we have also included a section with community projects. Begin today by exploring this zone and get started building responsive and reconfigurable vision guided systems.