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One or more spiral turns of a conductor.

See Also: Helmholtz Coils, Coil Turns, Rogowski, Impulse Winding Testers, Transformer, Inductor

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  • Search Coils And Field Measuring Coils

    MAGMESS Magnet-Messtechnik

    Designed to measure the magnetic flux on magnets or in the airgap of magnet systems.

  • Coil Tester

    Koyo Electronics Industries co., ltd

    The Coil Tester can measure the number of winding, layer short and core material by comparing vibration waveforms of the applied voltage to the standard coil and the test coil. This instrument also can find an insulation failure by applying high pulse voltage and checking the corona discharge.

  • Rogowski Coil

    Ferrites India

    Rogowski Coils are mainly used to measure high current through the conductor. As opposed to conventional current transformers, Rogowski Coils are liner over wide range of current input. Rogowski Coils along with current meter are suitable for measurement of AC or DC current, up to a few thousand amperes. Ferrites India offers Flexible as well as hard Rogowski Coil which can accomodate wide conductor sizes.

  • Helmholtz Coils

    Oersted Technology

    A Helmholtz coil is actually a pair of specially constructed coils mounted a fixed distance apart on a common base. Current passed through the coils produces an extremely uniform magnetic field in the space between them. For the measurement of magnets, the coils are used in a different manner – they are connected to an integrating fluxmeter, which gives an accurate indication of the overall strength of the magnet when it is withdrawn or rotated a half-turn. If a gaussmeter is used for this purpose, many measurements may have to be made because of local variations of magnetic strength. A Helmholtz coil, on the other hand, measures the entire magnet at once, in a fast, reliable, and easy manner. For this reason, Helmholtz coils are ideal for quality checking of magnet parts after they have been magnetized.

  • Helmholtz Coil

    Ferrites India

    In the measurement of magnetic fields by means of Hall probes or measuring coils it is necessary to calibrate the instruments in a known magnetic field. Our standard field coil according to Helmholtzenables to production of a magnetic field calculable with high accuracy from the dimensions and the amperage. In series arrangement with an accurate ammeter field strengths of up to 800A/cm are produced. The dield room accessible both in axial and radial direction. Helmholtz coils with fluxmeters are also useful in testing of magnets. Helmholtz coils give repeatable results as against the search coils due to which the magnets can be compared with more accuracy for their total flux and in turn their quality. Field Generating and Field Detecting Helmholtz coils are designed as per user specifications.

  • Helmholtz Coils

    Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik

    Helmholtz-Coils are especially designed to generate precisely defined magnetic fields from DC to the upper end of the audio frequency range and beyond. The generated fields are in a strongly linear relation to the coil current. The field- strength can be calculated exactly by analytical (or numerical) methods, based on the coils' geometry, the number of turns and the coil current.

  • Coil Analyzers

    Sat40a II Series - Amperis sl

    The Coil Analyzer SAT40A II series is a powerful tool for testing circuit breakers where a substation battery is not available. It is unique device in the market due to its dual purpose: - It can be used as a stable power supply for coils and spring-charging motors (both DC and AC power supply voltage) during commissioning and maintenance testing. - It is powerful analysis tool for assessing conditions of circuit breaker auxiliary circuit and coils. The Coil Analyzer SAT40A II series has separate DC and AC coil outputs for power supply of opening and closing coils. The output voltage is selectable in the ranges from 10 V to 300 V DC or from 10 V to 250 V AC. The Coils outputs can withstand up to 15 A current. The DC and AC motor outputs can generate from 10 V to 300 V DC and 250 V AC voltage. The motor outputs can withstand starting (inrush) currents up to 40 A. These outputs can also be used as continuous power supply outputs.

  • Inductor Coils

    Naprotek, LLC.

    SemiGen's Inductor Coils are manufactured using our thin film process on quartz substrates. The precision photolithography and non-chemical etching process provides clean edges to assure uniformity from coil to coil. By using quartz and applying a polyimide coating we produce a device that eliminates the need for conformal coating or staking. Inductors can be epoxied down with nonconductive epoxy and the wire bonded for connection.

  • Helmholtz Coils


    Helmholtz coils is a candidate test apparatus for low frequency magnetic field susceptibility testing on military equipment and subsystems. Use of this coils reduce electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) qualification tests time, and subject the equipment under test (EUT) to a relatively uniform field.

  • Coil Analyzers

    SAT Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The Coil Analyzers SAT30A and SAT40A are powerful, lightweight units ideal for testing of circuit breakers. Substation battery is not connected or available. The SAT series instruments are intended to supply circuit breaker coils and spring charging motors. They spring charging motors (SAT40A – AC and DC) as a part of commissioning and maintenance testing.

  • Rogowski Coil


    A Rogowski coil produces a voltage output based on the rate of change of the current input. The absence of magnetic core ensures low inductance and comes with no saturation, resulting with a fast response and no inserted losses.

  • Rogowski Coil


    *High accuracy Class 0.5 (IEC 61869-2)*Combined with LEM ART & ARU class 0.5 Rogowski coils, they offer a universal metering and monitoring solution easily integrated with a monitoring device.*DIN rail mounted.

  • Voice Coils


    CAES can tailor a motor for your specific application. This customization can include size variations and winding characteristics to accommodate power supply availability, performance parameters and physical mounting requirements.

  • Rogowski Coil

    ART Series - LEM

    *Class accuracy 0.5 conductor centered according to IEC 61869-10*Better than 0.75% accuracy regardless of the primary conductor’s position*Rated insulation voltage 1kV CATIII

  • Rogowski Coil

    ARU Series - LEM

    *Class accuracy 0.5 conductor centered according to IEC 61869-10*Better than 1% accuracy regardless of the primary conductor’s position*Rated insulation voltage 1kV CATIII

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