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Chromatic Dispersion

Light's differential group delay through a waveguide; ie. optical fiber.

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  • Tunable Laser Chromatic Dispersion

    2850 - Photon Kinetics

    The 2850 Tunable Laser Chromatic Dispersion Measurement System provides the high measurement accuracy, resolution, and dynamic range essential for applications such as submarine cable manufacturing and the production of dispersion compensating fibers. Its integral tunable laser source and optional wavemeter deliver chromatic dispersion and length measurement precision not possible with traditional LED-based systems.

  • Chromatic Dispersion Measurement System

    CD500 Series - PE.fiberoptics Ltd

    The all new CD500 Chromatic Dispersion system represents a new generation of fiber test equipment based on the latest digital DSP technology. The PE.fiberoptics CD500 is an industry standard product for measurement of Chromatic Dispersion and PMD and the first in a range of innovative digital instruments designed for the characterization of optical fibers.

  • Chromatic Dispersion Emulator

    CS-CDE - TeraXion Inc.

    The ClearSpectrumâ„¢-CDE is a chromatic dispersion emulator suited for test and measurement. This 1U half 19-inch rack-mountable module is designed to emulate tens of thousands of picoseconds per nanometer in a compact unit while maintaining very low insertion loss. It is a passive, ready-to-use emulator which can be cascaded several times to achieve higher levels of dispersion.

  • Measurement System

    2800 - Photon Kinetics

    The 2800 Chromatic Dispersion Measurement System provides fast, accurate measurements of chromatic dispersion and length of all types of single-mode optical fibers. Easy to use Windows-based software provides all industry standard calculation techniques for the determination of zero dispersion wavelength and dispersion slope. Options are available for the measurement of Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and Fiber Strain.

  • Refractive Index Profiler

    S14 - Photon Kinetics

    The S14 Refractive Index Profiler complements optical fiber preform analysis measurements by providing highly accurate and precise characterization of the refractive index profile of drawn single-mode, multimode, and specialty fibers using the RNF (Refracted Near Field) technique. The S14 index profile data produces fiber geometry information directly. Manufacturers can also use S14 data for the prediction of fiber transmission parameters such as mode field diameter, cut-off wavelength, and chromatic dispersion.

  • Bare Fiber Aligner

    1120 - Photon Kinetics

    The Photon Kinetics 1120 Bare Fiber Aligner makes it possible to reduce test setup time to seconds, thereby reducing overall testing cost. Just strip the fiber, scribe and break it (or use a more precise fiber cleaver, if desired) and then insert the prepared end into the 1120. In an instant, the fiber is coupled to your OTDR or chromatic dispersion test system with low optical loss and low reflectance. The 1120's compact, ergonomic industrial design is well-suited for low to moderate volume fiber and cable testing applications where automated fiber alignment systems are less economical. It is particularly useful as part of an in-process or finished cable test station employing either the 8000i or 8000 OTDR, and the OTDR Automation Software.